My Au Pair journey begins.

Well,  the distance between South Africa and Philadelphia is one year, 🙂  at least for me.

Once my mother my brother and I got to the airport we had some lunch and then it was time to go through security, I wasn’t stressed at all because I knew that I had nothing to hide. The most difficult part was about to happen, saying goodbye to my mother and brother… It was tears and tears but we all knew that I would be in good hands with my host family, my LAR, my Au Pair agency in South-Africa and goAUPAIR  in America.

Once I said goodbye it was time to go through passport control and then I had to wait. At last we boarded and it was a very long flight 18 hours from South-Africa to Washington and then another 30 minutes to Philadelphia. My host mom and the children waited for me at the airport and took me straight away to my new home, my new beginning. My new house was amazing to me and as I walked into the house I knew that I made the right decision to be the Au Pair for the Veale family…

It has been two weeks of staying with my amazing host family and I am enjoying every moment of it! Yes I do get homesick but it is getting better day by day and I keep in contact with my family.

I have five children that I look after, Nathan and Evan are twins aged four, Branden is eight years old, Tyler is 11 and Brooke is thirteen we all get along very good so far and I hope that it stays this way. My host parents are Dede and Tim and they really make me feel so welcome and did since day one. It feels to me that I am with this family for a reason and no matter how hard it is or how much I miss everyone I am going to give this year my everything!

Always stay positive because everything will work out even if it doesn’t feel like it at times and with goAUPAIR you will always have the time of your life in the U.S.A

You will be hearing from me again sometime soon

Stay tune, I’ll be back with my story Party Time!.

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