Countries Au Pairs Come From

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries.  Many host families want their children to be bi-lingual in another language and constant exposure and reinforcement is the best way to really immerse the children in a new language. Au Pairs are great language tutors since they are with children on a daily basis and can reinforce skills and help them speak a new language. The Au Pair  also gives her host family broader exposure to her lifestyles, food, customs and culture.

Some bi-lingual families choose to host an Au Pair from a particular country because the Au Pair is able to speak the second language and teach children her language naturally. For example, many bi-lingual families from my cluster host Russian or Chinese Au Pairs.

Russian Au Pairs

Russian Au Pairs are a great option for any family considering Au Pair child care.
For years, Russian au pairs have been known as  hard working and friendly care givers.  Many host families prefer Au Pairs from Russia because they experience minimal cultural shock due to substantial westernization in Russia.

Chinese Au Pairs.

Chinese Au Pairs became very popular recently.  Nearly all of our Au Pairs from China are qualified to work with infants on their daycare and babysitting experience.  All of the Au Pairs from China currently placed in the U.S. were either enrolled in college or already held a degree prior to their arrival.

What country will your future Au Pair be from?

Thinking about international adoption? An Au Pair may help.

There are millions of orphaned children who are waiting for adoption in numerous countries throughout the world. Millions of children around the world are growing up in orphanages. For example,  an estimated 750,000 children live “without parental care” in Russia.

Russia sent 1,586 children to the United States in 2009, the third-largest sending country (after China and Ethiopia). Despite economic reforms that have taken place since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union, many families in former Soviet nations struggle to survive.

Adopting is one of the decent acts a family can do.  The family chooses to take care of a baby that is not theirs and they will love the child like their own. There may be many reasons why some people may choose to adopt, rather than have their own. As long as someone is willing to give their love to a child, it doesn’t matter what the reason is.

This beautiful new song celebrating ADOPTION as a life choice was written by critically acclaimed songwriter-Bob Halligan Jr.

There are millions of children around the world who need a loving family to take them home…..

If you are thinking about international adoption, an Au Pair may help to bring the child to your home and  help you to  understand a new child’s culture and to communicate in child’s  language.  An Au Pair can help a host family in her traveling by speaking the language, knowing the culture, and easing the stress of the whole international adoption process.

An Au Pair for a back-to-work mom

When a mom needs go back to work, an Au Pair can be a great caregiver. The mom can leave her kids in the same home environment with a reliable family member who truly love kids.

Au Pairs also  have a lot of experience and education.  Many Au Pairs are infant qualified, college graduate and experienced with babies, infant multiples and even groups of children. Some Au Pairs are licensed kindergarten teachers who worked as nannies for several years.  Others are professional teachers, who have pedagogical education and  several years of work experience with children at school.

When mom is working, an Au Pair  is providing flexible in-home care and personalized child supervision. She can assist a host family with light household duties such as preparing  children’s meals and helping keep their rooms neat. She can help with laundry, car pooling and other tasks.

The Au Pair enjoys doing many things with host family’s children, keeping them busy with useful things, teaching them and having fun together. In addition, she can also oversee and enrich children’s playtime with international games, stories, and activities while exposing kids to another language and culture.

Kids really love their young nanny  Au Pair and willing to stay with her since she is animated, fun, and doesn’t mind getting down on the floor and play with the kids, sing songs, dance around, act silly and funny and not sit on the couch.

And when mom is at work she knows that her kids are at home, happy and safe with a qualified, trusted “family member”.

Which country is the best au pair from?

From an Au Pair mom.

(Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pairHow to save money on an au pair programHow to welcome your new au pair.)

Does it matter which country is an au pair from?

 Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries, and very popular are Argentine,  Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, French, South Korean, Mexican, Russian, Salvadorian, South African, Thai and Ukrainian Au Pairs.

Faced with so many choices of au pair candidates, it is only natural for a host family to look for a way to narrow the search down. A question many au pair agency staff and local counselors hear from host families is, tell us

which countries the best au pairs come from.

 The real answer is – it depends. The best au pair for one family can be a bad fit for another family. A lot depends on the personality and experience of the individual au pair. But there are also some common traits and cultural values that shape candidates from different countries

Cultural differences, not to be confused with stereotypes, are the result of an upbringing in a different country, with its own culture, religion and values. For example, au pairs from many Latin American countries typically have close family relationships, and are very affectionate and loving with children, and believe in God. Au pairs from Asia take their job extremely seriously, and value education.

There are also differences shaped by the living conditions in a country, that are not cultural. For example, in some Asian countries it might not be common for young women to drive or own a car, so au pairs from those countries might be not very experienced drivers.

In some countries the economic divide between rich and poor is so great, that every middle class family has a maid, so an au pair from such a country might not have a clue about simple domestic tasks (but might be perfectly willing and excited to learn!).

In more prosperous countries it might be easier for a high school graduate to pay for applying to the au pair program, and less lucrative to do so for a college graduate – so the candidate pool from such countries might be considerably younger.

Another factor in family country preference is personal experience, or experience of others.
For experienced host families, their preference for a certain country might be shaped by their personal experience with the au pair program. After an unsuccessful match, it is natural to avoid candidates from the same area of the world, for the next few years, or forever.

Or conversely, after good luck with candidates from a certain country, it is natural to look to repeat the same experience. Ease, difficulty or speed of obtaining au pair visas also varies from country to country. This factor can also dictate country choice for au pair host families.

Au pair agencies keep statistics of the percentage of au pairs from each country who drive, who are under two qualified, who are college graduates, who obtain visas. If a family wants to narrow down the choice of countries, it can be helpful to speak to the agency representative when trying to figure out candidates from which countries might be the best fit for the family childcare needs.

My Au Pair year far away from China

Chinese Au Pairs are now very popular choice with American host families.   Go Au Pair  has currently placed 16% Chinese Au Pairs in the U.S. and 23% percent of our available Au Pairs are from China. I currently have four Au Pairs in my cluster from China.

Ying, one of  my cluster’s Au Pairs from China, has almost finished her first year with Go Au Pair agency and has decided stay with her host family for a second year. In this post Ying shares her experience of being an Au Pair in the USA.

“Au Pair  program is kind of exchange program as we know. But it’s more then what we think about.

I help my host family with childcare and they help me with learning English. I really appreciate for this experience to be with them. My host family is like my family in America.  From this program, I realize American culture, experience lifestyle, learn language, taste American food, love volunteering with friends and so on.

But  for many Au pairs, it may be not easy to get along with host family at the beginning. You know that every family has different situation. Since Au pairs are international nannies, they are from different countries with different cultures and lifestyles. An Au pair to be as a family member, what’s the most important thing is trying to understand and respect each other. It will be getting better and better from learning.

There is another important thing to my Au pair life is that I am very lucky to have a great host mom.  I really admire her and learn from her a lot. She is a single mom and adopts three children from Russia. It’s not easy to take care of three children at the same time especially for a single mom. To my surprise, she did and did very well. Girls are healthy, happy and loved. From her experience, I realize how great to be as a mother. How brave to take this adventure at beginning. How independent as a woman can be.

All in all, Au Pair program as exchange program is worth to go for experience and explore a country deeply.”

The best proof of the quality of aupair childcare

From an Au Pair mom.

(Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pairHow to save money on an au pair programHow to welcome your new au pair.)

The best proof of the quality of aupair childcare is success of the au pair program in your local community.

To help address my concerns about au pairs as childcare providers for babies and toddlers, my local au pair agency coordinator gave me a phone number of a mother with children of similar ages to mine, who was successfully hosting au pairs. Talking to her, asking her questions, helped me witness the success of the au pair program with young children.

Now that some of my children attend preschool, I see other families there who host au pairs, and seeing these young women lovingly interact with their charges during dropoff and pickup, arranging playdates with them outside of school, is the best argument for the au pair program. There are less than forty children in this school, and even fewer families; and not all families have both parents working. Among the two working parent families, there are four who are currently hosting au pairs (two of them are families with multiples!), a fifth family is due to receive their first au pair in a few months, and another single working parent seriously considering the au pair option.

Seeing is believing! My first au pair was offered a part time babysitting gig on the spot when another mother observed her with my children on the playground (of course she had to decline because program regulations don’t allow her to work for pay for anyone else but me). My other au pair was a licensed and experienced teacher in Brazil, and she was offered to substitute teach at my children’s preschool if another teacher was sick, during the times my kids were in school. She could not take a job doing that, but she volunteered her time there.

If you are a family thinking about getting your first au pair and are not as lucky as I am to live in an area where the program is so popular that you can see au pairs in action in your school or your neighborhood, call you local au pair agency coordinator and ask them to put you in touch with host families in your area. Talking with another host family about their experience might be all the convincing you need to start a rich new chapter in the life of your family and to invite your first au pair into your home.

Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pairHow to save money on an au pair programHow to welcome your new au pair.

How can a young Au Pair be a good caregiver?

From an Au Pair mom.

(Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pairHow to save money on an au pair programHow to welcome your new au pair.)

How can a young girl with no children of her own be a good caregiver?
This is one of the questions that I pondered when considering using au pair childcare for my own children. However, this is probably the easiest question to answer about the au pair program. Au pair candidates have to show proof of documented childcare experience; and additionally, to be qualified to care for children under two years old, they have to have a certain number of hours of experience with children of this age.

Many au pairs are professional teachers, and have years of early childhood education, pedagogical education, and experience with babies, groups of  children and babies, even infant multiples. I’ve seen au pair applications of young women who were nurses in NICU, who were daycare teachers handling ten babies alone all day, who were college graduate licensed kindergarten teachers with several years of work experience, and women who worked as nannies for years in their home countries.

But for me personally, knowing something with my mind is different than believing something in my heart. Despite knowing all these facts all along, it was still difficult for me to believe that a young woman could do a great job taking care of my baby.  For me, it took personal experience and witnessing the experience of others to finally take the plunge into switching to au pair childcare.

When I was expecting my second child and first considering an au pair, I could not quite believe that I myself would be able to take care of a baby and a toddler; and I was already a mother myself.

I was more inclined to trust another mother, who already raised her own children. I had several nannies after my son was born, all in their fifties or older, all mothers or grandmothers. Through this experience, I understood that some of them probably didn’t raise their children themselves, or their talents were not in the childrearing area. One nanny who was mother of three herself, could only handle one of my children at a time, letting my toddler run free on the street. One nanny who was a grandmother of a six year old, thought for a whole month that my three year old was five, and only realized the truth after I told her!

Also, nannies who have had their own children, had raised them in another era, with different childrearing philosophies. Some of them had their strong opinions on how to do things right, that didn’t coincide with mine. Even though they were my employees, because they were older than me, it was difficult dynamic to show respect and at the same time to instruct them in how I wanted things to be done differently with my baby.

My personal experience made me realize firsthand that being a mother is not a qualification that can ensure that the childcare provider is competent.

Part two : The best proof of the quality of aupair childcare 

An Au Pair mom kindly offers more answers to the questions you may interested in.

An Au Pair for adopted children is the best childcare solution

Many of adoptive parents have no access to their kid’s culture and learning about culture is hard, especially when you don’t have somebody from that culture to help you out. The international nannies, Au Pairs may help parents learn their children’s culture and  heritage.

An Au Pair program offers what other forms of child care can’t: introduces and exposures adopted kids to their birth culture  and gives kids a sense of connection to their heritage plus cultural exchange to the whole family. It is why Au Pair program can be the best childcare solution for the adoptive families.

Go Au Pair agency recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries, so families may find an Au Pair from their kid’s country. An Au Pair  has knowledge of their kids birth culture and may teach the whole family.

Since an Au Pair is native speaker, she is able to keep or teach the children their native language.   Simple singing songs or telling the fairy- tale or story from their country are great ways to provide children with some exposure to their native culture. She  may teach  kids about their heritage, celebrate  holidays together, have birth country dinner nights, teach birth country dances or games, visit the library or book store and look at books from their culture. The Au Pair also helps whole family broader exposure to their children native lifestyles, food, customs and culture.

Go Au Pair agency is currently helping the adoptive families with the cost.  Go Au Pair would love to offer the huge discount to adoptive families of $1000.

Many adoptive families choose an Au Pair because of the nature of this amazing program.  The Au Pair brings to the kids her love, long-term friendships and the heritage.  An Au pair helps children to not only discover their heritage, but also gives the kids a foundation of pride of their culture. The culture of child’s country and heritage will definitely enrich the family life.

Hosting the Au Pair from the children’s birth country will bring a small piece of their culture right to the family and open the children’s hearts and minds to their heritage.  

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair will join the PSBI picnic

 Read a new post from an Au Pair mom, “How to decide to host an Au Pair?”
Au Pairs from Go Au Pair will join the PSBI picnic.

Opening Doors to the Word  is the mission statement  of Pearl S Buck International.

Give your Children the World  is the motto of  Au Pair program and describes the intention of Go Au Pair agency. Both statements sound very close.

An Au Pair program and the international adoption programs both bring the international scent into the family life as well as open minds and hearts to people around the world.

PSBI programs are focused on making a difference in the lives of children and families both in the United States and abroad. Welcome House International Picnic creates a great tradition, as families gather together to reunite with old and make new friends.

The  founder of PSBI, Pearl S. Buck set the tone many years ago when she began to hold an annual summer picnic with family, friends, neighbors and the many foster children they all shared their lives with over the years.  As the years passed, families united through Welcome House were also invited and then eventually it was opened up to the entire Pearl S. Buck International community.

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair will join  Pearl S. Buck International  picnic on June 12t, 2011.

Welcome House International Picnic will be held on Sunday, 12 June, 2011 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at  520 Dublin Road, Perkasie, PA 18944

The event will include cultural games for kids/families following lunch. Please bring your blankets, folding chairs and picnic lunch.

Au Pairs , host families and new families,  come join us!

I look forward to seeing you there and getting to know your family!

Happy International Family Day!

May 15 is celebrated as the International Day of the Family.  This day highlights the importance of families. The Au Pair program is the best example of an international family. Under the Au Pair program, Au Pairs , the young adults from around the world, are welcomed into the homes of  Host Families as a families members.

An Au Pair is considered a family member when she helps family with childcare and studying.  An Au Pair offers what other forms of child care can’t: cultural exchange, the personal attention and love that children need. Kids can learn a new language with native speakers, while broadening their perspectives and world knowledge.

The Au Pair is  a big sister for the kids, a person who is an equal and reliable. She provides childcare like a loving member of the family.  Children and host parents bond with their Au Pair and develop long-term friendships. The Au Pair considers host family as a second home –the Place I Call Home Is My Host Family!

The International Day of Families is an occasion to celebrate the importance of families to people, societies and cultures around the world. This day is a good opportunity for the host family and the Au Pair to have fun and enjoy their time together as a Family.

Happy Family Day!

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