Au Pair Holiday Party at Peddler Village, Bucks County

Just a few days left till our annual Holiday party! This year, we will have a Holiday Party with a gift exchange again at the Cock ‘n Bull restaurant, located at Peddler’s Village, at New Hope, Bucks County, PA.  Last year Au Pairs had a lot of fun at the cluster’s annual Christmas party there. keep-calm-your-christmas-party-is-coming-soon-2

In the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster we have Au Pairs from many countries-Au Pairs from Brazil, China, Ecuador, Colombia, South Africa, El Salvador, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine. Many Au Pairs will be experiencing the holidays in the US and join the Au Pair party for the first time. The Holiday Party is a great chance to spend quality time together with au pairs from different countries far away from home and learn american holiday traditions.

I am looking forward to spending time with the Au Pairs! We will have a great Holiday party with Au Pairs from other clusters and with fun, laugh, delicious food and presents in a very special place that everyone will remember.

Multilingual kids with the Au Pair help.


Many parents  would like to teach their children extra skills or a language to prepare them better for their professional life. People who fluently speak more than one language are more likely to be considered for a job and more likely to earn a higher wage than monolingual speakers. Kids who speak two languages also develop the ability to multitask. Having your child learn a second language gives a child a distinct educational advantage that will last a lifetimemost-popular-languge

What languages are other people trying to learn? There are a lot of languages and cultures to choose- a bilingual family member, friend, neighbor, or caretaker who can spend time with your child  and speak to your child in the target language. Go Au Pair hires Au Pairs from 60 countries -Au Pairs from Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Ecuador, China, Colombia, Ukraine, S. Korea, France, Russia, El Salvador, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary and many more

Hiring an Au Pair who speaks the language of the family’s choice is an excellent option. Host families choose an Au Pair from a specific country because they are able to teach the language naturally through study and play. Speaking another language or two will open many doors for children.


2015 Au Pairs Christmas Party.

Enjoy the post which wrote by Au Pair from Brazil Aline. Thank you for sharing, Aline!Au Pair Christmas party 8
Last Saturday, December 12, 2015, we had our Christmas party and most of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia were together.2015 Au Pair party
We went to Au Pair Alejandra host family in Bucks County, PA. Thanks to the Kelly family for hosting out party! Thanks to Alejandra for decorating and preparing the party, assisting and entertaining us!Au Pair Christmas party 14
All the Au Pairs brought a traditional dish from their countries and they were delicious.Au Pair Christmas party 18 I can’t remember now which one I’m fell in love. There were 8 countries together and the same mission for everyone!Au Pair Christmas party 11
Our Local Area Representative Polina brought us some games, some funny questions about “would you prefer to be…” That was really funny!
Au Pair Christmas party 9
Secret Santa!!!! Yes, we had! We started to exchange our gifts and a lot of pics came after this!Au Pair Christmas party
Thanks cluster, for the amazing year, amazing party!!! Let’s get ready for next year and I wish a happy holiday for everyone!!! Merry Christmas!

An International Volunteer Day 2013: YOUNG.GLOBAL.ACTIVE.

December 5 was designated as an International Volunteer Day (IVD) by the United Nations in 1985 to celebrate the power of volunteering.  An International Volunteer Day has been celebrated around the world. The slogan of the International Volunteer Day 2013 is Young. Global. Active. tagline_ENG

According to VOLUNTEER ACTION COUNTS campaign, ” On International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2013, we not only celebrate and recognize volunteerism in all its facets – but pay special tribute to the contribution of youth volunteers in global peace and sustainable human development. For IVD 2013 we celebrate globally that young people act as the agents of change in their communities. On 5 December, 2013 join us in recognizing all volunteers’ commitment and applaud hundreds of millions of people who volunteer to make the world a better place.”


There’s no better way to celebrate the power of volunteering than to volunteer! Two weeks ago a group of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon and helped raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

IMG_20131117_102357 (2)

“Young. Global. Active.” was the best description of our volunteering team- the group of the passionate and energetic Au Pairs from Brazil, China, Colombia, Salvador, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, South Africa, Mexic0, France, Spain and Cameroon. Go Au Pair agency helps the Au Pairs have the best cultural exchange experience during the Au Pair program. Many Au Pairs are very enthusiastic and motivated to change the world for the better. The marathon was where the Au Pairs had an opportunity to start.


Monica, an Au Pair from Colombia, shared her volunteer experience, “It’s unbelievable how you give a little bit of your time to others, and they can give you so much energy and so much happiness.”


VOLUNTEER ACTION COUNTS  invite all volunteers—present, past and future to show the world- volunteering matters.

Please share your stories – Your action counts.

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