Church Class Picnic

Ophelia’s Diary.

As summer vacation is coming, last week we just finished our English class in the church. Then we had a picnic to celebrate it.

Au pair church picnic

We went to Japanese Garden together. Most of the students in the class were  senior citizens, they came to America because their children live here. But as they don’t know English and they don’t drive, it’s really hard for them to get a chance to go out.

Au Pair church picnic

I am so glad I could help them enjoy a nice picnic in the Japanese Garden. Everyone was so happy. They said thank you to me and other coworkers from the church all the time.

Au Pair church picnic

They all know I am an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, and I just found a new host family in Las Vegas. They said they will miss me very much after I leave. Surly, I will miss them very much too.

English class

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A Family Day Conference.

Please enjoy the post written by an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, from the Philadelphia cluster, Adriana Zhang. Thank you for sharing with us, Adriana.

Hi everyone. I’m Adriana, and I came from China. This is my first time to write on the blog about my au pair life. I think this is my fourth au pairs meeting. But this time it was really different than others. Because this time host families joined us. So I met other au pairs’ host families.Adriana au pair from China

Their kids were so cute. They played together, and had fun. We are really a big group. And also we have 6 au pairs from China. And we were happy to meet each other. We talked about our work, our school, and also we took pictures together. We wanted to keep the memory for this special time.IMG_20131013_133550

We met each other at Rat’s restaurant of Grounds for Sculpture Park. Our Local Area Representative—Polina was really nice, she prepared some gifts for everyone. Thank her so much.chinese Au Pairs

That’s really a beautiful park. There were so many different sculptures, and we took pictures. Also, the park had a special music event and had some people who wore special clothes and sang in the park. That song was beautiful.

au pairs in NJ

And then we had the lunch together. I had fun with au pairs’ family. They are really nice and enthusiastic. It is an opportunity to share the experience and get to know each other better, gain cultural and social experience and make new friends from a different culture. And I also met some new friends.


On November 17, 2013  many Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ area and I are going to volunteer for the Philadelphia Marathon for  the American Cancer Society and raise funds to create a world with more birthdays and less cancer!

Philadelphia Marathon

I hope to see them again at November’s Marathon. Come join us. See you there.

Au Pair meeting in the Philadelphia Area

Please enjoy the movie and post written by an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, the Philadelphia cluster Eva Zhang. Thank you, Eva!

My name is Eva. I am an AuPair from China and live in North Wales PA with my host family. I like traveling and exploring. I like to be an AuPair and this is an adventure for us.  Make me more strong, more responsible and more mature.Eva Au Pair from Go Au Pair

If you are young, if you would love to spend time with kids, you should try and check out! AuPair!

I moved to Philadelphia from Virginia recently.  Last Saturday we had a cluster meeting at Bryn Anthym Cathedral and Glencairn museum.

Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 008

I met another 10 Au pairs from all different countries.Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 022

I am so excited to meet you guys here around Philly area. I love the adventure we did at Bryn Athyn cathedral and the Glencairn museum. I was shocked by the castle made as church but it was totally a home for 40 years.

English: The exterior of the Glencairn Museum ...

My major in China is Architecture Engineering. I love it but also afraid to join the field.  A lot concern and struggle. But Raymond who was a lawyer and completed did nothing relative with architecture and construct but under the god the father leading, he made it! Look at this amazing house.12 years!!!Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 025
Thanks for everything —Polina! That was an amazing picnic!

Welcome to China and welcome to my hometown–Hangzhou–happiest city in China!

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