Connect with Au Pair Sis.

The Au Pair Sis is looking forward to organizing fun activities to do together with her. If you are still not connected with Janine Au Pair Sis, just send her a request on facebook.

Au Pair Sis

Au Pair Sis  is doing many interesting activities. She has her personal very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website. The Au Pairs can Join the Book Club and participate at Book of the Month Event on Facebook.

The Au Pair Sis is also a former personal trainer and helps Au Pairs to explore the world of fitness. Au Pairs can exercise alone, with friends, or kids. The Au Pair Sis often posts new challenges on Fitness for Au Pairs and Fitness for Kids.  If Au Pairs want to try new challenges from China or Ecuador, they can check Foreign Fitness.

There are so many international Games and Crafts  that Au Pairs Sis updates on her blog and Au Pairs can also can learn new games, crafts, and new recipes from Pinterest.


Au Pairs can learn about Au Pair Experiences from watching  videos. Host families and Au Pairs like to watch movies about Cultural Differences.

My personal favorite is learning to cook international dishes. There are so very many recipes that Au Pairs from Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Perú, China, Mexico, Germany, Filipines, and Poland shared with the Au Pair community at Go Au Pair Cookbook.Colombian Au Pair recipe

The Au Pair Sis also recorded many educational movies,  please check out her tutorials.

Make a new friend with Au Pair Sister on Facebook.  You can have fun together with the Au Pair Sis and her hundreds of Au Pairs friends.

Raising bilingual kids with an Au Pair.

Most kids in the world today learn two or three languages. Many American parents realize the benefit of bilingualism and introduce their kids to another language as early as possible, either by speaking one at home or having another language spoken by a childcare provider.

This is why many parents today consider hiring an Au Pair. With an Au Pair children can learn a new language for free with a native speaker. Au Pair is a great language tutor since she is with children on a daily basis.

Au Pairs are recruited from over 50 countries and can be selected to match host parents language preference. In my cluster in Philadelphia I have/had Au Pairs from Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, China, South Africa, Australia, and Sweden.

There are many reasons why parents should raise the kids bilingual, for example

Kids  will be more flexible in their thinking

Kids will have better career opportunities

Kids will be more open-minded and tolerant

Kids will acquire additional languages more easily

Kids will be able to communicate with a broader range of people

Please read more about Top 5 Reasons to Raise Your Kids Bilingual

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