The Au Pairs Program is do-it-yourself project.

For many young people who came by  J-1 Visa Exchange Visitors Program as the Au Pairs to the US, for a new experience to live with a host family.  From the time they start the Au Pair program, the responsibility of shaping a life  is on the Au Pair’s shoulders.

A right attitude is the key. The responsibility of building great relationships with your host family, working hard to provide the best childcare, making new friends, and living a fulfilled life falls on you.

Someone said, “Life is a do-it-yourself project.”  It means that your life today is the result of your efforts and choices in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today.Au Paiirs goaupair

Starting your life as an Au Pair, do it to the best of your ability and  with the best  possible attitude. It is up to you to build the life you want in the US,  therefore, make friends, be proactive, seek out social events, travel and visit new places and have a successful year in America.

It takes time to develop, grow and build the life you want. Apply your best effort in building a strong relationship with your family. Go above and beyond your childcare responsibilities, do more things with kids, – go to the parks, zoos, museums, sport games, libraries, teach  them a foreign language, introduce them to your culture,  and prepare  your home country’s dishes for the whole family.

 Your attitude, and the choices you make today, help build you the second family you will  be welcome tomorrow.
life au pair

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Theo’s Baby Music Class.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Being an Au Pair in America is very rich experience and a lot of fun. I love these special moments. One of them is taking a music class with Theo. My host kid Theo is only 14 months old, we took baby music class from several months ago. Host child and  Au Pair class

At first, I though Theo was too young, it would be hard for him to enjoy the class. Actually I was wrong!Host child and  Au Pair class

 Both Theo and I learnt a lot from his music class!Host child and  Au Pair class

Apparently, Theo is a little musician. He can play piano, guitar, drum, xylophone. I am so proud of him! Also, he likes dancing with music. When he cries, music always helps comfort him a lot.Host child and  Au Pair class

There were many babies and toddlers in the music class.Host child and  Au Pair class

Theo made a lot new friends. I met a lot moms and nannies there too. Host child and  Au Pair class This music class is good to train Theo’s music sense. Also, it helped me learn some American popular nursery rhyme. Host child and  Au Pair class I had a lot of fun taking music class with Theo.

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School year and the Au Pairs

Yesterday I read a very interesting post on the Ohio Local Area Representative’s blog 2013-2014 School Year. Nikki discusses new responsibilities that many Au Pairs will face because of a new school year.

“The 2013-2014 school year has begun!  There are often new routines, new schedules, and new responsibilities that will arise.  Even families with little ones often have classes or other additions to the schedule.  This time of year often requires a change in the Au Pair’s Responsibilities.”  Au Pair Hui China3

Au Pairs can definitely help with homework.  They are able to create a healthy routine of study habits and children can learn in an environment where they feel comfortable.  Many Au Pairs worked as tutors and teachers in their countries and have a lot of teaching experience. They can explain the instructions or new material and check kids’ homework once they are finished.

Au Pair teashes

Au Pairs may help with the language that kids are learning at school. Many parents choose an Au Pair who speaks the language their kids learn at school. Au pair reading

 A new school year is a great time to schedule a class with the Au Pair at home. Au Pairs can also introduce host children to their culture and language. Read Au Pairs and your child’s education by Summer Blackhurst.Au Pair study

Even though, there are many new responsibilities, for Au Pairs who are with school age kids, school also brings some free time. The Au Pairs are looking forward to starting their school too.  Many Au Pairs choose the Au Pair program because they wanted to study and go to college in America.

Good luck with a new school year!

Au Pair childcare -amazing experience!

Recently several host families from the Philadelphia and NJ cluster welcomed new Au Pairs. The families said that they had a unique and amazing experience with their former Au Pairs. Host families said that their Au Pairs went above and beyond basic childcare, they participated in the host family lives and activities of the children, became a big sisters/brothers to their kids and a part of their families.  The Au Pairs already planned to visit their host family.

Au Pair childcare provides the family with flexible live-in childcare -snow days or sick days are no longer a problem. Host families feel secure with their Au Pairs.

au par kids

The Au Pair acts as an older sibling and host children imitate her/his behavior. They are able to stimulate an active play, like going out and running with the kids and doing creative stuff. Kids love to spend time with their Au Pair.

Au Pair run

Au pairs are young, energetic individuals who love what they do and genuinely want to succeed. Go Au Pair has many outstanding Au Pairs. This year several Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ cluster were nominated by their host families for Au Pair of the 2013 Year Award .  The Au Pair Phila  from South Africa was recognized as Go Au Pair 2012 Au Pair in Excellence winner.

Read more about the amazing experience this family is having with an Au Pair Phila.

Go Au Pair agency provides top quality service and has many positive reviews.

Go Au Pair #1

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Be a champion!

Many Au Pairs ask about how to have a successful Au Pair year in America? I always say, start from the beginning and build a great relationship with your host family. If you want the family to love and respect you, you have to show a respect and create love in your heart. We have to back everything we say or do in our life. Give the family your one hundred percent at work attitude, be always there for your family, work hard to bond with the children, respect family’s rules and you will have a wonderful year. You will be a winner in many ways! family rulesI want to share this story about Echo and life. “A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Curious, he yells: “Who are you?” He receives the answer: “Who are you?” And then he screams to the mountain: “I admire you!” The voice answers: “I admire you!” Angered at the response, he screams: “Coward!” He receives the answer: “Coward!” He looks to his father and asks: “What’s going on?” The father smiles and says: “My son, pay attention.” Again the man screams: “You are a champion!” The voice answers: “You are a champion!” The boy is surprised, but does not understand. Then the father explains: “People call this ECHO, but really this is LIFE.Go Au Pair volunteering at FRUA-10 Be a champion and win a successful Au Pair year!

An Au Pair is a part of a family.

Being a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair for many years, I met many happy host families and I see how incredibly powerful the Au Pair program is! Go Au Pair

The Au Pair program offers what other forms of childcare can’t:  the  benefit of giving the family exposure to other languages, lifestyles, and customs. The Au Pair program opens minds and hearts to other cultures, children and host parents bond with their Au Pair and develop long-term friendships.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In addition, the Au Pair provides a loving childcare as a family since she is more than a babysitter; she is an extended member of the family. Kids often introduce their Au Pairs as big sisters/brothers.  Small kids from a host family that came from India call their Au Pair “anty”.  Au Pairs act like family members,  participate in the family and kids lives and kids really love them. I like my aupair

Many Au Pairs spend their free time with kids, attending kids games and events during their spare time. They truly love their host kids. I have noticed that many Au Pairs call Host Family kids – ‘my kids’.  The conversation between Au Pairs changes to the kids very quickly, usually  starting, “my little one is so cute, yesterday he said to me…….,” and ending, “ I don’t know how I can leave my kids when the time is up………?”

Go beyond basic childcare the Au Pair participates in the host family lives and activities of the children, becomes a part of the families, a big sisters/brothers to host family kids. The Host family and the Au Pair often develop a life-long friendship, keep in touch and visit each other. Au pair bucks county

The Au Pairs become an extended family members and consider their host family as a second home –the Place I Call Home Is My Host Family!

Today is Thank You Day.

January 11, 2012 is the most polite date of the year- International Thank You Day. The words”thank you” spoken in all languages ​​of the world and are critical to the culture of any nation.


Dear Au Pairs, Please teach the host children the appreciation and gratitude. The best way to teach kids is by modeling the behavior themselves.  Show your gratitude to others, to the older and youngest, to the host family members and friends. 

We all recognize the importance of good manners, their necessity in everyday life.  Most “thank you’s” we say without thinking of their meaning.

Gratitude possesses a magical power – with its help people show affection and positive emotions – something without which our lives would be sparse and bleak.

International Thank You Day is the ideal opportunity to recognize and demonstrate the extent of your gratefulness to the people who make your days what they are. The power words “thank you” can uplift the everyone around you.

Make a grateful attitude feel like a powerful rule to live by. By the way, Thank You for reading Go Au Pair Philadelphia blog.


Au Pairs Holiday Bonuses and Schedules.

The Holiday Season brings up many questions for host parents with scheduling and presents.

Host families may have more questions than families who have hired a nanny since an Au Pair should also be included as a family member in all of host family celebrations.

Holiday time is something that all Au Pairs are looking forward to. It is a unique experience for them and they are usually exited to spend Holiday time with their host families and new friends.happy Holidays go au pair

It is important to set expectations early and communicate with the Au Pair.  Don’t forget that the Au Pair has full weekend off each month, 4 Holidays and two weeks’ paid vacation during her Au Pair year. The Au Pair may want to use some times off during the Holiday Season. Ask the Au Pair what the arrangement she wants to make on her holiday time. Your Au Pair should be free on December 15th, 2012, the day when we are going to have a huge Christmas party.

New year Au Pair

Also for the holidays you may want to offer a gift, a greeting card, and a family Christmas photo. A few other great ideas for the Au Pair are time off with pay, Gift Cards and a gym membership.

My suggestion would be to let your Au Pair’s holiday schedule and bonus reflect the unique needs and nature of your family.

Holiday Time together with the Au Pair may be one of the best and most memorable experiences you ever have!

To Curfew or not to Curfew your Au Pair?

What is a reasonable curfew for an Au Pair? – Host families often ask me. It depends on an Au Pair age, her maturity level, and family’s rules and believes.

I think that the host family can start with a reasonable curfew when the Au Pair comes to the USA and try to be more open about a later curfew in the future.

Many host parents feel that on evenings when the Au Pair is required to work the next morning, the Au Pair will need to be in the house by certain time. On evenings when the Au Pair is not required to work the next morning, she will not have a specific curfew.

Some host parents feel that the Au Pair is an adult, and expect that she can make a decisions about how late to stay out.

Host families usually ask the Au Pair to call or text them in case if she or he is going to be late because they might be concerned for the Au Pair’s safety.  If the Au Pair wants  to spend the night at her friends’ house, she should let her host family know.The Au Pair is the family member. There are rules for all members of the family, including the Au Pair. Some families feel that they need to know where the Au Pair is going and when she will be home.  They would like to be able to contact the Au Pair in case of emergency.

Be Present. Stop Worrying.

Recently, Erin Owen, Mom of 2 boys, Author, Speaker, and an Eastern-Inspired Performance Breakthrough Coach started writing parenting advice on ” How to be a parent and a professional without losing your mind.”

Here, Erin shares parenting secrets with Go Au Pair’s blog readers. This post is first one from series of posts from a coach that provides help for busy parents.

Notice when that onslaught of distracting thoughts starts speeding down the interstate highway of your mind and pause. Give yourself permission to let that all go for now—not forever, just for now—and give your full loving attention (body, mind, and spirit) to your child or the task at hand.

If need be, take a moment to make a list of the things spinning through your head so you can trust that you won’t forget them.

When you divide your attention among two or more subjects or activities, each of those recipients gets less of you AND you are less effective in what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t just take my word for it: there are research studies that have been done on the brain and students and professionals that support this.

From the Eastern perspective, this is about your energy and where you direct it. The reality is you’ll get more back from what you focus on. If you want more of something, give more to it. If you want something to stop or go away,  ignore it. (Think of this in the context of parenting and reinforcing positive behaviors versus ignoring the less-than-desirable behaviors.)

If you want a more enjoyable and satisfying relationship with your child, then Be Present. Stop making lists about what you haven’t accomplished at work when you’re with your child. Invite all your senses to be 100% with your child.

If you want to be more productive and successful at work, then Be Present. Stop worrying about how little time you’re spending with your kids. Stop feeling guilty. Give yourself permission to let that go when you’re at work by taking a few deep breaths and direct your attention to the task at hand.

In the end, you’ll enjoy being a parent more, connect in a more meaningful way with your children (and they will notice), and benefit from performing better at work too!


By Erin Owen, Mom of 2 boys age 6 and 2, Author, Speaker, and an Eastern-Inspired Performance Breakthrough Coach

Erin shares more Eastern-inspired ideas about time management and being present in her book Recharge, Refuel, and Re-energize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy. You can download the first free chapter of the book



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