Ophelia’s Diary

Hi. I am Ophelia, an Au Pair from China! I have been in the States for two months already. I am very excited about my new life here, so I would like to share it with you via my diary. But, first you may want to know what kind of girl I am. Let me tell you something about myself first!

Au Pair Ophelia

I am 21 years old, and I just graduated from college this July. After that, I came here to Philadelphia to be an au pair with Go Au Pair agency. I love children, DIY and traveling so much!

In China, I was a volunteer at the school for the deaf. From there I learned that every child is a unique angel. They each have the right to feel the happiness of life. So, I am always a “sunshine girl”  with children.

 I also like using my hands to do creative things such as sewing, baking and cooking. I do this for my family and friends, which makes them feel happy. When I see the smiles on their faces, my heart always feels warm. I enjoy it a lot.Au Paiirs goaupair

 I already met a lot of new friends Au Pairs in Philadelphia. My friends are always kidding to me, “Ophelia, you will be a good housewife in the future. Why don’t you be my children’s godmother first?” And now I really don’t know how many children I am godmother to anymore!

I love traveling, visiting new places, and seeing new people so much. Learning a new culture is always a lot of fun. I used to live near the beach and I am a certificated tour guide in China, so if you’re interested in Chinese culture, I would love to show you around China one day!

 Au Pair from China

And now: welcome to my life in the US! Let’s work together to explore what interesting things will happen in my life.

From this page you can read all entries from my Au Pair Journal. Happy reading!

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My first American birthday.

Classic Italian desserts cooking class.

The Growth from a Student to an Au Pair.

Going Bowling for Fernanda’s Farewell Party

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Harvest America -Christian Music Concert

With my host child Theo- never feel alone.

Love is everywhere at my host family’s home.

Great time at Peddler’s Village with Adriana’s host family.

A great letter from grandma to her dearest Theo.

Language exchange with my American friend Mike

Au Pair’s awesome class.

Au Pairs volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon

English Class Presentation “Go Au Pair – a Cultural Child Care Experience”

Au Pair’s wonderful Thanksgiving in Houston

Meeting with the Director of Chinese Au Pair Center

Au Pair’s Holiday Party with snow!


My Au Pair experience in 2013.

An Amazing Trip to Alaska with My Host Family.

My first Christmas in the US with Ice and Snow!

Happy one year old birthday, my dearest Theo!

Hiking 20 miles in Hawaii

From Alaska to Hawaii.

Au Pair’s Special Chinese New Year Celebration at Penn Museum

Au Pair’s fabulous Chinese New Year Party

My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions.

Au Pair’s Educational Trip Class to Washington DC

Happy Valentine’s Day—with my little boyfriend Theo

Au Pair’s Monument Presentation

Teaching English in the church

Helping the community with my Au Pairs friends.

Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show

Exploring the Philadelphia Flower Show with my Au Pair Friend.

Ice Skating at Blue Cross River Rink

Theo’s Baby Music Class.

Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

The Impression of Washington DC

How to fill an Au Pair’s income tax?

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese festival with Au Pair friends.

Happy Easter 2014!

Au Pair extension time is coming!

2 AM Flood Warning in Philly

Au Pair’s Farewell Party Dinner.

Au Pairs shared quality time together.

Volunteered for Newtown Welcome Day with my Au Pair friends.

Happy Mother’s Day!

New Life — Las Vegas.

Why I love Las Vegas?

Travel as an Au Pair.

Summer Pool Barbecue Party and a Farewell Au Pair party.

Chinese Au Pair volunteered in America.

Church Class Picnic.

One day in Atlantic City.

Au Pair’s International Pot-Luck and Raising funds for Autism

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