Friends Become our Chosen Family

Friends are a family you choose for yourself. ~Author Unknown
All current Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster-have Au Pair buddies. Many Au Pairs are looking forward to becoming a buddy, opening their heart and sharing their experience with new Au Pairs. Au Pairs buddies help a new Au Pair to adjust to a new life in the US quickly. Buddies have special connections and often become more than friends. The buddy program  creates a sense of unity, belonging to a cluster family and a circle of friends. frienship
Becoming a buddy to a new Au Pair is a great way to make new friends.  It  also makes an Au Pair buddy feel good because a new friend really appreciates her support and help.
Cosima, the Au Pair from Germany, said “I know that it’s important to have a helping hand in the beginning. Everything is new to you and you feel kind of lost at some point. And then it’s great to have a person who’s there for you. I’m happy to be that person! And on top it’s an awesome way to gain new friends!”thank you buddy
Being a buddy is a great project that we created and hopefully it will be something that we will keep doing with the cluster in the future.
Au Pair friends
Thank you to all new buddies, Marcela- Au Pair from Mexico, Lorena -Au Pair from Colombia, Venisha -Au Pair from S. Africa,  Aline – Au Pair from Brazil, Amber – Au Pair from Australia, Joyce – Au Pair from China.

The Au Pairs meeting.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County had a great Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athyn. We started with exploring Bryn Athyn Cathedral, then we had a tour at Glencairn museum, and enjoyed a farewell picnic.English: The exterior of the Glencairn Museum ...

The tour was very interesting, the museum has unique collections.Bucks County Au Pair meeting

We had very knowledgeable and funny tour guide Chris, we learned a lot  about Glencairn museum and enjoyed a special view from the top of the castle. Bucks County Au Pairs meetingThen we had a lovely picnic and fun time with friends. It was a special time making great memories, meeting new au pairs, making new friends, sharing the experience, eating international food. After the meeting, we had a hard time to say goodbye to many Au Pairs who are leaving. We stayed for a long time and couldn’t leave after the picnic.Au Pair meeting Bucks County

We will miss you, ladies. Thank you for being outstanding Au Pairs and great friends,

Being a buddy to a new Au Pair

Many Au Pairs are looking forward to being a buddy and giving their experience away.

Au Pairs Buddy

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  ~Douglas Pagels

There are a lot of what to learn when a new Au Pair comes to the US.  A new Au Pair needs special attention, extra support and constant help during her first weeks. As a Local Area Representative I am always available to help.  Go Au Pair  also has an Au Pair Sis support program, and we have the cluster Au Pair face book support group.

It is very important for the Au Pair to make Au Pair friends as soon as possible. Au Pairs have tons of things in common and a lot of experiences that they can share. There is a new ongoing initiative for each new Au Pair from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster- a new Au Pair will have an Au Pair Buddy, a supportive Au Pair friend even before her arriving to the US.

Au Pair friendsThe responsibilities of the Au Pairs Buddy are contacting a new Au Pair prior to her arriving through email or facebook, welcoming her, answering her questions, planing a meeting within the first week. The Buddy should meet the new Au Pair soon after arrival for a face to face connection and introduce her to a few exciting things they can do in the area.  Also, the current au pairs  may help them with school recommendation and general au pair questions. The Buddy will continue to be a good support throughout her stay. It is the best way to make true friends for life.

Other cluster in the Minneapolis area has had this support program for a long time and Au Pairs love being a buddy, some of them even became buddies to 4-5 new Au Pairs at a time. I will try to match each new Au Pair  with Au Pairs  from their home country, someone around their same age or location of their host families.  


The definition from the of a ” bud·dy”  (bŭd′ē)  is  a good friend; a comrade, a  partner. I hope that new Au Pairs will be able to adjust to a new life quicker since they will have a buddy.  Lend a hand- become a buddy for a new Au Pair.

thank you buddy

Being a Buddy to a new Au Pair is one of the best things you can be.

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