8 reasons why an Au Pair should get a Pennsylvania Driver’s license

The Traffic Laws are vary from state to state.  Pennsylvania Law permits the Au Pairs to drive with a valid Home Country License and a valid International License for up to one year. However, Go Au Pair recommends to obtain a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence ASAP even though the Au Pairs do NOT need to have a Pennsylvania license.Au Pair driving in the US

Getting a US Driver’s License can be advantageous for the following reasons:

  1. a Host Family feels confident that the Au Pair has passed the Pennsylvania Driver’s License requirements
  2.  a PA Driver’s License is the extra identification which is good for traveling around inside the U.S and in some case you must have it (for example, to rent a car.)
  3. an Au Pair needs a PA or a US Driver Licence to drive out of state where the driving law is required to have the US driver license (for example, crossing NJ state)
  4. an Au Pair will need a US Driver Licence if she/he plans to extend for another year and getting a Driver Licence latter can be complicated
  5. a Host Family usually will have a cheaper car insurance if Au Pair has a PA Driver Licence. 
  6.  local police does not always recognize an international driver’s license and may question the legality of the au pair’s papers
  7. an American driving license is an excellent benchmark in case an Au Pair in a transition moving out of state where the driving laws will most likely be different. 
  8. a US Driver Licence is a great souvenir to bring home, ❤

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