Volunteer! Feel good!

Our cluster is going to volunteer at the International Spring Festival in two weeks. I believe, that most of us will go and help – it is going to be fun! Now, I would like to write about volunteering and about my own experiences.


Wikipedia  says, that volunteering is “an activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain, to benefit another person, group or organization”. Which is totally true! Just do it, because then others and of course you will feel awesome too! Psychologically, it is definitely better, when you do it in a group.

In my country everybody needs to volunteer 50 hours in order to get a diploma after high school.  I volunteered to work at a handicapped children’s home (children and grown-ups lived there, who were disabled to take care of themselves and their parents had taken them there for different reasons). I chose that place, because my mom has worked there before.

After my 50 hours were done, I stayed there for 3 months (of course still for free), as I was really enjoying the time with them and loved the little children who I worked with. I learnt a lots of things there, especially how to love and return love.volunteer

I believe, that everybody could say stories about volunteering. If not, that is not a problem either: you can volunteer simply when you help a friend, your parents, an elderly woman… Little things count!

I will be there at the Festival! Hope you will join us too! If not, then do not forget to read my post after the Festival to see what happened there! ♥

Amber, our new Australian Au Pair

Our second Australian Au Pair Amber joined our cluster in January. She is actually our first Australian Au Pair ever in our cluster! She’s 20 years old and I am very pleased to be her buddy. Amber lives with her host family in Bucks County and takes care of three kids.


As an Au Pair I am able to fulfill two of my greatest passions: caring for children and learning about different cultures.
I love to be outdoors, in Australia I spent most of my weekends camping, fishing, or riding the quad bikes. If I’m not doing that I am usually at the beach or somewhere quite reading a book or listening to music.
I have had a lot of amazing experiences since moving to the US however the best event in the past month happened just before I left Australia when I got to meet my baby cousin for the first time.
Three adjectives to describe Amber: loyal, adventurous, committed.
One place I’d like to visit is Texas.
One of the best complements I have ever received was as n elder in a native community I lived in, in Australia, told me he felt I had become a part of their community. This was a huge deal for me as I loved their culture however given the history between Aboriginies and white Australians I wasn’t sure if I would ever be fully accepted in the community.
My favorite part of being an Au Pair is to be fully immersed in American culture.
The special thing about our Philadelphia area is that I am so close to an area where I can learn so much about American history.

My best experience so far where in New York, where our orientation guide took us to an amazing restaurant called Ellen’s Stardust – as a musical theatre fan I had the time of my life there. I also really enjoyed learning to ski in Vermont and making my first snow angel.
I already met Amber twice and tomorrow we are going to volunteer for the Flower Show in Philadelphia. I’m looking forward to our activities together in the US and wish you all the best for your year!

Ice Skating at Blue Cross River Rink

Ophelia’s Diary.

After a whole week’s work, the best thing is getting together with several Au Pair friends, enjoying a wonderful weekend.Au Pairs at the rink

I have a lot very nice Au Pair friends. Most of them are from Go Au Pair. We always attending Au Pair meetings and volunteering together.Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink

Now all of us are very good friends.Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkDuring a weekend, Au Pairs Stephy and Claudia invited Adriana and I hanged out together. We went to ice skating!Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkIt was the first time for Adriana and I ice skating. I fell a lot.

 Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRinkMore than ten times I guess. But I was super happy! I felt so free on the ice. I love it a lot!

Au pairs Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink

I had so much great experience as an aupair. First time ice skating, first time skiing in Alaska. Ice Skating at Blue Cross RiverRink We got a lot snow in Philly this winter. Even though it’s super cold, I still like it a lot. Because I have never seen so much snow in China.

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Teaching English in the church

Ophelia’s Diary.

In China, I didn’t have a lot of chances to do volunteer work. But as an Au Pair in the US, I get many opportunities to help others. This makes me feel super happy.  A Local Area Representative from Go Au Pair Polina helps us a lot too. She is always trying to help Au Pair near Philadelphia area find ways having great activities in the meantime help others.

 English class

Now I am a volunteer in Chinese Gospel Church helping teaching beginner’s English.

Au Pair volunteering

Even though it’s very simple English, every time I have to prepare it for a long time.

Au Pair teaching

This helps me learn English too.


 Most students in the class are seniors. I am deeply moved by their spirit.

An Au Pair volunteering

They learn so hard. They are elderly, but they are still eager to learn.

 the Au Pair volunteering

Every time when I look at them, I feel that life is so wonderful, everyone should have a serious attitude toward it.

 In China, it’s so hard for me to get a chance to be a volunteer. I only volunteered half a year in the school for deaf. I asked a lot people to get this chance. People just don’t believe you want to do something for others for free.

the children in deaf school

I am glad now I can get a lot chance to do volunteer work. Au Pairs from our cluster will volunteer for the Philadelphia Flower Show soon. I am looking forward to it.

We will work as the Go Au Pair team  and  help make floral headbands, pins, bracelets, and other fun accessories. We will be volunteering at The Flower Show, in the Convention Center, at the Make & Take Room, at 1 pm on Saturday March 1, 2014. You will easily find our team since we will wear lovely Go Au Pair t-shirts.

 Come meet us!

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“Young. Global. Active.” is the best description of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency in the Philadelphia and NJ area.

The Au Pairs are young – from 18  to 27 years old, they are global  – from Brazil, China, Colombia, Salvador, Ecuador, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Mexico, France, Spain and Cameroon, they are energetic and motivated to volunteer and help the community.

Go Au Pair volunteering for FRUA.

 Monica Hinestroza, an Au Pair from Colombia, shared her volunteer experience, “It’s unbelievable how you give a little bit of your time to others, and they can give you so much energy and so much happiness. This was my first time as a volunteer, and I can say, without a doubt that I would love to do it again…”


The Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency are going to volunteer again. This time we will help at The Philadelphia Flower Show on Saturday, March 1 , 2014. We will do a really fun job.  We will help guests make floral headbands, pins, bracelets, and other fun accessories to wear at the Show.This job is a great chance to interact with new people and gain cultural exchange experience.The Philadelphia Flower Show

Volunteering in the US was a special opportunity for Au Pairs, the international visitors with a J-1 Visitor Exchange Visa .Go Au Pair agency helps the Au Pairs obtain the best cultural exchange experience during the Au Pair program. This experience may encourage them to become the ambassadors when they return home, share their experience with others  and spread it all over the globe.


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