Brenda, our new Mexican Au Pair

Brenda arrived at her host family in Chester County on the same date as Oksana, about 4 weeks ago. She’s 19 years old and replaced Valeria. Her buddy Jenny will and already did help her during the first time as an au pair.
I decided to work as an Au Pair because I love kids and I think it is a good way to learn more about the culture and language of the country.
Brenda (2)
In my free time I enjoy swimming – my city is very hot – so I love to practice a lot, I like to paint in oil, and I like to cook and read.
The best event before my arrival was the “coloreate” a 5km run, I went there with my friends and we had a lot of fun.
Brenda (3)
Funny, honest, loyal – that’s how she characterizes herself.
It think that it would be travel around the world.
I love to spend time with my parents, we like to go out for dinner, or go to the movies,  also I like to go out with my friends, we like go to dancing, or organize meetings in a friend’s home.

I think God has a plan for all of us, and that is the reason things happen, always remember that He never will face us with a challenge we cannot overcome.

Brenda (4)
 Before I came to the US, I was studying international trade, but I interrupted it to come her as an au pair – I had really a good notes, so I think I am very good at it, and in making crafts.
Brenda hopes to have a second family, to love and respect them as well as improving her English and to make new friends.
Welcome again to our cluster, Brenda! We’re looking forward to meet you soon! As you’ve been to the US before – Eagle Pass, Laredo, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island (all Texas) – maybe not everything is totally new to you. But I guess beeing an au pair is totally different than beeing here as a tourist. So enjoy your adventure as an au pair in the Unites States!

Au Pair’s Farewell Party Dinner

Ophelia’s Diary.

I just spent a whole weekend with my Au Pair friends. Most of the Au Pairs were from Go Au Pair, a few Au Pairs were from other Au Pair agencies. We had such a great time together.

Welcome to go au pair

On Saturday afternoon, my Local Area Representative Polina picked me up from Warminster train station. We met up with other Au Pairs at Casablanca restaurant. This was really a fancy place. We had a La Carte Dinner Menu, a 6-course in the choice. So much delicious food was in front of us and the price was not expensive.

Au Pair food

Then we had the entertainment-belly dance. Everyone was super happy.

belly dance

During the meal we talked about our Au Pair life in America, we played games and got gifts from Polina. As many Au Pairs will leave our cluster soon, we felt very sad. But even more new Au Pairs will come! Our cluster will be even bigger.

Au Pair dinner

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Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

I took the Washington DC Educational Trip class  for the Au Pairs which included three classes and a tour. The final project for the class was designing your own Monument and then we had the tour to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways. I just came back from a two days trip to Washington DC and look forward to sharing about the trip.

Au Pair Philadelphia

I met a lot Au Pairs from different countries, which was so awesome!Au Pair from Go Au pair

There are so many great things to seen DC, two days just too short for us. All my Au Pair friends love DC so much, we don’t want to come back at all.


On Saturday afternoon, we visited the World War ⅡMemorial, the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial.

Au Pair from Go Au pair

Also, we took a lot pictures at the Capitol Building and White House.aupairs

I always seeing these famous places in TV show.IMG_5268

I am so glad I could see them in person now.Au Pair from Go Au pair

My Au pairs friends and I were just so happy.

Au Pairs from Go Au pair

As we already learnt the history about DC in our class, it helped us enjoy this tour a lot.Au Pair from Go Au pair
On Sunday, we visit Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian Institution.Au Pairs from Go Au pair

I just can’t wait to share more details with you!

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Helpful Tips for Au Pairs

Below are the tips that may be useful during an Au Pair Journey, check them out and post your own advice below!


  • Open Your Mind. You can learn a lot from your host family, your Au Pairs friends from different countries and the people around you.  Just listen and enjoy the encounters with people from a different culture. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the unknown.
  • RespectLearn to respect your family’s ways.   Different cultures and families have their own reasons and ways of doing things. Just because the children are raised differently than you were or will raise your children, does not make it wrong.  Respect and follow the host family’s house rules.
  • Trust. To get the most out of your experience, open up to those who are around you. Your host parents  may become trusted mentors that you can easily confide in. Your Local Area Representative, Au Pair Sis and your Au Pairs friends are part of the supported network, you can relay on.
  • Speak up. You need to tell your host family if something is wrong because otherwise they have no way of finding out.  If you don’t know something, ask!  No question is a bad question. Your host family is your main resource for any questions and problems you have while living  together.
  • Have fun. Find out your kids interests and what they like to do.  Plan many activities and have fun together. This will make your job very rewarding and easy. Go out with your host family and friends, Explore new places, go to museums, cultural events, shows,  and concerts. Plan your time ahead, make a list of your favorite place to visit.  Stay connected with other Au Pairs and Au Pair Sis on facebook. Stay positive, outgoing, and enthusiastic.

  • Enjoy your Au Pair Year!



Au Pairs living in the NJ area.

People said that it is better one time to see than 100 times to hear. Here is you can  see what the  Au Pairs from the NJ area favorite activities are.

Au Pairs living in NJ area have the opportunity to enjoy the shore.Au Pair in the shore

 They also like visiting parks – Grounds for Sculpture park
Ground for Sculpture

 going to many festivals

R faire

 waking on Steel Pier, Atlantic CitySteel Pier - Atlantic City

partying with Au PairsAu Pairs party Bucks County

experiencing Halloween in the USA

au pair

helping out Go Au Pair volunteering at FRUA-15-2

bowling with friendsAu Pairs bouling

meeting au pairs from the cluster


Au Pairs living at Bucks County, PA

Bucks County is located in the U.S. state (commonwealth) of Pennsylvania, and is part of the Delaware Valley area. Bucks County is named after the English county of Buckinghamshire.

Map of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United Stat...

Map of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States Public School Districts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bucks  County well known for beautiful natural scenery, farmland, and colonial history.  Au Pairs, who live at Bucks County,  have opportunities to visit many parks,  tourist places and attractions.

Enjoy the water park Sesame Place at LanghorneSesame Place, Langhorne au pairs

Visit Bryn Athyn  CathedralBryn Athyn Cafedral 025

Or Peddlers Village at LahaskaAu Pairs Bucks County, New Hope

go to the theater
Au pairs and Host Family
volunteer with Au Pair friends

Go Au Pair volunteering for FRUA.

have fun with Au PairsAu Pairs at Peddlers village

have a picnic with Au Pairs
Au pairs

celebrate a holiday with their friends

Aupairs party

explore ShadyBrook farm and watch the light showShady brook

meet au pairs from the cluster

Grounds For sculpture 048

Au Pairs living in Philadelphia

Philadelphia /ˌfɪləˈdɛlfiə/ is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the second largest city on the East Coast of the United States, and the fifth-most-populous city in the United States. Philadelphia is known for its arts and culture. The cheesesteak and soft pretzel are emblematic of Philadelphia cuisine, which is shaped by the city’s ethnic mix.

Aupairs PhiladelphiaAccording to wikipedia Philadelphia  has more outdoor sculptures and murals than any other American city.  The Au Pairs from Philadelphia can visit many historical places- there are 67 National Historic Landmarks within the Philadelphia area.100_2080

Find your country ….

au pair lala1Visit a palace of arts
Au pairs at Kimmel

 try Philly’s famous cheesesteakAu Pair  try Cheesesteak

run with your friendsAu Pairs at the racejpg

visit a famous Philadelphia Flower show100_1398

Enjoy Devon Horse Show

4 Aupairs

participate in Chinese New Year parade

Chinese New year

celebrate Chinese New YearPhila at Go Au Pair party

go to prison 🙂

Prison PhiladelphiaMeet au pairs from your cluster

au pairs meeting

Germany – June 2013 Go Au Pair Featured Country

Families who match with an Au Pair from Germany in June get a $100 off the program fees. Take advantage of this discount and find a German Au Pair today!

Recent Host Family from Virginia said, “Our Au Pair assimilated very well to our house – it was almost seamless! Since Jasmin had already spent some time in Canada, we hardly notice any cultural differences. We would definitely choose another Au Pair from Germany!.”German flag

Hosting an Au Pair from Germany would be a great way to bring German culture, value of education and love for sport to your home. The people of Germany love  going to museums, theaters and participating in sports. German Au Pairs are known to be hard working and punctual. They are also very good drivers.  Check an Au Pairs from Germany out today!

Three fun facts about Germany:

1.Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world.
2.There are over 300 kinds of bread and over 1,000 kinds of sausages in Germany.
3.Many Autobahn (highway) has no speed limit.

Don’t miss your chance to match with an Au Pair from Germany and receive the Features Country Discount!


A Chinese Au Pair story.

This is the third part, read the first part A great match with a Chinese Au Pair and the second part Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival.

The Au Pair from China Hui is sharing her story after being an Au Pair 7 months in the USA with a single father Gregory and his two kids.

By the Au Pair Hui.

Time goes by so fast, it is already half of the year since I came here. I still remember after Au Pair training, in New York,  my host dad drove me from New York home. We got home and waited kids from a school bus. That was my first time really see them.

They really look more cute and beautiful than on Skype : ) !Look, Nina almost as same tall as me.

Au Pair Hui

Awesome! This is my first time for Halloween!

Au Pair Hui China.

They were writing Chinese calligraphy. Every Sunday we go Chinese school together, and I also help the kids learn Chinese at home.Au Pair Hui China3

Do something funny. Ha, Ha, Ha!Au Pair Hui China7

They like dumping so much! We tried to make dumping by ourselves. We were successful! They look great and delicious,  right?Au Pair Hui China 8

My host dad always drives me to the station while I go to visit my sister. Every time he and kids wait for the train with me and until I get on the train.Au Pair Hui China2

A great match with a Chinese Au Pair.

This month China is Go Au Pair’s featured country (a special discount  available for the families who match with an Au Pair from China), therefore I would like to post another story about a great Au Pair program experience of a family who matched with a Chinese Au Pair.

Last summer Gregory L, a single father with two kids who lives in Bucks County, PA, shared his story on my blog. Many people left comments on my blog and asked me to follow up on what happened.

Gregory started his story with explanation why he consider an Au Pair for childcare,” My wife was from China and stayed home with the children.  Then, in early April 2012, she was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Sadly, she passed away three weeks later after surgery to try to remove the cancer.”

Gregory said, ” While no one is going to replace their mother, having someone like a big sister, someone who could bridge both cultures, seemed like a viable alternative”.

Henry Greg Nina fly-fishing June-2011

Gregory learned that many single parents considered the Au Pair program and contacted Go Au Pair agency in spring 2012. During the next few months Gregory was continuously looking,  reviewing and speaking with many Au Pair’ candidates to find a mature and responsible Au Pair from China.

Go Au Pair agency is a leading agency for Au Pairs from China.  Go Au Pair’s Placement Coordinator Amanda and I kept in touch with Gregory almost daily.  Finally, Gregory found the one  he was looking for – a lovely, kind Chinese Au Pair named Hui who has a lot of experience with kids and had worked in orphanages.Chinese Au Pair Hui

After speaking many times with Hui on Skype, Gregory gave her an offer and Go Au Pair agency made arrangements that Hui would arrive to the US as soon as possible.

While waiting for Hui’s arrival, Gregory was very busy with many projects: remodeling the house, buying new furniture and amenities for Hui’s room.  The kids were helping to decorate the Au Pair room for Hui, drawing and preparing welcoming pictures.

Henry card to Au Pair pg 2

Gregory and the kids were waiting for Hui’s arrival with anticipation.

Stay tuned for a new entry Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival.

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