Begin teaching children at a young age about nutrition.

I am pleased to host my guest blogger and the personal chef from NJ, Debbie of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals again. Debbie is working to incorporate recipes that help host families and Au Pairs  in teaching how to create healthy menu items and are pleasing to the picky eaters.   Her message for today post is “Begin teaching children at a young age about nutrition.”

Hello, my name is Debbie Dusylovitch. People in and around my area are coming to know me as Debbie of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals, a personal chef service. My slogan is: “A little touch of love added to the food to make it taste so good and it’s comfort food when you need it most.”

For over 30 years, I have been in the food industry. I worked in cafeterias in many of America’s big corporations such as AT & T, Bell Labs, J & J, and others. Over time I came to find out even though food is my passion, it is not always about me. It’s about providing a person with a well-balanced meal.healthy food

Food should feed the soul. What you eat should be nutritious, so the body is ultimately performing at its best.

Au Pair-cooking-with-kids

Growing up, I spent many hours over at my grandparents. When I was younger my grandmother was always by my side teaching me how to cook. It was a time of bonding but also instilling a passion for food that I have now taken out into the world. So this is definitely something you should share with your own children.

Begin teaching children at a young age about nutrition. Incorporate different items into your meals. Let the children taste it. Even if they do not like it, is important that they at least gave it a try. They will never know whether they like something it or not unless they give it a try.VeggieTry to cook kids friendly recipes  from Debbie and read Debbie’s next post Children in the kitchen.

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