Au Pair Journal from a journalist.


A new Au Pair Juliana from Brazil has joined us recently. Juliana is 22 years old, she is funny, lovely and sweet. She worked as a teacher in Brazil and now Juliana is an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency. She lives with her lovely host family and sweet two kids in beautiful Bucks County, near Philadelphia.

Juliana is going to journal about her experience as an Au Pair, her new friends, the host family and American life as a Brazilian journalist.  She also will answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to reading about many future activities from our cluster such as a Holiday Party, a trip to Chinatown in center city, volunteering together with adopted kids from FRUA, a Brazilian festival and a costume contest, a cooking class of Brazilian Food, a trip to the Philadelphia Flowers Show, an International Dinner and many more.

This Journal  also would be wonderful virtual connection for several Au Pairs who left our cluster or about to leave the program and go home.

Good luck with your Journey and Journal, Juliana!

If you missed something, you can read all entries from Juliana’s  Au Pair Journal.  Stay tuned, many stories, pictures and movies are coming soon.

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