This page is a complete index to all posts published in Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties and parts of NJ blog  displayed in reverse chronological order from 2010.


Au Pair’s International Pot-Luck and Raising funds for Autism
Au Pair event to raise funds for Walk Now Autism Speaks
Pair with the Go Au Pair Team in Walk Now for Autism Speaks
One day in Atlantic City
Church Class Picnic
Meet the Au Pairs in Excellency from China
Chinese Au Pair volunteered in America
Summer Pool Barbecue Party and a Farewell Au Pair party
Our second new Au Pair: Nicole from Germany
The Au Pair from Bucks County Adriana
400 posts!
The Au Pair program opens the world.

Our new Au Pair Jenny from Germany
Travel as an Au Pair
Sharing my Au Pairs experience
Why I love Las Vegas?
Au Pairs in the US – transition Au Pairs
New Life — Las Vegas
Go Au Pair team will walk to change the future of the kids with Autism.
Is an Au Pair Superior for Your Family than a Regular Nanny?
Find the best Au Pair with Go Au Pair.
Happy Mother’s Day!
In the beginning there was the plan.
Volunteered for Newtown Welcome Day with my Au Pair friends
Au Pairs shared quality time together.
Au Pair’s Farewell Party Dinner
Go Au Pair Volunteered for Newtown Community.
Meet the Au Pair from Mexico Annie.
2 AM Flood Warning in Philly

Au Pair extension time is coming!
The Au Pair Program and Cultural Exchange
Cultural exchange activities for Au Pairs in Bucks County, PA
Welcome Day Art Festival in Newtown
Happy Easter 2014!
A Colombian Au Pair learned from kids to believe in your dreams.
Meet Monica, Colombian Au Pair from Philadelphia.
10 things to know about the Au Pair program to start
Japanese festival with Au Pair friends
Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival
Meet the Au Pair from Ukraine Aleksandra
Au Pairs Are Going to Visit Japan Without Leaving Philadelphia
Au Pairs volunteering in Newtown, Bucks County.
How to fill an Au Pair’s income tax?

The Impression of Washington
Au Pair’s trip to Washington
Meet the Au Pair from Germany Cosima.
Meet a new Au Pair from South Africa,
Au Pairs Buddy
Consider a Transition Au Pair
Hire an Extending Au Pair.
In country Au Pairs – Transition and Extension.
Theo’s Baby Music Class.
Supporting Ukraine and Ukrainian Au Pairs.
Ice Skating at Blue Cross River Rink
Au Pairs from Philadelphia found a way to help the community
Exploring the Philadelphia Flower Show with my Au Pair Friend.
Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show
Helping the community with my Au Pairs friends.
An Au Pair in Excellency from Philadelphia.

Teaching English in the church
Go Au Pair team is going to volunteer again.
Au Pair’s Monument Presentation
Being a cultural ambassador within your own home.
Diana, an Au Pair in Excellency from NJ
Bucks County Au Pairs in Excellence
Happy Valentine’s Day—with my little boyfriend Theo
Au Pairs from Bucks County Stand Out.
Au Pair’s Educational Trip Class to Washington DC
My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions.
Ophelia’s Diary About Au Pair Life in Philadelphia

Au Pair’s fabulous Chinese New Year Party
Au Pair’s Special Chinese New Year Celebration at Penn Museum
The Au Pair of the Year.
Hiking 20 miles in Hawaii
From Alaska to Hawaii.
Celebrating Chinese New Year in Philadelphia.
Successful Au Pair year in America
A South African Au Pair is a common choice among Host Families
Happy one year old birthday, my dearest Theo
My first Christmas in the US with Ice and Snow!
An Amazing Trip to Alaska with My Host Family.
2013 Year Au Pair Activities Review
My Au Pair experience in 2013.


The last day of 2013 and the last post in 2013!
The winners of the Au Pair Photo Contest
Go Au Pair 2013 Photo Contest!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Au Pairs Christmas party. Sweet moments.
Au Pair’s Holiday Party with snow!
A photo contest for Au Pairs.
Au Pairs Holiday party and a fun photo contest!
Meeting with the Director of Chinese Au Pair Center
Au Pair’s wonderful Thanksgiving in Houston
An International Volunteer Day 2013: YOUNG.GLOBAL.ACTIVE.
English Class Presentation “Go Au Pair – a Cultural Child Care Experience”

Volunteering…. So much good energy coming to you!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Au Pairs volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon
Au Pair’s awesome class
Go Au Pair Abroad
Volunteering for a cause and cultural exchange.
Language exchange with my American friend Mike
A Special Moment- Volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon!
A great letter from grandma to her dearest Theo.
The positive impact of Au Pairs volunteering for causes in the US.
Great time at Peddler’s Village with Adriana’s host family.

The Au Pair program cost in the US and outside
Love is everywhere at my host family’s home.
300 posts on my blog.
A small child with a big smile!
With my host child Theo- never feel alone.
A Family Day Conference.
Helpful Tips for Au Pairs
Harvest America -Christian Music Concert
Au Pair ‘s preparation to the arrival.
Travels in Atlantic City with the Au Pair Adriana.
Go Au Pair’s Family Day Conference in the NJ area
Going Bowling for Fernanda’s Farewell Party

Au Pair Program Cost
The Growth from a Student to an Au Pair.
Connect with Au Pair Sis.
Classic Italian desserts cooking class
My first American birthday
The Allure of Using an Au Pair.
Ophelia’s DiaryPAGE
School year and the Au Pairs
Au Pairs at the Brazilian Day Festival in NY.
Au Pair meeting in the Philadelphia Area
Join us for a Family Day Conference.

Au Pair childcare -amazing experience!

Au Pair Sis blog
Things to do for Au Pairs in Bucks County, PA
Au Pairs living in the NJ area.
Au Pairs living at Bucks County, PA
Au Pairs living in Philadelphia
The Interview About GO AU PAIR’S New Au Pair Program
Welcome to a Family Day Conference

Go Au Pair is the #1 Best rated Au Pair Agency for 2013.
Keeping Your Child Safe Around Animals
Go Au Pair Unique Bed and Breakfast Program
Ophelia’s first Au Pair meeting in Philadelphia.
South Korea– July 2013 Go Au Pair Featured Country
You are invited at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.
Au Pairs can travel to Niagara Falls and earn educational credits.
Welcome a South Korean Au Pair.
How the Au Pair Can Enlighten a Family About Culture Exchanges

Germany – June 2013 Go Au Pair Featured Country

Welcome to Brazil! “Meu Brasil, Brasileiro!!”
Keeping kids active and healthy with the Au Pair help.
Keeping kids active and learning new things.
Screen Time, how to limit it with the Au Pair’s help.
Healthy Active Living Tips- 5, 2, 1, 0 rule.
Be a champion!
50,000 views on my blog.

Review of the Go Au Pair agency
Children in the Kitchen
Begin teaching children at a young age about nutrition.
Your New Au Pair from Brazil.
Learn Brazilian culture with a Brazilian Au Pair!
Au Pairs from Brazil
Happy Mother’s Day!
What does the Au Pair program teach the kids?
Read through the eyes of the Chinese Au Pair.

April is the Month of the Military Child.
My au pair life in the USA.
A Chinese Au Pair story.
Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival.
A great match with a Chinese Au Pair.
Au Pair of the Year 2013.
Host families consider Chinese Au Pairs for their infants and toddlers.
A Chinese Au Pair – a new and a popular host families’ choice
The Au Pair program and cultural diversity.

An Au Pair is a part of a family.
2012 Au Pairs Tax Return
What makes you happy? International Day of Happiness!
A Mexican Au Pair can change the host family’s life.
5 things I learned being an Au Pair.
Being an Au Pair, I learned important things.
Au Pairs traveling and studying
Go above and beyond basic childcare.

An Au Pair and special needs children.
Au Pairs and winter colds.
7 ways to avoid the flu for the Au Pairs
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Au Pairs meeting at African American Museum in Philadelphia.
The Best Au Pair Ever.
Save money with Featured Country Au Pairs!
Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

What are the best countries to search for an Au Pair?
“To do” list with your Au Pair.
Cultural Differences
Amazing Experience with Go Au Pair.
2013 Au Pair of the Year Award.
Au Pairs winter projects.
Today is Thank You Day.
Keep your Au Pair happy.

2012  (100 posts, 3 pages)

The last blog post in 2012.
Program Rules.  PAGE
An Au Pair and kids project- Christmas Tree.
Sitemap. PAGE
Wishing you the best holidays!
40,000 views on Go Au Pair blog.

Au Pairs from all over the world celebrate Christmas in America.

Au Pair Holiday Party.
Au Pairs Holiday Bonuses and Schedules.
To Curfew or not to Curfew your Au Pair?
Be Present. Stop Worrying.
Go Au Pair supports troops with an army of “care givers”
Celebration of Gratitude on Thanksgiving

My new friend Au Pair Sis.
7 Tips to Instill in Children a Love of Reading.
200 posts on Go Au Pair blog.
Parenting secrets from a coach.
Go Au Pair or Nanny?
November is National Adoption Month.
Kids friendly food

How Much Should You Pay a Nanny at Bucks County, PA?
Ways to get children to eat more nutritious foods.
Au Pairs cook with Chef.
7 common myths about Au Pairs.
Can a single father hire an au pair?
Go Au Pair in Philadelphia and NJ.
The secret power of a smile.

Au Pairs international Dinner in Bucks County, PA
Au Pair Child Care for military families
Family vacation with an Au Pair.
Adoption and the Au Pair program.
Most popular countries Au Pairs come from.
How to avoid impulse shopping?
Things that make Go Au Pair different

Focus on the important things.
Miss your favorite Au Pair?
The “greener grass” syndrome.
How did you find Go Au Pair blog?
All You Really Need to Know ………
Cooking with a chef for picky eaters.
Homework with an Au Pair Help.

30,000 views on Go Au Pair blog.
Au Pairs’ friendship.
Are we different?
How to resolve a conflict.
Popular Posts Page
Why does the Au Pair stay in Au Pair’s room all the time
An Au Pair room feel at home

Host Families House Rules.
Don’t forget to call your parents today.
An Au Pair and a single parent.
Au Pairs experiencing a new culture in the USA.
Setting Your Au Pair’s Work Schedule.
Looking forward to having a Chinese Au Pair.
Why consider an Au Pair?

What is an Au Pair’s role in the family?
Raising bilingual kids with an Au Pair.
Harmful Advice – 5 ways to damage relations with your host parents.
Au Pair from Colombia, who saved the life of her host child, gave the interview.
Spread the love.
The Au Pair program: Learn and Earn.

Au Pairs Meeting at The Devon Horse Show.
Go Au Pair Au Pair saved a baby from a distracted truck driver.
An Au Pair Saves a Baby’s Life.
My Au Pair Year – More Than Words.
The first weeks with your Au Pair.
Cake for Mother’s day.
An Au Pair’s room in the host family home.

Teaching host children healthy eating skills when playing.
Au Pairs cook healthy food with kids.
Useful and harmful habits.
Start a vegetable garden with an Au Pair.
Things An Au Pair Can’t Live Without
The Au Pair program is full of love.
My busy but fun life as an Au Pair.

Tax Time.
Au Pairs making friends
Au Pairs becoming lifelong friends.
Learning a Foreign Language with an Au Pair
Au Pairs and students activities
Different Au Pair programs
Au Pair’s tax return
The readers’ favorite posts from my blog.

20,000 views on my blog.
My last 20 days with my Host Family and Go Au Pair!
Au Pairs for families with multiple children
An Au Pair from Philadelphia Received Go Au Pair’s exclusive Au Pair in Excellence Award.
Feel The Love.

Au Pairs share their smiles.
A new educational opportunity for Au Pairs from Philadelphia
Ten ways to improve English for an Au Pair.
A Brazilian Festival in Philadelphia. Com certeza!
My beautiful Brazil, Lindo maravilhosa!
Free Winter Holiday Festival plus $1000 off discount for FRUA adoptive families
The best host family in Go Au Pair Philadelphia

South African takes the world with help from GO AU PAIR
Teaching Portuguese to Host Children.
Au Pair free time.
Au Pairs’ Chinese New Year celebration
The Host Family and Au Pair calendar.
An amazing Christmas and New Year with my Host Family!
New year, New Host Mom and New Au Pair

2011 (80 posts, 14 pages)
An Au Pair went to Disney World with her Host Family -a dream came true.
Wishing You Holiday Cheer!
Au Pairs having fun at the Holiday Light Show.
The Au Pair’s Holiday Party.
How to find the best Au Pair.
Feel secure with an Au Pair.
Au Pair journal updates “Happy Holidays”

My First Thanksgiving
Au Pairs and adopted kids
2011 Photo Contest
A trip to Philly.
Au Pair Journal from a journalist.
Au Pair Journal Page
100th post on Go Au Pair blog
My Au Pair Journey, my new home at Langhorne, Bucks County, PA

How to welcome your new Au Pair.
An Au Pair Again
My Au Pair year end: Should I Stay or Should I go?
Au Pairs traveling outside of the USA
Au Pairs traveling in the USA.
A Chinese Au Pair, “I am proud of being born in China.”
The Au Pair of the Year Award 2012 to one outstanding Au Pair.

An Au Pair – a positive role model for the kids
The Host Family Day Conference
An Au Pair – bilingual childcare provider
Go Au Pair offers many discounts.
Thee best nanny you could ever have.
Host Family handbook for an Au Pair
An Au Pair is an international ambassador.

The Introductory Workshop -Au Pairs First Aid/CPR classes and much more
Male Au Pairs or mannies
Countries Au Pairs Come From.
Thinking about international adoption? An Au Pair may help.
Top ten reasons to consider working as an au pair.
Host an Au Pair and get to experience the world without leaving the house.
Bilingual children, Au Pairs, and maintaining a second language

An Au Pair for a back-to-work mom
An Au Pair means on par or equal to.
Host Families Requirements for an Au Pair Program.
Will my baby copy au pair’s accent?
A Chinese Au Pair is a great childcare choice.
Welcome party for new Au Pair Phila!
Why Choose Go Au Pair as Your Au Pair Agency?
Go Au Pair at the FRUA picnic

An Au Pair forever.
Go Au Pair -Number One Agency
Which country is the best au pair from?
EduCare Au Pair
Is changing Au Pairs bad for my kids?
Over 10.000 total views on Go Au Pair blog
An Au Pair and family privacy.

Au Pairs volunteering for adoptive families again.
Top ten reasons to consider a Chinese Au Pair
If I don’t like my au pair
My Au Pair year far away from China
The best Au Pair in the world is my Au Pair from Russia.
How can I choose an Au Pair without interviewing her in person?
Go Au Pair volunteered for Pearl S. Buck International

An Au Pair is more than a nanny.
An Au Pair and the Bilingual Advantage for Kids
When preparing to host an Au Pair
Will hosting an Au Pair impact my marriage?
Adoptive parents or considering international adoption?
The best proof of the quality of aupair childcare

How can a young Au Pair be a good caregiver?
An Au Pair for adopted children is the best childcare solution
From Au Pair mom PAGE
Au Pairs from Go Au Pair will join the PSBI picnic
Happy International Family Day!
An Au Pair and the educational requirements.
The Heart Cake for my Host Mother
Flexible child care – Au Pairs for shift workers.

Nanny costs in Philadelphia and NJ
Тop Ten Tips for New Au Pairs
Host family rules
My Au Pair’s First Vacation. PAGE
Preparing for a new Au Pair.
Asking your future Au Pair the right questions.
Communication between Host Parents and Au Pair.
Top Pages and Posts of Go Au Pair Philadelphia,Bucks,Montgomery Counties and NJ blog
2012 Au Pair Activity Schedule  PAGE
Real chocolate world   PAGE
The Flower Show   PAGE
Teaching children respect with the Au Pair’s help.
Au Pair and work at home parents
An Au Pair for a single parent.

Happy Women’s Day!
Create your movie, go to Au Pair Philadelphia & NJ movie contest and win!
Having my birthday  PAGE
The pros and cons of hosting an Au Pair.
Au Pairs, lets make your host mom smile 🙂
Phillia, Au Pairs!
goAUPAIR is growing.
Being a great Au Pair   PAGE
Lucky Au Pair.
Go Ahead and Ask.  PAGE
I am glad I have an Au Pair.
My Beloved South Africa.  PAGE
Video game addiction, is it real?
The Au Pair Event in Philadelphia.  PAGE

Fun with my friends.  PAGE
Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from goAUPAIR blog. Please vote!
Bonding with the children.  PAGE
The Best Au Pairs!
My Au Pair work.  PAGE
My Au Pair work

2010 (20 posts, 14 pages)

Nomination  PAGE
My happy and sad Christmas.  PAGE
Classes.  PAGE
Lets speak Russian  PAGE
Happy New Year.
Party Time!  PAGE
A fairy-tale story or an Au Pair from Russia.
Cookie class.  PAGE

Cookie class with an Au Pair Irina.
My Au Pair journey begins.  PAGE
Welcome!  PAGE
Maybe in distance, but never in heart  .PAGE
Au Pair Diary  PAGE
A New Family?  PAGE
go AU PAIR Philadelphia Amateur Photo Contest “Au Pairs Having Fun”

Being an Au Pair for goAUPAIR is my best decision!
go AU PAIR, a reliable and cost-effective program.
An Au Pair, a long lost cousin from another country.
Photo Contest   PAGE
Thank you to the Au Pair for the love and commitment to the kids and much more…
An Au Pair and children activities- I need your helping hand
Happy Thanksgiving Host Families, Au Pairs and everyone!

You know you’re an Au Pair in the USA when…
Why hire an Au Pair?- “To find someone who will truly love my children”
Events   PAGE
Host families and Au Pairs, thank you for coming to a Family Day Conference!
No doubt that nanny cost has almost doubled. Lets talk about childcare cost.
The Place I Call Home Is My Host Family!

Good News! Discount offered for Philadelphia and NJ area only! Affordable Childcare in Your Own Home.
Your call is very important to us!
We’ll definitely be back.
What is an Au Pair?
Go Au Pair in Philadelphia and close NJ. Welcome to our world!
About  PAGE

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