Welcome to our cluster Karla!

It is almost the end of April and some beautiful flowers are blooming already! I am sure most of the Au Pairs of this cluster cant wait for the summer. Let me introduce you this young woman Karla Arroyo, she is from Ecuador and she is 26 years old!

The adjectives describe me are positive and very sociable!


The best complement that I received is “smart woman”

Her hobbies and interests are dancing, going to the movies and playing some sports like volleyball! I am sure you and your host kids are going to have so much fun playing together.


Let me tell you that Karla was helping us at the Spring International Festival, we welcomed her and we are happy she was able to join us! Thank you so much Karla, we hope you had fun as much as us!

The two things that I consider good are teaching something I love teach, and be ready for the day arranged combed dressed.

Karla also mentioned that her  favorite way to spend her  free time is visiting  new places and she also mentioned that she would like to visit Hawaii and Disneyland. It sounds like an amazing trip!

Once again, Karla welcome to this amazing cluster! I hope you reach all your goals and enjoy your staying with your Host Family!!!

Farewell to Patricia Gudino!

Au Pair from Ecuador Patricia or Gene has been the Au Pair for the host family with 8 kids from Bucks County for her first year and the Au Pair for the family with 3 toddlers for the family from Philadelphia for her second year. Patricia will be leaving the country pretty soon and she sent me long and interesting statements about her Au Pair experience. Patricia is on the right smiling as usual.Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 13 
I am sure we will always remember Patricia!  I am convinced she is going to enjoy her time with her family in Ecuador! Lets see some of her answers:
The best memories than I have is with my friends, and going to different places my favorite thing was than I’ve learned a lot through this 2 years about the culture, people, about love someone who is not your family. Philadelphia is and always going to be my favorite place to visit, Boston and Orlando were incredible.26166409_646710369052385_4553593822954697398_n
The best memories than I have are with my friends going to different places. 
My favorite thing was than I’ve learned a lot through this 2 years about the culture, people, and love someone who is not your family.
Go Au Pair gave me the opportunity to come but Philadelphia cluster made my experience unique!!Au Pair farewell picnic Independence National Historical Park 2
My best experience is being a part of the family and feel like you are another family member, see the kids growing up every day and learn from them. Some new things I’ve experienced are being more outgoing! The Au Pair Program gave me the opportunity to be a better human being and find myself, be more patient and most of all, love from the button of my heart – that is something than I will never forget!Gene
I do like the experience with an American family because they have taught me about their culture, their food and the most important thing, the language!
I will recommend this experience to all young people who wants to come and find themselves, traveling, learn the language, enjoy life next to a kid!!!
From the bottom of our hearts we wish you the best back in your country, dear Patricia Gudino!

“To do” list with your Au Pair.

Erin, Go Au Pair blog's guestErin Owen, Mom of 2 boys, Author, Speaker, and an Eastern-Inspired Performance Breakthrough Coach contributes a series of posts ” How to be a parent and a professional without losing your mind.”  I want to thank Erin for sharing parenting secrets with Go Au Pair’s blog readers. Today Erin speaks about “to do” list with your au pair’s vision and interests so there is mutual benefit and enjoyment for your family and the Au Pair .

Over the years of managing child care providers, I’ve learned to watch what they enjoy doing well—and voluntarily do on their own—so that I can make the greatest use of their time.

I’ve also learned to ask: “how do you want to grow and develop? what do you enjoy? what makes you happiest?”

Based on what I’ve learned about Mrs. Kuang – the primary nanny who has been with our family since my oldest son was just 3 months old (and the other date night babysitters who have become part of our family over the years), What else have you asked your childcare provider to do for you that she genuinely enjoyed and excelled at?kids Erin , coach

Keeping the communication channels open by asking questions and listening mindfully is critical. If you find yourself making assumptions about what your childcare provider does or does not want to do, I invite you to let those ideas go until you listen to what she has to say.

And, Mrs. Kuang and the others have conveyed to me how proud they feel to have helped with special projects and contributed to our family in new and different ways that also help them use and develop other skills and strengths. This has deepened our connection and made it easier to ask the next time for extra help.

What ideas do you have to initiate such a conversation and learn more about your Au Pair’s hopes and dreams?

What would you like to ask her to do for you that she might genuinely enjoy and excel at?to do au pair list

I invite you to align your “to do” list with your Au Pair’s vision and interests so there is mutual benefit and enjoyment, and you’ll all be happier and richer for it!

Keep your Au Pair happy.

Erin, Go Au Pair blog's guest

Erin Owen, Mom of 2 boys, Author, Speaker, and an Eastern-Inspired Performance Breakthrough Coach started a series of posts ” How to be a parent and a professional without losing your mind” on  Go Au Pair’s blog. Today Erin will talk about how to keep your Au Pair happy, so you both can get more out of life!

When life is so full, and you feel like you’re barely keeping it together, it can be hard to remember your bigger dreams and vision. Each one of us dreams of having time to do what we love.Erin, Coach at YourPerformanceBreakthroug

The same goes for your childcare provider- Au Pair.

One of the greatest gifts to you and your aupair this holiday season can be to learn more about her dreams and strengths.

Not only does this say loud and clear: “you are important and I want to know more about you”…

…but also, it gives you important insight into what she wants out of life, what she wants to learn, what she likes to do, and ways in which she hopes to grow and develop as a whole person.

It also helps you better understand what you can invite her to help out with  in a way that makes her smile and frees you up to do more of what you love.happy-au-pair

Just as it’s much easier to swim with the current, so too is it easier to delegate to someone who genuinely wants to learn more about and do what you’re asking her to do.

importantHere are a few questions you can ask your Au Pair:

  • What are her longer-term hopes and dreams?
  • What does she enjoy doing?
  • What does she want to learn more about?
  • What activities would give her the chance to share a new skill or something fun and interesting with your child/ren?

“You are important and I want to know more about you”

Learn more about your Au Pair dreams and strengths. Make her smile to do more of what she loves. Keep your Au Pair happy!

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