Amber, our new Australian Au Pair

Our second Australian Au Pair Amber joined our cluster in January. She is actually our first Australian Au Pair ever in our cluster! She’s 20 years old and I am very pleased to be her buddy. Amber lives with her host family in Bucks County and takes care of three kids.


As an Au Pair I am able to fulfill two of my greatest passions: caring for children and learning about different cultures.
I love to be outdoors, in Australia I spent most of my weekends camping, fishing, or riding the quad bikes. If I’m not doing that I am usually at the beach or somewhere quite reading a book or listening to music.
I have had a lot of amazing experiences since moving to the US however the best event in the past month happened just before I left Australia when I got to meet my baby cousin for the first time.
Three adjectives to describe Amber: loyal, adventurous, committed.
One place I’d like to visit is Texas.
One of the best complements I have ever received was as n elder in a native community I lived in, in Australia, told me he felt I had become a part of their community. This was a huge deal for me as I loved their culture however given the history between Aboriginies and white Australians I wasn’t sure if I would ever be fully accepted in the community.
My favorite part of being an Au Pair is to be fully immersed in American culture.
The special thing about our Philadelphia area is that I am so close to an area where I can learn so much about American history.

My best experience so far where in New York, where our orientation guide took us to an amazing restaurant called Ellen’s Stardust – as a musical theatre fan I had the time of my life there. I also really enjoyed learning to ski in Vermont and making my first snow angel.
I already met Amber twice and tomorrow we are going to volunteer for the Flower Show in Philadelphia. I’m looking forward to our activities together in the US and wish you all the best for your year!

Marcela, our new Mexican Au Pair

Finally I’m allowed to welcome a new member to our cluster. Marcela is 23 years old and is an transition au pair from Mexico. She joined our cluster about 4 weeks ago and Lilla kindly offered to be her buddy.

I love outdoors, cooking, exercising, exploring new places and cultures.


Marcela describes herself as communicative, outgoing and passionate.

Besides the US I’d like to visit Australia and New Zealand.


My favorite way spending a Saturday is Getting up early, drinking a good latte and go hiking – then have a good and healthy breakfast, take a nap and hang out with friends.


Since I’m in the US I already experienced to live with a new family in a very different culture and with a different religion – it’s a big adventure.

Marcela I say welcome to our cluster and have a great year!

Our new Au Pair Jenny from Germany

It’s time for the first interview of my blog Au Pair mission: Philadelphia, PA.
Around two weeks ago one of our new Au Pairs arrived in Philadelphia: Jenny from Germany. Her buddy is Carmen from South Africa. She will help Jenny with her first steps in the US. As every new Au Pair Jenny answered some questions in an interview for us.

Hi, I’m Jenny, 24 years old and come from the black forest in southern Germany.


I want to be an Au Pair to explore another culture and to develop my personality.
In my free time I love to play soccer and hang out with my friends.

The best event during the last month was the women soccer game Germany vs. Slovakia, which I watched with a friend of mine in Mannheim. After the game two national players came to us and we talked and took pictures.

Adjectives, which describe me the best are happy and kind.

If I had one free wish it would be a life without war and illness.

Besides the US I would like to visit New Zealand, Canada and Sweden.

Two good things I can do quite good are being a good friend/listener and drawing.

I expect to learn new things about other cultures  as an Au Pair here in the States and I see it as a “life experiment”. On top of that I hope to have a great relationship with my hos family and to meet new friends.

German flag

Thanks Jenny for answering all the questions! I think it’s gonna be a great year for you. It’s your first time in the US, so enjoy the life here, I really enjoyed my time so far.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon – in person!

A small child with a big smile!

Ophelia’s Diary.

I am happy with my Au Pair life in Philadelphia all the time because I have a very nice host family from Alaska, a reliable agency Go Au Pair, a loving Local Area Representative (LAR )– Polina and a bunch of Au Pair friends.Au Pair from China with her host child

However, the most interesting part of my life is playing with my host baby Theo.Host child Theo playing

Theo is a small child with a big smile!  His big smile always keeps me away from bore and sadness. With Theo, anyone will be happy all the time.Host child Theo smiling

Grandma loves Theo so much. She wants to see Theo’s big smile every day.  But she lives in Alaska. Then we skype with grandma everyday. Both Theo and I love skyping with grandma very much. We feel that she is with us all the time. This Sunday grandma is coming to visit us, we are so excited about her visit!

Host child Theo

I am sure that Theo will show his biggest smile to grandma when he sees her in person.Host child Theo outside

Travels in Atlantic City with the Au Pair Adriana.

Ophelia’s Diary.

One of the benefits of being an Au Pair is that we have a lot of vacations. Go Au Pair even provides a Bed & Breakfast program for Au Pairs when they travel in the States. Our agency Go Au Pair is so nice.

Au Pair Atlantic City

In the middle of September, my friend Au Pair Adriana and I went to Atlantic City together. This was my second time went there, I showed Adriana around just like I was a tour guide.

 two Au Pairs

The beach there was nice. It reminded me of the beach in my country.  But the seagulls in China would never be so naughty!

Au Pairs NJ

Do you know what these birds did? They stole my cake! Well, on the other hand, I was somewhat happy about this. Even birds liked the cake I made.

We saw the Miss America parade later. This year’s theme was shoes. There was a giant silver shoe with glitter. It looked just like Cinderella’s crystal shoe.  It was magical.

Au Pair in Atlantic City

After the parade, Adriana and I went to the casino. Casinos are illegal in China, but in China some game rooms look just like mini casinos. The difference is people will lose more money in casinos. It’s good for us to explore the new places here. I may go to Las Vegas sometime, but I don’t like gambling.

AuPairs NJ

Young hearts will never stop the pace of traveling, Adriana and I will go to explore more places together!

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