An Au Pair room- feel at home

Many host parents, especially parents who are new to the Au Pair program, wonder about the best way to prepare a comfortable and welcoming room that a new Au Pair feels at home right away.  Au Pair’s room is supposed to be clean, properly lighted,  and  nicely furnished and decorated.  That will help the Au Pair adjust to a new life and environment quickly.

How to make an Au Pair feel at home?  Encourage your kids to make handmade cards and welcome signs. You may take some of the photos from your au pair’s application and put them in frames in her room.  Ask the Au Pair what she likes to have in her room. Please read more An Au Pair’s room in the host family home.

The host family may give the Au Pair the freedom to customize her living space on her own so it can be close to the room arrangement she had at home which might help her feel less lonely. That way an Au Pair will have the perfect place to rest, relax and study for classes.

The word “Au Pair” is a French term, which means ”on par” or “equal to”, referring to living on an equal basis, so an Au Pair  lives as an equal member of a host family and should feel at home there.

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