Time to say good-bye to a flawless Colombian au pair Lorena

Days go by very quickly, and, unfortunately, it’s about time to say good-bye to a great au-pair from Colombia Lorena Andrea Lopez Nieto.  We asked her some questions to get to know about her experience as an au-pair in the USA better.

Do you like your Au Pair experience with Go Au Pair? 1. Yes, I like because thanks to Go Au Pair I have a great host family.


What places you visited you like the most? 2. I visited the art museum , the Philadelphia zoo, The wax museum in New York, New Jersey but my favorite place was North Carolina when I went at the beach on Hilton Head Island in North Carolina, it was the vacation with my host family.

What do you like about being an au pair in America, with Go Au Pair and the Philadelphia cluster? 3.I liked the different customs , culture and food .

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned that being an au pair has taught you? 4. I learned the family is the most important and also we should value the little things.


How do you like the experience being a part of an American family? 5. This experience is the best in my life because I learned so much from a strong and braver woman who adopted 5 amazing children .

What are new things you experienced?  6. That was something different to my real family but I have enjoying all their traditions and I feel great with them . I took the train alone without speaking English very well, I went to the beach for the first time here , I tried some the seafood like oysters, octopus .

What is your favorite Au Pair meeting?  7. My favorite meeting was last Christmas.

Would you recommend being an au pair to others? 8. Of course, it’s really amazing my experience here, we learn a lot being Au Pair so this gives us lessons to our life.


Thank you for your answers, Lorena, have a safe trip home and share your wonderful au-pair experience!:)

Harmful Advice – 5 ways to damage relations with your host parents.

Have you ever read the Russian book by Gregory Oster Harmful Advice for Naughty Children and Their Parents?  The book “teaches” kids to do bad things in quite humorous fashion.

There are kids who are doing the opposite to what their parents ask them to do. There are also many adults with such a spirit of contradiction.

Here are some  harmful advice for an Au Pair. All these tips are real scenarios that I took from my experience working as  a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair.  Following these is an easy way to receive a rematch with your host family.

Harmful Advice for an Au Pairs.

Harmful tip number 1
Tell your host parents that they do not know how to bring up their kids and that they are doing everything wrong.  Only YOU know how to do that because you have a Master degree in early childhood education. Tell them that their kids are spoiled. Be honest and do not think before you speak, criticize them endlessly.

Harmful tip number 2
Don’t  take responsibility for your actions. Never admit that you made a mistake and do not try to correct the situation.  It is not your fault. Let yourself shine! Wherever you are, whatever you do, YOU are the best!  Give your host parents a chance once again to be sure. Always show that you’re smarter and more knowledgeable than others.

Harmful tip number 3
Forget about gratitude. Do not say “thank you” and ask “How are you?” to your host family. It’s just a waste of your time. The host family must to be nice and polite to YOU. Be strict, when your host parents present you a bar of chocolate, let them know that this one is not your favorite and advice them ask you what kind of chocolate you prefer next time. Mention that your Au Pair friend host parents are the best hosts since they bought her a new IPAD as a present.

Harmful tip number 4
follow house rules and your host parents instructions. Let your parents know that their rules are strange and don’t have any sense. Tell them that YOU do not agree with some of them and your family has never followed such as stupid rules. When you are late home at night, tell them that the curfew is nonsense, you are not a kid anymore. When they caught you constantly texting at work, explain that you are bored at work and need to be in touch with your friends.

Harmful tip number 5
Avoid communication with your host parents. Never admit if you do not understand a word or instructions. Don’t ask questions because they may find that language is a problem for you. Why should you  listen their concerns and advice? Host parents must share their  plans with YOU, but don’t discuss your plans and issues since they don’t care anyway.  Remember, it is impossible to reach a compromise with your hosts -never even try it.

I’m sure that after reading my bad advice you may have more to add.

Spread the love.

“Before you can truly live, you must first learn to love.”
– Jennie Clemans 

Everyone needs love, especially children need to feel loved. Often host parents,  Au Pair and kids speak different love languages. Dr. Gary Chapman says knowing the child’s love language can make all of the difference in relationship.

There are 5 languages of love and usually people respond best to one or maybe two languages. The five languages of love are:

  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Gifts
  • Acts of service

Physical touch includes high fives, hugs, kisses and snuggling.

Words of affirmation include words of praise, encouragement, guidance and support.

Quality time is focused on spending time together—listening, walking and playing.

Gifts can be a powerful expression of love.

Acts of service are focused on appreciation of help.

It is important to understand and apply the language of love kids respond best to. The knowledge of the 5 Love Languages makes it easier to give and receive love.

Spread the love!

Countries Au Pairs Come From

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries.  Many host families want their children to be bi-lingual in another language and constant exposure and reinforcement is the best way to really immerse the children in a new language. Au Pairs are great language tutors since they are with children on a daily basis and can reinforce skills and help them speak a new language. The Au Pair  also gives her host family broader exposure to her lifestyles, food, customs and culture.

Some bi-lingual families choose to host an Au Pair from a particular country because the Au Pair is able to speak the second language and teach children her language naturally. For example, many bi-lingual families from my cluster host Russian or Chinese Au Pairs.

Russian Au Pairs

Russian Au Pairs are a great option for any family considering Au Pair child care.
For years, Russian au pairs have been known as  hard working and friendly care givers.  Many host families prefer Au Pairs from Russia because they experience minimal cultural shock due to substantial westernization in Russia.

Chinese Au Pairs.

Chinese Au Pairs became very popular recently.  Nearly all of our Au Pairs from China are qualified to work with infants on their daycare and babysitting experience.  All of the Au Pairs from China currently placed in the U.S. were either enrolled in college or already held a degree prior to their arrival.

What country will your future Au Pair be from?

Thinking about international adoption? An Au Pair may help.

There are millions of orphaned children who are waiting for adoption in numerous countries throughout the world. Millions of children around the world are growing up in orphanages. For example,  an estimated 750,000 children live “without parental care” in Russia.

Russia sent 1,586 children to the United States in 2009, the third-largest sending country (after China and Ethiopia). Despite economic reforms that have taken place since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, many families in former Soviet nations struggle to survive.

Adopting is one of the decent acts a family can do.  The family chooses to take care of a baby that is not theirs and they will love the child like their own. There may be many reasons why some people may choose to adopt, rather than have their own. As long as someone is willing to give their love to a child, it doesn’t matter what the reason is.

This beautiful new song celebrating ADOPTION as a life choice was written by critically acclaimed songwriter-Bob Halligan Jr.

There are millions of children around the world who need a loving family to take them home…..

If you are thinking about international adoption, an Au Pair may help to bring the child to your home and  help you to  understand a new child’s culture and to communicate in child’s  language.  An Au Pair can help a host family in her traveling by speaking the language, knowing the culture, and easing the stress of the whole international adoption process.

A Chinese Au Pair is a great childcare choice.

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries,  and recently  Chinese Au Pairs have become very common choice among host families from Philadelphia, Bucks County and close NJ.

A Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, French, Mexican or Russian Au Pair?  Which country is the best au pair from?

The best au pair for one family can be a bad fit for another family. A lot depends on the personality and experience of the individual au pair. Please read the post From an Au Pair mom.

Besides a cultural differences there is also a language preference. Many parents understand that having the ability to speak a second language gives their children an advantage in the global marketplace. Mandarin is now the most popular languages in the world.

As my host mom explained to me, Mandarin language was her reason to match with a Chinese Au Pair who will provide child care and at the same time can introduce a new language to her son.

If the family matched with an Au Pair from China, parents don’t have to pay for an expensive lessons. Chinese Au Pair can help children learn Mandarin through study and play.

Many  Chinese Au Pairs have strong English skills and teaching experience. Working as a teacher is a very typical career choice in China before becoming an Au Pair. They love playing with kids, making origami or crafts, having fun and giving piano lessons.

Chinese Au Pairs are family oriented and willing to help with house chores and to cook a delicious and healthy meals. Read the top ten reasons to consider an Au Pair from China

Since Mandarin is becoming the fastest growing languages being learned in schools in the United States, more and more host families now considering a Chinese Au Pair.

If I don’t like my au pair

From an Au Pair mom.

(Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pairHow to save money on an au pair programHow to welcome your new au pair.)

What happens if I don’t like my au pair when she arrives?

After doing your due diligence during the matching process, selecting your best match out of multitude of candidates, getting to know the au pair, and keeping in touch with her after the match and before her arrival, not liking the au pair upon her arrival to your family is not a likely scenario.

However, sometimes our expectations do not meet reality. She might not look like her pictures. First meeting might be awkward. She might be missing her family too much in the beginning, spend too much or not enough of her free time with your family, or your children might be slow to warm up to her.

Most of the time, being patient during the adjustment period pays off and things go smoothly from there. Most agencies ask host families and au pairs to stick it out for at least two to four weeks before considering breaking the match; sometimes adjustment takes time. Local area representatives of the au pair agency are there to assist both families and au pairs in starting their year together right, and helping resolve conflicts and providing support during the year.

But sometimes, there is no way to make it work. There might be a personality misfit or a difference in expectations that cannot be resolved. There is an option for both families and au pairs to rematch. A family or an au pair can break a match before the year is over. The agency assists both family and au pair (if she is deemed fit to continue as an au pair) in finding a new placement. Go Au Pair has the best satisfaction guarantee in the business; it doesn’t limit the number of rematches or the time during the year when a family can rematch with an au pair without paying a penalty.

An Au Pair and the Bilingual Advantage for Kids

One of the many benefits Host Families receive from their Au Pair is they bring a new culture and language into the home. In today’s increasingly globalized world and as America’s melting pot continues to become more diverse, knowing more than one language has proven to be beneficial, especially in the job market. 

Recently I came across the article in The New York Times  “The Bilingual Advantage” by  CLAUDIA DREIFUS.  A cognitive neuroscientist, Ellen Bialystok has spent almost 40 years learning about how bilingualism sharpens the mind. Her good news: Among other benefits, the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Dr. Bialystok, 62, a distinguished research professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, was awarded a $100,000 Killam Prize last year for her contributions to social science.

Ellen Bialystok says that “There are two major reasons people should pass their heritage language onto children. First, it connects children to their ancestors. The second is my research: Bilingualism is good for you. It makes brains stronger. It is brain exercise.”

Hiring an Au Pair who speaks the language of parents choice is a perfect option. Children learn a second language through study & play. They learn a new language for free with native speakers, while broadening their perspectives and world knowledge; which in today’s world is considered to be priceless.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from goAUPAIR blog. Please vote!

Dear Readers,

goAUPAIR Philadelphia blog is participating in the third annual Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2011 (IX11) competition.

If you like goAUPAIR Philadelphia blog,

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IX11 is about giving visibility to the bloggers who live an international experience, be it a high-school exchange, a student exchange, as an Au-Pair, a social year abroad, as an expat, as a host family, traveling around the world etc.

Please come back and read about the Au Pairs and Host Families from goAUPAIR agency in Philadelphia, our events, an Au Pair’s 2011 resolutions, Au Pair Year Diary as well as watch movies about Aupairs classes and nomination. Three goAUPAIR Host Families from Philadelphia nominated their Au Pairs for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award. Even though we don’t know who will win in nomination yet, all three our nominators, Karla Endres from South Africa, Laura Merchan from Colombia, and Irina Kopylova from Russia have already won  by admiration and appreciation that their their families and friends felt and wrote in the comments.

We are all happy to share our amazing experience of being part of goAUPAIR family! Welcome to our world!


Did you make resolutions for the New Year?
There are different kinds of resolutions. They usually range from breaking bad habits which affect our health to helping others.
For Irina, who is in her second year of being an Au Pair for goAUPAIR agency, it is to experience the things she was afraid to do before, like sky surfer paraplane in Ocean city, and exploring new places, like Universal Studios in Florida and Chicago’s Skydeck and The Ledge and watching for the first time in her life a Broadway show in New York City.

She is planning meeting 99 new people from around the world and  making an international food and farewell party with all her friends.  Also Irina wants to create several movies and albums for her host familiy and friends, make a little performance “Teremok” with her children n Russian,  and volunteering for many places, like Food Bank,  Hospital, museum and library and many other resolutions that helping others. Irina has only six months for her resolutions before going home so she is planing to do a lot for her host family, friends and community.

Here are Irina’s resolutions for 2011, enjoy!


Irina’s Host Family nominated her for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award 2011.

Did you make resolutions for 2011? A resolution is a promise. It is a promise that you make to yourself,  but often for others- your family, friends and community.

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