Au Pair from Australia Kiah

In January, we welcomed  Au Pair from Australia Amber.10984738_1000396696656232_654688054_n

Very soon, another Australian Au Pair Kiah joined the Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ.  Amber and Kiah live close to each other with their host families in Bucks County, PA and became best friends quickly. Kiah takes care of two little lovely girls, she calls them”my princesses.”IMG_5680[1]

Kiah loves to watch movies, meet friends and travel. She is very organized and active. Kiah shared a lot about her experience on this blog. Look up Kiah’s diary. She also contributed a lot to Au Pair Sis blog.IMG_0784

Kiah loves babies and she visits Kathy’s host family very often. The Smolarski family has a lot of kids and babies, so Kiah observed the triplets growing from their first months and she became friends with the family.kiah au pair australia

Kiah really loves travel. I don’t know any other Au Pair who travels so much and visits as many places as Kiah does. She traveled a lot with Cultural Hi-Ways. Kiah also loves to share her experiences.image

Kiah is looking forward to being an Au Pair in England next year, exploring the new country and making new friends. Good luck, Kiah .

Au Pair Sis blog

Au Pair Sis

The Au Pair Sis program becomes very popular among the Au Pair community and Host Families. The Au Pair Sis has hundreds of friends and thousands” likes” on facebook.

Janine, the Local Area Representative for the New Jersey Au Pairs, became Au Pair Sister to many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency as well.  She created an interactive and fun community for Au Pairs and provides ongoing support and advice.


Janine has very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website. The Au Pair Sis constantly answers questions that Au Pairs have. She also helps with the tips that improve their experience with Host Families and gives some advice on how to adjust to a new culture.

welcome to Go Au PaThe Au Pair Sis recorded tons of movies that are very helpful for Au Pairs and Host Families. I personally love to watch the videos about cultural differences. Please watch this interesting video Gifts from Beijing about meaningful gifts that the Au Pair Ophelia from China brought to her host family from Philadelphia.

The Au Pair Sis program enhances the quality of the child care Au Pairs provide for host families. Please check the exclusive Interview with Au Pair Sis on

The Interview About GO AU PAIR’S New Au Pair Program

Last year Go Au Pair started a new program to help connect new Au Pairs with other Au Pairs in the program,  learn more about the American culture and answer the questions about the Au Pair program.  This program is extremely valuable because Au Pair Sis helped connect many Au Pairs, support them during their program year and prevent many issues like homesickness, rematches, etc.  welcome to Go Au Pa

The Au Pair Sis is very famous among Au Pair community and Host Families from Go Au Pair. She has hundreds of friends and thousands ” likes” on facebook. The Au Pair Sis extend that popularity –  last week the Au Pair Sis gave an inclusive interview to AuPairClearinghouse.

Au Pair Sis

Janine, Au Pair Sis, is a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in NJ.  She knows first hand Au Pairs needs and how these needs could be met. Janine comes to meet new Au Pairs personally every time Go Au Pair has an the NY Introductory Workshop.  Au Pair Sis greets and welcomes new Au Pairs.  From the first days,  she waits and cares for them. They already know the person they can relay on or ask the question and do it privately.

Au Pair Sis does many interesting activities with Au Pairs on facebook. She has her personal very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website.  She also records tons of movies that are very helpful for Au Pairs and Host Families. Watch Au Pair Sis movies

Also, I personally think that Go Au Pair team made a great decision to give these responsibilities to Janine because she is  very experienced nanny herself, a knowledgeable  Local Area Representative and a great person to be with.  Janine is active, funny and has a great personality. She makes friends with Au Pairs herself and also helps make a team and a support network group from newcomers.  They become facebook friends, meet on video chats on Google+  and share their experience after they move to their host families.

Go Au Pair Introductory workshop

In addition to their Local Area Representative service,  new Au Pairs can reach Au Pairs Sis any time.  Janine in her interview said, ” I want everyone to know that they can reach out to me and I am available to connect with them and help them get answers to any questions they may have. Not just Monday through Friday, but I have been staying connected on the weekends too! I can be reached by email, on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If I am not on the computer, I have my Smartphone with me and I check it to see if anyone is trying to reach out to me.”

Please read the Au Pair Sis  inclusive interview

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