The Growth from a Student to an Au Pair.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Before I applied to attend the Au Pair program and became an Au Pair with Go Au Pair, I could never believe that one day I can have awesome cultural exchange experience with my host family in au pair

Being an Au Pair was a long journey for me. In my sophomore year, one day I was walking in my school, suddenly a booklet about Au Pair showed up in front of me. I picked it up, from that moment my life began to change.My school Qingdao University

Then I searched a lot of information about Au Pair online, made sure the Au Pair program is a good program for me. Also,I began to contact the Au Pair agency in China. Indeed, I made a lot of new friends through China’s Au Pair agency later.

When I was in school

In the autumn of 2011, I got a chance to be an exchange student in the South of China. People usually say, the North of China is like a handsome young man, and the South of China is like a sweet lady. During that half year, I felt the sweet every day whether it’s about the food, or about the scenery. This experience was a good start. After finishing this program, I began to prepare everything I need for being an au pair.

My Au Pair friends in China

Just since 2006, America began to accept Chinese as Au Pairs. I was the first Au Pair in my school. In my Senior year, I did internship job at the Au Pair agency. Even my final paper is about Au Pair! I knew Au Pair program quite well, so my matching process was very smoothly.

Guess what kinds of interesting things happened during my matching process? Haha, will tell you next time.

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Au Pairs experiencing a new culture in the USA.

Au Pair child care is a cultural experience through full time live-in child care. Cultural exchange is the foundation of the Au Pair program. Host Families welcome an Au Pair from another country into their home and learn about another culture from their Au Pair.

An Au Pair has the chance to learn about life in the U.S. while exploring the country, attending classes and immersing yourself in the English language. Learn more

Being an Au Pair is a learn and earn opportunity for young people who are looking to get the chance to earn money and learn new experience in a family setting.

First of all,  this is a responsible job. According to US Department of State AU Pair Program Regulations, Au Pair participants are obligated to provide child care services to not more than 10 hours per day or more than 45 hours per week.

Secondary, Au pairing is about the experience of living in another culture. Au Pair program is an opportunity to learn  language and explore a new culture.   Au Pairs enjoy the experience of a lifetime living with a Host Family, speaking English, being able to study in an American University, and volunteering with friends.
It is also chance to travel together with new friends through the US and explore a new country. Au Pairs love meeting new people, experiencing new things and making new friends.

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