Au Pair meetings.

The Au Pair meetings are designed for cultural exchange.  They give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet new Au Pairs from around the word and form friendships. The cluster meetings also create a sense of unity and belonging to the group of Au pairs that have a lot of common. The cluster meeting give Au Pair a chance to talk to a Local Area Representative if there are any issues or questions and prevent many issues.

We had a great Au Pair meeting and the second annual buddy appreciation party on 02.28.2016 at Brunswick Zone XL Feasterville, Bucks County, PA. Please read a post by our new Au Pair from Ukraine Tanya.

The Au Pair meetings promote cultural awareness and help gain a new experience. I invited to our last meeting the school teacher Claudia Young.

Claudia  started MAKE A DIFFERENCE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION four years in one of Bucks County schools. Make a Difference is involved in many projects to help children in both our local and global communities.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE mission is to bring relief to children living in poverty.

The Foundation is making a difference in the lives of children living in some of Nigeria’s poorest areas. Claudia shared the stories of a few kids she met during her two trips to Nigeria. Many Au Pairs were touched by those stories. They met Claudia after the Au Pair meeting and discussed ways they can participate in MAKE A DIFFERENCE projects.  It was great to see how everyone was involved and wanted to help.

Perhaps, Au Pairs can volunteer at The International Spring Festival with other Go Au Pair clusters and joined many other projects to help the foundation to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to children living in poverty!

Ice Skating at Blue Cross River Rink

Ophelia’s Diary.

After a whole week’s work, the best thing is getting together with several Au Pair friends, enjoying a wonderful weekend.Au Pairs at the rink

I have a lot very nice Au Pair friends. Most of them are from Go Au Pair. We always attending Au Pair meetings and volunteering together.Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink

Now all of us are very good friends.Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkDuring a weekend, Au Pairs Stephy and Claudia invited Adriana and I hanged out together. We went to ice skating!Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkIt was the first time for Adriana and I ice skating. I fell a lot.

 Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkMore than ten times I guess. But I was super happy! I felt so free on the ice. I love it a lot!

Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink

I had so much great experience as an aupair. First time ice skating, first time skiing in Alaska. Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink We got a lot snow in Philly this winter. Even though it’s super cold, I still like it a lot. Because I have never seen so much snow in China.

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Au Pairs’ friendship.

Today is Friendship Day. Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935.

Being an Au Pair means being a part of a host family and performing childcare and related tasks. Au Pair Responsibilities are take care of the children, do some light household duties, and provide with homework help and tutoring for school age kids. During the Au Pair program many Au Pairs develop a life-long friendship with the parents and, especially, with the kids.

Being an Au Pair means being a new member of a community and meeting new people.  Au pairs meet many new friends at Au Pair meetings, at College and on Facebook and make lifelong friends.

Time flies fast, some day Au Pairs will return home and leave friends but not friendship!

Here is a story about friendship you may enjoy.

One day two friends quarreled and one of them slapped the other. Latter, feeling the pain,  but without saying anything, one friend wrote in the sand:

– “Today my best friend gave me a slap.”
They continued walking and found an oasis and decided to swim. The friend who got slapped nearly drowned, and his friend saved him. When the friend who got slapped,  felt strong enough to walk, he found a stone and cut in :

-“Today my best friend saved my life.”

The friend, who slapped him, asked:
– When I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you carved on a stone. Why?The friend said:
When someone hurts us, we should write it in the sand, the winds could erase it. But when someone does something good, we must engrave it in stone,  so no wind can ever erase it.

Today, friends living in two corners of the world are just a mouse click away from each other.  Don’t forget to convey wishes to your friends.

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