The Au Pair meeting in-person!

Summer is almost here and we expect to be able to safely do many of the activities we’ve missed out on over the past year. We used to have Zoom meetings with cluster Au Pairs for a long time, since March 2020. It was such a special event to get together in-person!

On Sunday, 5.23.2021, Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County had a great Au Pairs meeting at the Independence National Historical park in the center city of Philadelphia. Our international Au Pair team sat on the grass with the flags and enjoyed the historical Landmark, great company, and a warm weather.

The Independent Hall is known as the birthplace of the United States. It was a great place for a historic quiz and games and we learned a lot about the US and Philadelphia history.

We had a lot of fun sharing the experience, taking many photos and creating new memories. After many virtual meetings, we’ve enjoyed the meeting in-person very much.

Go Au Pair requires all Au Pairs to attend at least 4 meetings for each 12-month Au Pair program year. The Au Pair meetings give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet other Au Pairs from around the world and form friendships and also give Au Pair a chance to talk to a Local Area Representative.

Next meeting will be at Bryn Athyn Cathedral with a tour at Glencairn museum in June, 2021.

Au Pair Taxes for 2019.

The Au Pairs are required to file U.S. individual income return. They should file form 1040NR-EZ by April 15, 2020 and report their stipend for the previous calendar year. The amount Au Pairs owe depends largely on when they arrived in the US. The Au Pairs don’t need W-2 form to file their tax return.

Au Pairs should provide their Social Security Number to fill their tax return. They should use the instructions for 1040NR-EZ to fill out a 1040NR-EZ (U.S. Income Tax Return for Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents). To calculate how much an Au Pairs have earned during 2019, they should multiply the number of weeks they worked as an Au Pair in the USA in 2019 with the amount of their weekly stipend or use their Wages log.  Than, Au Pairs will be able to file a 1040NR-EZ and send payment to IRS for any taxes owed.

According to IRS, Au Pairs are not eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, The Hope Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credits. If the Au Pairs have to report the types of income other than stipend, like bank interests, tips , etc, they need to file 1040NR form (not a 1040NR-EZ). Please, consult a tax professional.

Au Pair taxes can be confusing. H&R Block Expat Tax Services offers an easy way for Au Pairs to file their U.S. taxes with promotional pricing of $99 for the Au Pairs who will register and complete their tax organizer by February 28. Please visit H&R Block’s Au Pair Tax page, email them at or call them at 816-504-1665.

Au Pairs can use free file software options:

I will be able to provide some general information and basics of tax returns to our cluster Au Pairs during our Au Pair meeting on Sunday, March 22, 2020 in Parkway Central Library. However, it is best to consult a tax professional with the questions.
If Au Pairs don’t file Au Pair income tax return, they risk incurring costly interest and penalties, and it may complicate obtaining a U.S. visa in the future.

Here are some useful links:

Good luck with your income tax return!

Welcome, Keri from S. Africa!

We warmly welcome Keri, our next au pair to the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster today! Keri is 24, she is a Teacher from S. Africa. Keri will live in Merion Station, PA with her lovely host family and two kids.

Keri Au Pair from S. Africa
Keri has a lot of experience with the kids all ages, and she is very good in making arts and crafts. Look on that  picture,au pair art

Keri’s hobbies and interests are reading, video games, photography, arts and crafts. Look again how creative Keri is

au pair S. Africa

Three adjective that describe Keri are optimistic, patient, determined.

Keri said that the best compliment she received was that she was able to live up the expectations.

Keri has already many friends in the cluster and two buddies Ana from Colombia and Aimee from South Africa.

Welcome Keri,  we can not wait to meet you on Sunday, February 25, 2018, at 1:00 pm for the Au Pair meeting, Party, and Class on 2017 tax preparation for Au pairs and the Library tour at Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine Street, Room 5-6, Philadelphia, PA 19103-1189

Au Pairs Buddy Appreciation Party!

In 2015,  we started  a new cluster tradition Au Pairs Buddy Day! The new tradition strengthens cluster’s bonds, enriches cultural exchange, and creates lasting memories.keep-calm-and-party-with-an-au-pair-buddyWe are having a great experience with  Au Pairs buddy program . Many Au Pairs became the great buddies, helped new Au Pairs and made a lot of friends.Au Pair buddy  party

Our second annual buddy appreciation party will be 02.28.2016 at Brunswick Zone XL Feasterville. The Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration is an important way to create a positive cluster culture, a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster and help Au Pairs have a great experience from the beginning and prevents many issues

thank you buddy

Come join us for an Au Pair meeting and Buddy Day celebration! It is a way to say thank-you and show appreciation to our buddies.  There are going to be fun, laser games and a lot of surprises. You can have a great time with the Au Pairs from 8 countries!


Walking tour with Free and Friendly Tours in Philadelphia

On Saturday,  11.07.2015 we had an Au Pair meeting in the Center City of Philadelphia.  Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster and their friends took a walking tour “The Billy Penn” in Philadelphia. We had a fantastic experience with Free and Friendly Tours and our guide Mark. We enjoyed the informative and fun tour, the lovely places in Philly and the beautiful fall. We will definitely take another tour.Au Pairs walking tour 3Please enjoy the guest post by Au Pair Aline from Brazil

Last Saturday, all the au pairs met for an interesting walking tour in Philadelphia. There were more than 20 Au Pairs- Chinese Au PairsColombian Au Pairs, Ecuadorian Au PairsAustralian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au Pairs, and Au Pairs from other countries and their friends.Au pairs on the tour 1The weather was pretty good, kind of cold, but nice to walk and take pictures.Au Pairs walking tour

We had a fun tour guide, his name is Mark. He was so smart telling usall the things behind the history and he put fun inside his history – such a good time Mark, thank you for our tour.Au pairs on the tour 2

All the girls couldn’t fell in love with the fall and special places in Philadelphia.Au pairs on the tour 6

Everybody took a lot of pics! Let’s share the moment with you.Au Pairs walking tour 1

Introducing Aline, an Au Pair from Brazil.

I would like to welcome a new member of our cluster, Aline. Aline came from Brazil and she is 21 years old. She arrived to New York on May 31st and moved to Wynnewood, PA on June 5th. She is taking care of two boys, 4 and 6 years old. Aline’s buddy will be myself (Lilla).


Aline answered some questions regarding being an aupair.

Why would you like to be an aupair?

“Like to match all the things I like, travel, learn, culture and know how is the American way life, and take of the children is the most important and I love kids. So I’m here to do my best with this job, and explore all the world on my off time! Excited for this!”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“I love travel, take photos, be with my friends and family, and I also love to make friends, everywhere I go, I like to talk with new persons. My interests is lo learn other languages and travel as much as I can here.”


What was the best event last month that happened to you?

“Well, last month I was preparing myself for this exchange, so I was making my bags, enjoying my family, my friends, and my pets.  This is not an event, but for me was an exciting month, I was anxious to arrive here, so was very good!”

What three adjectives best describe you?

“Hard working, Positive and Happy.”

Which places would you like to visit?

“I will plan a travel to Las Vegas, Hawaii and California.”


What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

“Hanging out with my friends, go to lunch/dinner, watch movies, sleep a little and shopping.”

What was the best compliment you have ever received?

“Everybody is saying that my English is very good. I’m happy with that.”


Dear Aline, enjoy your time in the US and have an amazing au pair experience!

We will see you on our next au pair meeting which will be on July 11th, 2015 at Glencairn museum, Bryn Athyn, PA.

Bowling with the Au Pair buddies and friends.

We are going bowling on Sunday, January, 18. 2015 and we want you there! Put on your comfortable clothes and a smile for fun bowling party with the Au Pair buddies and friends from Go Au Pair. keep-calm-and-party-with-an-au-pair-buddyFor the first time we are going to celebrate a Buddy Day! It is a way to say thank-you and show appreciation to our buddies- Au Pair from Germany Cosima, Au Pairs from Colombia Monica, Joana and Luisa, Au Pairs from S. Africa Cherry, Nita, and Tania, Au Pair from Ukraine Oksana, Au Pairs from El Salvador Claudia, Yoselin and Karla, Au Pair from Mexico Brenda.

We started Au Pairs buddy program in the Philadelphia and Bucks County Go Au Pair cluster nine months ago. Many Au Pairs helped new Au Pairs and made a lot of friends as well. The Au Pairs buddy program creates a positive cluster culture and a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster. The program helps new Au Pairs have a great experience from the beginning and prevents many issues.

Come join us for an Au Pair meeting and two hour bowling party on January, 18. 2015, at 1:00 pm at Thunderbird Lanes, that is located at 1130 York Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090.  There are going to be fun and a lot of surprises. You can have a great time with the Au Pairs from 9 countries!

Au Pair Sis on Facebook.

Janine, Au Pair Sis recently joined Go Au Pair team for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks at Philadelphia. Many new Au Pairs were surprised to learn that Au Pair Sis Janine is not an imaginary person. Even though a few Au Pairs were friends with Au Pair Sis on Facebook,  they didn’t know that Janine Au Pair Sis is not a made-up person for Go Au Pair.Au Pair Sis

Gladly, Au Pair Sis Janine  is a real person, LOL and it  was fun to meet  Janine  in person. The Au Pairs and Janine spent quality time together, shared their thoughts and concerns, asked her many questions, and took a lot of photos. It was a special exciting opportunity to meet Janine! We are looking forward to inviting Au Pair Sis to our meeting again.Au Pairs at Walk Now Autism Speaks

Au Pair Sis represents Go Au Pair page on Facebook and has more that 1700 likes.Au Pair Sis

Please learn more about Janine here.

Janine has more than five hundreds friends on facebook. You can send her a friend request on Janine Au Pair Sis. You can also message and ask a private question.

Share your status or tag Janine in your pics and posts! Other Au Pairs can check out your experience in the US! Stay tuned!

Be here! Be happy!


Halloween Cluster Meeting

First of all, I’d like to thank Polina for hosting a wonderful Halloween party for the au pairs where we had great food, fun games and also got the chance to make new friends.


During our party, Polina organized some Halloween games which was a lot of fun. We played the Candy Corn Relay Race, Apple Peeling,  Apple Seed Testing and we got a glimpse  into our future with some candles, here were the results:

Violet: You’ll be blessed spiritually and overcome something difficult in your future.


Green: You’ll have balance and harmony in your future, and you’ll also become sexy 😉


Pink: You’ll have passion, love and nurturing in your future.


The winner of the costume competition was Cosima, our real red riding hood! Congrats Cosima! 🙂


After the competition we changed and headed out to the Active Acres Farm where we first went through the Haunted House, which was done extremely good – if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see to your name on a grave in the graveyard behind the house 😉

After doing the Haunted House, we did the Sleepy Hollow Hayride. Personally it was a bit disappointing (and freezing) but we still had a lot of fun! One thing to definitely look forward to is The Headless Horseman.


Everyone that participated, thank you! I’m looking forward to our next cluster meeting, which will be on the second of November for the Autism Walk in Philadelphia 🙂

Stay tuned!

Join a Barbeque Party to Support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

On August 3, 2014 at 12 pm the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster will host a barbecue party in Core Creek Park, Langhorne, PA 19047 as a support of  Autism Speaks  Philadelphia. The Au Pairs and I are planning a big fundraising event to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks on that day.
It is also a family Day Conference and an Au Pair meeting. We are going to celebrate birthdays, farewell and welcome parties for a few new Au Pairs: Au Pair Nita from S. Africa,  Au Pair Natalia from Colombia,  Au Pair Ling from China, Au Pair Rachel from S. Korea, Au Pair Andrea from Colombia and others.  autism1
Several months ago Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster created Au Pair’s committee to raise money and organize the walk. Last month we had the first fundraising event- an Au Pair International Pot-Luck Dinner and we raised $220.IMG_20140629_215409
Everyone is welcome and any food contributions will be appreciated. Au pairs will organize games and crafts for kids and adults. There will be lots of activities and fun things to Autism
 The picnic area is behind the Bucks County Core Creek Dog Park. If you and your family and friends are interested in attending, please contact me. I will provide all the details about the event and the direction to the picnic. There is an entrance fee of $5 for an adult and $3 for a child, which will go towards our fundraising efforts.core Greek Park free
Please also join us on “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” in Philadelphia on November 2, 2014. For more information, check out and join the facebook page for Au Pairs volunteering in the USA.

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