Never give up on your dreams!

On November 24, 2019 we celebrated the International Au Pair Day for the first time in history. We are about to celebrate the International Au Pair Day this year again! There are many reasons to celebrate all our Au Pairs and what they bring to our lives each day, their hard work and dedication to their host families.

Many Au Pairs pursued their dreams and joined the Au Pair program with Go Au Pair. This year and the pandemic brought even more reasons to celebrate the Au Pairs. We are thankful to our Au Pairs for stepping up during the pandemic. Many Au Pairs have followed their dreams during the challenging time and have persevered through the struggles COVID-19 has brought on to Au Pairs and their Host Families.

Following their dreams was not an easy experience for many Au Pairs recently. However, along the way Au Pairs provided loving and devoted child care, shared their passion and culture, made memories and friends, immersed in new families and way of life, in a new country, language, and culture, learned new things and never gave up on their dreams!

Should we celebrate the International Au Pair Day?

The International Au Pair Day is an initiative of IAPA The International Au Pair Association and a great opportunity to celebrate former and current Au Pairs around the world. November 24, 2019 marks the beginning of a yearly celebration of Au Pairs.

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from many countries. I asked Au Pairs from from Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukranian, El Salvador, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Uganda and France a few questions about the International Day celebration. Please read their answers.

Why should we celebrate the International Au Pair Day?

  • to recognize Au Pairs like all the jobs and professions.
  • to celebrate all the efforts that every au pair does
  • to share a special day with other au pairs and learn about other cultures
  • because the Au Pair program changed my life!

Why do you think that it is important to celebrate the International au pair day?  Because

  • it makes Au Pairs feel important and wanted
  •  it values Au Pairs
  • Au Pairs do a great job
  • it is not easy to be far away from home and face new challenges
  • to let people know about this fantastic (Au Pair) program! 

How would like to celebrate this day?

  • with a big party, food and activities
  • with my au pair friends in a place where we can talk and have fun. 
  • with my au pair friends in a place where we can share our experiences and different cultures
  • in the place where I can meet even more people and make friends
  • with my cluster Au Pairs and my Local Area Representative
  • with my host family because they opened their home and became my family and, of course, with my friends

The International Au Pair Day is a global celebration of all au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world. We are very excited to join thousands of former and present Au Pairs, host families, and friends of the Au Pair program around the world in celebrating the International Au Pair Day for the first time in history!

Let’s make International Au Pair Day celebration unique and global!

I love my host kids with all my heart!

Au Pair from Brazil Nadia who used to  live in Bucks County, PA moved to Florida with her amazing host family. Nadia’s family hosted many Au Pairs and has a great experience with the Au Pair program. We will miss you!  Read Nadia’s POST.Au PaIR NADIA

My host family means to me much more than they can imagine, this has been the craziest, hardest, most incredible, amazing and with no doubts the happiest experience of my life, I know I’m young and this is just the beginning of my life and I’ll live many more amazing experiences, but I’ll never ever forget all the moments I’m living here, I’ll always be grateful because I’m a better human because of what I’m living here and because of these three little human being! And don’t get me wrong I love the other kids as well, Cole (train), Luke ( Cookie man), Jaxon ( action Jaxon!) Chase (he’s on the case!) and even Joey (the pain in the ass, handsome though!)

Thank you to my host parents for trusting me with their precious kids, it’s an honor to know that you trust me with the people you love the most in this world and thanks for letting me be part of this crazy family of 8 KIDS!

I know I have a second family for life and it’s good to know that I’ll be welcome to visit you guys, I’m glad I took the decision to stay one more year with this family!
I just wanted to say that I love these kids with all my heart!

2017 Au Pair in Excellence.

Go Au Pair  recognizes outstanding Au Pairs through the agency Love MY Au Pair Contest. The host families can submit their nominations for Love MY Au Pair Contest. The winner, two Runners Up  as well as their families will get a special prizes.Love my Au pairsGo Au Pair just announced 2017 Au Pair in Excellence Winners and the Winners are
Winner: Gina Torres, Au Pair from Colombia
Runner-Up #1: Desiree Velasquez, Au pair from Ecuador
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Runner-Up #2: Tatiana Blanco, Au pair from Colombia
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling

To view the full album and read all of the nominations, you can visit the Go Au Pair Facebook page

In addition, Go Au Pair will  enter three (3) eligible Au Pairs for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to IAPA’s 2018 Conference, held on March 17-19, 2018, in Seville, Spain, where one Au Pair will be officially recognized as the 2017 Au Pair of the Year and presented with a token prize and commemorative award.
Gina’s host family said, ” In the spring, Gina took a digital animation course at a local university and created a cartoon for our two kids, Aili (3 at the time) and Bo (1 at the time). Every week after making them breakfast, she takes them to swimming lessons and the zoo on Mondays, to the Science Museum on Tuesdays, to see a kids band on Wednesdays, to the Children’s Museum on Thursdays and to gymnastics and storytime in Spanish at the library on Fridays. In the afternoons, she gives daily reading time, music time and art time at home. All the while, she only speaks to them in Spanish, and they are now both fluent..……..we are so grateful for the light and warmth Gina brings to our family and teaches our children (and us).”

The Au Pair Program offers amazing opportunities for cultural childcare.
In addition, there is a New Year present for the Philadelphia & Bucks County Residents, they can save $1,000!



Saying goodbye to an amazing au pair Lisa Jean Cloete

It’s always difficult to say good-bye, especially to really friendly, kind,fun and flawless au pair from South Africa Lisa Jean Cloete.


We hope Lisa’s au pair experience was awesome, and she will take only the best warm memories home to South Africa! But before she leaves, we would like to share her opinion about her au pair year with all of you. Here is what Lisa said :

“My experience with Go Au pair was very good, no real complaints everyone was helpful from every department.

I Loved Niagara falls and Poconos family beach house, also enjoyed Atlantic City NJ. Usually I loves spending my free time by hanging with my friends especially the ones I met in Connecticut as we would do bonfires and they showed me everything enjoyable:) I also loved spending time making new friends or meet ups with Au pairs. If I stayed home I loved NETFLIX who doesn’t lol.

I loved the experience of meeting different people from different cultures. Our Philadelphia au pair  cluster was triple the size if not more than my previous cluster. So was nice meeting all the ladies and gents. Definitely a big group of South Africans felt like home lol.  My best experience living in the US? I loved doing the travel courses like Niagara Falls etc meeting other Au pairs at courses and making new friends. I loved the feeling of being on the campus.


My au pair experience taught me to have lots of patience but I knew that coming into this that I would need that and to be very independent. I loved this experience, Love the culture and small traditions that American families have. Love the BBQ and learning to do a BBQ etc.  I learnt to shovel snow and a lot of it, I learnt how to BBQ and how to paddle board and Kayaking.

My favorite Au pair meeting was the Christmas party as we all came together did the secret Santa and made yummy dishes from our countries. Plus most of the group was there that day, so met a whole lot of new faces.  I would recommend being an au pair but I recommend it to people that are at least 21 and up so they have more childcare experience and have some driving experience which you need.  I hope all the Au pairs in the cluster and Polina have a lovely year further and may you all have some fun meetings ahead. Don’t forget to have fun and travel. Go Au pair keep up the great work. Thank you all for being amazing xoxo” LISA


Have a safe trip back home, Lisa, and thanks a lot for sharing with us!


What kind of education and experience do the Au Pairs have?

We have a variety of candidates with different types of education and experience at   Go Au Pair.  We also have different Au Pair programs that help families to find a candidate they need.

Many Au pairs  have university degrees. We have Au Pairs who graduated from Medical, Business or Law school or have other degrees, many of them use this program as an opportunity to polish their English skills when they are in the USA.

Many Au Pairs have significant experience in childcare-related fields, including early childhood education, teaching, and pediatric nursing. Some Au Pairs are teachers with a lot of previous experience working with kids.  Go Au Pair has Au Pair Plus program and Premiere Au Pair program that give more option to the parents who are looking for an Au Pair with special experience and education.

Au Pairs program

Many parents value the opportunity of having a global education experience. The Au Pairs are interested in teaching the kids, learning from others and exploring their similarities and differences.

After their stay in the US, Au Pairs will go back to their home country and continue their job relating to child care training, education and experience.  Many Au Pairs decide to extend their experience for another year. Upon their return home, Au Pairs plan to pursue their studies or continue their professional careers.




Welcome a male Au Pair from Brazil

Many host families from Go Au Pair agency choose male Au Pairs for childcare.  Lucas Rufato, Au Pair from Brazil, will be our second male Au Pair. Lucas is 24 and he was in the US already. Lucas was studying English in Chicago a few years ago. Lucas also was an Au Pair in Spain, so he has a lot of experience with the kids.male au pair philadelphia

Lucas will live near Philadelphia. Jacques, Au Pair from S. Africa and Aline, Au Pair from Brazil, kindly offered to be his buddies. male au pair 1

As you may know, we interview the new Au Pairs. I am thrilled to share Lucas’ interview with you.

male au pair

What are your hobbies and interests? Working out, soccer, tennis, music, cooking, nature and mountain bike.
What was the best event/happening during last month? Rodeo
What three adjectives best describe you? Reliable, honest and patient.
If you had one wish what would it be? Meeting Ronda Rousey
What place would you like to visit? California
What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? At gym, playing soccer, cooking or enjoying with friends.
Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yes.male au pair from Brazil

Please join me in welcoming Lucas.  We are all looking forward to meeting you at Au Pairs Christmas party on 12.12.2015!

The Go Au Pair family.

Go Au Pair agency constantly supports the agency’s Au Pairs through their experience. There are many experts in Go Au Pair team or Go Au Pair family who provide the personalized assistance and mentor our Au Pairs.

A special support from Au Pair Sis Janine helps Au Pairs from Go Au Pair feel that they are not alone in the USA. Janine, the Local Area Representative from the New Jersey, became a big Sister to many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair.

Even before their arriving, Au Pair Sis reaches many Au Pairs and helps them connect with a big Go Au Pair family on Facebook. Au Pair Sis posts on Au Pair Sis Facebook interesting information, fun stuff and activities for the Au Pairs all the time. Au Pair Sis

Go Au Pair team helps the Au Pairs learn about the Au Pair program, prepare to the journey and find the answers to their questions. The Au Pairs can do that by watching Au Pair Sis’s videos about Au Pair experience and cultural différence, reading very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website. Au Pair Success Coordinator provides regular support to all Au Pairs during the program year.

There is also a consistent local support from a Local Area Representative (LAR) and other Au Pairs from the area. The local support includes help from a cluster Au Pairs that is also a closed group on facebook, the Au Pairs Buddy program and the cultural exchange activities. LAR helps connect new Au Pairs with other Au Pairs in the area, keeps consistent communication with Au Pairs and helps them to get the best experience.Bucks County Au Pair meeting

With Go Au Pair, the Au Pairs are not alone in the USA. There are friends, host families and Go Au Pair team – a big  American family they are belong and who loves and supports them.

The Go Au Pair family provides constant support, encourage, help to succeed and have a great experience in the US.

Au Pair – a partner in parenting!

According to the number of children living in single-parent homes has nearly doubled since 1960 and the number of single-parent families is Bucks Conty 1

Single parents need reliable and cost-effective childcare. By providing childcare at the same cost regardless of the number of children in the household, the au pair program is the perfect option.

An Au Pair becomes an important member and valued addition to the family- a responsible partner in parenting. Having the Au Pair gives the children stability, support, and a life long friend.2014

The Au Pair also gives parent some free time away from the kids. When a single parent is away, the children are in the hands of a trusted person in their own home and with someone they are comfortable with.

The Au Pair follows house rules and parent’s childcare preferences. They provide a partnership in parenting in day-to-day life.

The Au Pairs meeting.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County had a great Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athyn. We started with exploring Bryn Athyn Cathedral, then we had a tour at Glencairn museum, and enjoyed a farewell picnic.English: The exterior of the Glencairn Museum ...

The tour was very interesting, the museum has unique collections.Bucks County Au Pair meeting

We had very knowledgeable and funny tour guide Chris, we learned a lot  about Glencairn museum and enjoyed a special view from the top of the castle. Bucks County Au Pairs meetingThen we had a lovely picnic and fun time with friends. It was a special time making great memories, meeting new au pairs, making new friends, sharing the experience, eating international food. After the meeting, we had a hard time to say goodbye to many Au Pairs who are leaving. We stayed for a long time and couldn’t leave after the picnic.Au Pair meeting Bucks County

We will miss you, ladies. Thank you for being outstanding Au Pairs and great friends,

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