Meet the Au Pairs in Excellence from China

“Summertime is a big time for Au Pair farewells.  Host Families often schedule their transitions in the summer to leave room for training new Au Pairs during the summer vacation,” said Summer in her post” Time to Say Goodbye

A few Au Pairs had a farewell party in Newtown, Bucks County, PA last week and are about to go.Thank you to our Au Pairs.

I would like to write today about four Au Pairs in Excellency from China before they leave the cluster.  Thank you for being great Au Pairs, Au Pairs in Excellency, girls!

Many Host Families from  Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia , NJ and Bucks County nominated their outstanding Au Pairs for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014. There were four Au Pairs from China.

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from Philadelphia Ophelia.Thei Ist bday

The Au Pair Ophelia lives in Philadelphia, she is having a very successful year with her young host parents that are almost the same age. Ophelia loves her host child very much, she said, “my little boyfriend Theo“. Please read Ophelia Diary. Ophelia’s family wrote,  “We cannot express how grateful we are to have her with us”.

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from NJ Diana.Au Pair from China

The Au Pair Diana lives in NJ with a wonderful host family and two adorable boys.  Her family says,“There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for Diana.  She has endured a lot with our family.”

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from Yardley, Bucks County, HuiAu Pair Hui

 The Au Pair Hui lives in Yardley, Bucks County.  She had a challenging task to join the host family with two kids who recently lost their mom. Her family says, “Having Hui there for them and helping out on their Chinese assignments was a source of stability in our household.”Au pair Newtown Bucks County

Meet Au Pair in Excellence from Newtown, Bucks County, Adriana.

The Au Pair Adriana lives in Newtown, Bucks County, and she is taking care of four children under the age of six. Her family says, ““Adriana has been a tremendous asset to our family. She is hard working and has a wonderful attitude and work ethic.”

Au Pairs living in the NJ area.

People said that it is better one time to see than 100 times to hear. Here is you can  see what the  Au Pairs from the NJ area favorite activities are.

Au Pairs living in NJ area have the opportunity to enjoy the shore.Au Pair in the shore

 They also like visiting parks – Grounds for Sculpture park
Ground for Sculpture

 going to many festivals

R faire

 waking on Steel Pier, Atlantic CitySteel Pier - Atlantic City

partying with Au PairsAu Pairs party Bucks County

experiencing Halloween in the USA

au pair

helping out Go Au Pair volunteering at FRUA-15-2

bowling with friendsAu Pairs bouling

meeting au pairs from the cluster


Au Pairs from Brazil

Brazil is Go Au Pair’s featured country this month. That’s why I would like to write  a post about Brazilian Au Pairs.

map_of_brazil (2)

A Brazilian Au Pair is very popular choice among the host families.  I usually have several Au Pairs from Brazil in the Philadelphia and NJ cluster.  Brazilian Au Pairs are very experienced childcare  givers since they often come from big families,  have younger siblings, many nieces and nephews and they almost always help care for them.

It is common that Brazilian Au Pairs gain child care experience through daycare, babysitting and volunteer work. The Au Pairs from Brazil tend to be very active and their favorite activities are soccer and volleyball.

From my experience working as a Local Area Representative, I can say that Brazilian Au Pairs are open-minded, social, and make friends fast. Brazilian Au Pairs have an easy time adjusting to the life in the United States.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Read more about the Brazilian Au Pair Jessica who was an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency and lived in NJ with a  lovely Host Family with four boys. Jessica said, “I cannot be more thankful to my parents and my host parents for giving me this opportunity.”

In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from Brazil in May Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.

Au Pair Child Care for military families

By hosting an Au Pair, military families benefit from having extra helping hand while one parent is away. Having another adult at home  helps military families a lot. An Au Pair takes care of the kids, prepares food, assists around the house, drives kids to and from appointments and is available when family needs it most.

Military families benefit greatly from the schedule flexibility that the Au Pair program provides. Also Au Pair program gives the host family an opportunity having the same caregiver if there is a necessity to move frequently in a short period of time. That helps family and kids settle down easily in a new place with their Au Pair.

When military families experience the deployment of the family member, kids may be affected and its can be a source of anxiety for kids. The Au Pair can help since she becomes a family member, a big sister and friend to the kids. The Au Pair will help children to stay connected with deployed parent through video conferencing, taking and sending photos, and doing craft projects.

Go Au Pair greatly values the services provided by our armed forces. Military families who sign up with Go Au Pair receive a $250.00 discount from our standard price.

Looking forward to having a Chinese Au Pair.

By a single father, Gregory L.

In my previous post  Why consider an Au Pair? I mentioned that I am in need of a trusted caregiver. I am looking forward to a mature and responsible Au Pair from China who becomes a part of our family life.

Since English is the primary language in our household, it would benefit the Au Pair as well to improve her English skills.  An Au Pair can share a connection ‘back home’ even if it comes from a ten or eight year-old child.  After all, they both speak the same two languages.

Even though my kids mother passed away, they continued to attend their Sunday Chinese school throughout the spring and finished strong.  We had a lot of kind help from teachers, administrators and tutors.  I told the school the children will be back in the fall.  When we find the right match, our Au Pair will be there too.

Henry and Nina are both avid readers and when they aren’t reading books, they often do drawing, painting and crafts.  Henry is particularly fond of building Legos.  For leisure activities, they both participate in swimming and tennis and love visiting New Hampshire during vacations.

My kids are looking forward to having a new Au Pair.  They already made cards that describe themselves and their interests. 

I am in the process of remodeling the house so that an Au Pair will feel comfortable and welcome in her new environment.  The Au Pair will have access to her own car, a computer, iPad and iPhone along with high-speed Internet.

But I think it is more important that we open our hearts and doors and invite our future Au Pair to be part of our family and share with us her culture.  The one thing I did not want my children to lose is a connection to who they are.  That is why we sought out a Chinese Au Pair.

Why consider an Au Pair?

By a single father, Gregory L.

Why consider an Au Pair for childcare?  Well, I never did.  My wife was from China and stayed home with the children.  Then, in early April 2012, she was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.  Sadly, she passed away three weeks later after surgery to try to remove the cancer.

Now I found myself in charge of two half-American, half-Chinese children and no childcare.  While no one is going to replace their mother, having someone like a big sister, someone who could bridge both cultures, seemed like a viable alternative.

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made.  So, I signed up with Go Au Pair to become a host family.

The alternative was giving up on the children’s Chinese language and heritage.  That would mean giving up on half of who they are and that’s not right.  They were raised in a bilingual family, although admittedly, my Chinese is laughable.  Even the children complain about my “American accent” when I try to say the most basic of Chinese words.

But, having an Au Pair from China would help them preserve part of the life they had before.  As I’ve searched, I found out that some single American fathers do indeed hire Au Pairs and it works out well for everyone.  In this particular cluster, Go Au Pair in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ, I learned that there were two similar cases in the past few years.

In addition, when I posted my information online, another Au Pair contacted me, expressing interest.  Her sister had just completed her Au Pair year, working for a single father of school-aged children where sadly, the mother had passed away from cancer.  Perhaps my situation is not that unusual after all. Many single dads hire Au Pairs and I hope it will work for me too.

Why consider an Au Pair?   It is obvious – I am looking to find a trusted caregiver  for my kids, and my kids -to find an older, loving and caring sister,  an Au Pair, who becomes a part of our family life.

Read my next post  Looking forward to having a Chinese Au Pair.

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