Japanese festival with Au Pair friends

Ophelia’s Diary.

My host family lives very close to the Cherry Blossom festival location. I rode my bike early and spent a great time before an Au Pair meeting. Sakura SundayAround 12:00 pm my Local Area Representative Polina and some Au Pairs from Philadelphia , Bucks County and NJ came to the Sakura Sunday event. We were so glad to see each other. Au Pair friends

When we Au Pairs get together we always have so much to say that we can’t get it all out. I am just so happy to meet my dear Au Pair friends and Polina.Sakura Sunday

We took cute pictures together with cosplay girls.Au Pairs Philadelphia

After a quick lunch, we went to see Prettiest Pet in Pink Parade. There were a lot homeless dogs there were waiting for being adopted, I hope this festival can help them find a home soon.

Sakura Sunday

Then we enjoyed cosplay girls and guy sang Japanese songs. It’s full of power in their voices. After the singing, we enjoyed a great Cosplay Fashion Show. Au Pair friends

It was my first time seeing a show like this.

Summer Blackhurst, the Go Au Pair blog’s author, in her post Childcare and Cultural Exchange talks about cultural exchange and cultural immersion that broaden kids horizons and teaches about another culture lives.Au Pairs Bucks County, NJ, Philly  

The Au Pair program brings the cultural exchange to all Au Pairs and Host Families. I really like Japanese festival at Fairmount park. So far, I attended all the Au Pair activities and I like all of them!

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Au Pair’s Special Chinese New Year Celebration at Penn Museum

Ophelia’s Diary.

It was the first time for me to celebrate Chinese New Year out of China. I was afraid that I may miss China a lot during this time. Actually not! Because there are so many Au Pair friends around me, they are like sisters and Polina, our LAR from Go Au Pair, she  is like our mom. I am so blessed to have Go Au Pair as my family.Au Pairs Go Au Pair

Even though it was snowing, nothing can stop our Au Pair meeting. Around 1:00pm on Saturday, January 25, 2014, 7 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair got together at Penn Museum.Au Pairs celebration

We enjoyed many different performances: A Sward Lily dancing, East vs. West Music Demonstration, PennYo A Cappella Performance.

Also I enjoyed Kung Fu Demonstration and Lion Dance Finale.Au Pairs celebration at penn museum

I like the Lily dancing a lot.

The dancer wore beautiful costumes, used their bodies showed Chinese culture.

Au Pairs Chinece new year

At that time, Adriana told me she is so proud to be a Chinese, so do I.Chinece Au Pairs

Also, the PennYo A Cappella Performance and Lion Dance Finale were great too.

Au Pairs Chinece New year

I had so much fun.

 at Penn Museum

After the museum, we went to Karla’s Host Family house at Philadelphia and had a fabulous New Year Party. So what kind of interesting things happened during the party? I will tell you next time.

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