Go Au Pair or Nanny?

The Au Pair program is a childcare option for families who are looking

live in childcare
bi-lingual childcare
flexible childcare
quality childcare
affordable childcare
and a cultural childcare experience.

Many of my host families found the Au Pair program because they were looking for a better child care option. Au Pairs provide a stable child care, but host parents get so much more than that!  They get scheduling flexibility, very reasonable and affordable pay rates for the Au Pairs, and the added benefit of giving their family broader exposure to other languages, lifestyles, and customs.

Why choose Au Pair and Go Au Pair agency?  I think that there are many reasons:

Convenience- schedules you choose, Au Pair child care provides the convenience.

Affordability -a budget you choose, Au Pair child care is the affordable child care.

Cultureculture you choose, Au Pair child care is an unforgettable experience for family.

Professionals -a friendly, knowledgeable and quality Go Au Pair staff provide personalized support to your family;

EaseGo Au Pair’s staff, partners and tools make Au Pair child care the easy option.

Go Au Pair is providing to Host Families affordable childcare more than 24 years from qualified Au Pairs. Au Pairs from our agency have been internationally recognized through IAPA award many times.

Host families from my cluster wrote several reviews about Go Au Pair service about  high quality services  “I personally had very good experience with Go Au Pair local area representative for this area ( Philadelphia , NJ). Read Go Au Pair Host Family testimonials.

Most popular countries Au Pairs come from.

While searching for a new Au Pair, host families often ask me about “aupair best country”  or  “from which country best au-pair is :” -)  I usually answer that  it is different and depends on family’s needs and preferences.

But I can answer the question “what the most popular Au Pairs countries are”, because we have statistics.

Go Au Pair currently has over 300 Au Pairs available from over 60 different countries, and very popular countries among the host families are  Brazil, China, Colombia, MexicoPanamaSouth Africa.

Some parents are open minded about where the Au Pair is from and mostly concentrate on the qualification of the candidates. Many parents read host families’ review about au pairs from different countries and au pair agency review before they choose the country. There are many other factors that influence on variety of countries Au Pairs come from. For example, problems with a DS 2019 and obtaining an Au Pair Visa or  availability of an au pairs service in some countries.

Go Au Pair agency keeps statistics of the percentage of au pairs from each country who drive, who are under two qualified, who are college graduates, who obtain visas. If a family wants to narrow down the choice of countries, it can be helpful to speak to the agency Placement Coordinator when trying to figure out the country from which candidates might be the best fit for the family’s childcare needs.

In  Go Au Pair Philadelphia and NJ cluster, there are Au Pairs from many countries throughout the world. Host families love the international scent that an Au Pair brings into family life. Children pick up a new languages and become more open-minded about other cultures. This can be a life-changing experience for your family too!

I look forward to getting to know your family! Customer satisfaction is my ultimate goal.  My focus is on my host families and Au Pairs and only their best interest.  Experience the difference!

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