2017 Au Pair in Excellence- Valentine, Au Pair from Bucks County, PA

Meet Valentine from France, 2017 Au Pair in Excellence! Read why her host family in Doleystown, Bucks County, PA nominated Valentine for an Au Pair of the Year award and how much of an impact she’s had on her family!Au pair Bucks County

“Valentine has touched our hearts forever and I honestly do not know how we could have gotten through these last few months without her in our lives. We want to nominate her for Au Pair of the Year!!!

I am a single, self-employed grandmother who has had custody of my two granddaughters- now 10 and 3 – for going on two years. I was almost forced to put them in foster care because I just did not think I could do it by myself anymore.

Then Valentine’s letter came-she was a 17 year old girl from France looking to become an Au pair in the US after she graduated and turned 18. We worked together with Go Au Pair, her parents and some of my supporting clients and were able to make it happen very quickly this past September. She has become our godsend.Valntine the best Au Pair of the year
My granddaughters love Valentine like a big sister. She is patient and kind and has taken on the role of big sister so well. She even helps do laundry, keeps me organized by putting together the outfits for a very opinionated 3 year old and is always doing fun things with the girls. Fun things like every Saturday taking a walk up to the local Farmers Market for home baked cookies and then to a friend’s restaurant for his natural juice concoctions.

Valentine helped me potty train the 3 year old and is my 10 year old’s best buddy who helps her with homework every night and is teaching her great study skills and organizational habits. She comes to the teacher conferences so she can be aware of what goes on in school. Sometimes she bakes goodies from France and shares the food from France that her parents send (we love the cheese and her grandmother’s home baked cookies)—her food always “tastes better” than what I prepare for the kids because it is Valentine’s special touch!

Valentine is my” fitbit” challenger—now that I can actually take time to exercise again—we have our little competition going—staying fit is important to both of us—ALL of us are constantly getting “our steps in”.

Valentine even came with us to Florida for her 1st US Thanksgiving and helped surprise my mom with a special 85th birthday party and keep the kids busy so we could make the surprise happen.cooking_together Valntine the best Au Pair of the year
Valentine made Christmas very special. She came up with the brilliant idea to take the 10 year old to her first concert—something I would not do (too old here)—but now my 10 year old granddaughter will be seeing Ariana Grande soon and is SO EXCITED-we wrapped the ticket in a box! Valentine has fit right in with all our little Christmas traditions—like baking a gazillion cookies (eating a lot too)- decorating the house, the tree, wrapping the gifts-and she shared some of her traditions with us, too. We did LOTS of shopping together—her family even sent a care package here for all of us. My family and friends have taken on Valentine like part of my family– BECAUSE SHE IS!Valentine is also a very independent and an awesome role model— she started college courses a week after she arrived, she has gone to NY on her own, down to Philadelphia and soon her entire family will be here to visit us. They plan to see Washington DC together and they will experience their first American barbeque here with all “our” friends and family-2 families and countries bonding together!!

We feel like Valentine has always been in our lives and she will ALWAYS be a part of our family—she is “THE BEST” and is truly deserving of being awarded Au Pair of the Year—she is definitely our Au Pair of the year for our little family. Having an Au Pair has made a BIG, positive difference in our lives!!”

10 things to know about the Au Pair program to start

Dear future host family and readers!

Welcome to learn about  the Au Pair Program and the Philadelphia and NJ area Go Au Pair’s cluster! Last year, many new families joined the cluster.

Go Au Pair #1

The Au Pair from Philadelphia, Phila Sozombile was chosen as a nominee for Go Au Pair 2013 Au Pair in Excellence Award.aupair excellence

This year, Go Au Pair agency recognized 45 Au Pairs who went above and beyond their job as Au Pairs. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out. Six families from twenty cluster’s host families nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as an Au Pair!  Read Go Au Pair blog about Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Winners.

You can find helpful information regarding the Au Pair program in America at j1visa.state.gov website about  J-1 Visa Exchange Visitors Program.Au Pairs

Here is also blog summary of the information links regarding the Au Pair program in America 10 things to know about the Au Pair program to start.

Program Rules

Host Families Requirements for an Au Pair Program

Au Pair Program Cost

Go Au Pair offers many discounts

Save money with Featured Country Au Pairs!

The interview questions

Host Families House Rules.

Different Au Pair programs

Most popular countries Au Pairs come from.

Male Au Pairs or mannies

The Introductory Workshop -Au Pairs First Aid/CPR Co Au Pair

Springtime is a Popular Time to Match!

Go Au Pair in Philadelphia and NJ.

Why choose Go Au Pair over other au pair agencies in Philadelphia and NJ area?

First of all, Go Au Pair agency has excellent Au Pair candidates.

Let me start by sharing a story about an Au Pair from Philadelphia and NJ cluster who saved a baby from a distracted driver which demonstrates how committed our Au Pairs are.

Recently Sharon Lizcano Tellez, an Au Pair from Colombia, performed a truly heroic act- saved the life of an 8-month-old she has been caring for. Realizing that the accident was unavoidable, Sharon protected the baby by shifting her body and absorbing the impact of the crash to her left side, away from the child. Read more

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and NJ area have been recognized through special awards many times.  This year Go Au Pair agency nominated the Au Pair  from China Ying Song  from Philadelphia for the “Au Pair in Excellence Award ″.

Second, Au Pairs from Go Au Pair do a lot volunteering for the community. Au Pairs from Philadelphia, Bucks County and close NJ constantly volunteer for adoption places.

Third, Au Pairs have a lot of interesting activities .  Last week eight Au Pairs and one host family from Go Au Pair”s cluster met for an International Pot-Luck Dinner in Bucks County, PA.  Fourth, Host Families and Au Pairs from Go Au Pair from Philadelphia and NJ cluster have a constant support from me, their Local  Area Representative, and Go Au Pair agency.

Host families from my cluster wrote several reviews about high quality services I provide  “I personally had very good experience with Go Au Pair local area representative for this area ( Philadelphia , NJ). Read Go Au Pair Host Family testimonials.

Come join us!  Welcome to our world!


An Au Pair from Philadelphia Received Go Au Pair’s exclusive Au Pair in Excellence Award.

Ying Song, an Au Pair from Philadelphia, has been awarded Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Award.  The Au Pair in Excellence Award is only awarded to a select few Au Pairs each year.  In addition to the Au Pair in Excellence Certificate, Ying will receive a prize from Go Au Pair.

Ying is an Au Pair from China. She is very busy taking care of three teenage girls, driving , cooking dinner and helping her host mom.

Ying is also a very dedicated student.   She said that her host mom has inspired her to become a nurse, and she has begun taking the required classes to enter a nursing program here in the United States.

Ying has traveled together with her family many places in the United States. They recently returned from a Christmas trip to Disney World.

Her mom said,”the thing I appreciate the most is Ying’s willingness to pitch in and help around the house.  I have three sixth grade girls, so there is a lot of activity in the house all the time.  Ying has a calm manner that sets a good example for the girls.  She is also the first one up from the table after meals to start cleaning up, and is the first one up on Saturdays to start getting laundry organized.  She is a wonderful role model for my girls, and I hope that at least some of her initiative rubs off on them! We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful young woman with us!”

Congratulations, Ying, on your receiving Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Award!

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