Go Au Pair Christmas party at Peddlers Village, Bucks County, PA!

On 17 th of December, 2017 our cluster had very fun Christmas party for the au pairs. ❤️We were in very cute place of Bucks County, PA – the Peddlers village! Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 3It felt like I was in a real fairy tale because  everything looked, smelt and sounded like Christmas outside!

Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 2 I like the Cock ‘n Bull restaurant and very special banquet room where we spent three hours of fun.Au Pair Christmas Bucks County lunchenoonWe had lovely time with a lot of fun games, karaoke, making crafts, exchanging the gifts, enjoying yummy food, friendly atmosphere and Christmas music. Au Pair ChristmasEveryone was happy, smiley and had fun!Au Pair ChristmasAnother Au Pair cluster from NJ joined our group and Au Pair from Spain Maria came even from NYC!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County in 2017It was very nice time!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 12.2017I had my first American Christmas here with these lovely people from all around the world!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County PVI loved all the gifts I received from my friends and Go Au Pair! After party we went to explore more of the area! OMG!Au Pair Christmas Bucks CountyIt was awesome, the village was pretty decorated,  Christmas lights were everywhere, and we were taking a lot of nice pictures and laughing!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 5I am thankful everyone for being there and create that Christmas mood. 😍💋🎁💃🏼🎀 I hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all my heart!

Your Ukrainian au pair Mariia Bilous 💋

Helping the community with my Au Pairs friends.

Ophelia’s Diary.

My Au Pairs friends and I love to volunteer and help the community. In China, I didn’t have many opportunities to volunteer. As an Au Pair in America, I enjoy the opportunities to help others. My friend Adriana and I are volunteering in Chinese Gospel Church and helping to teach beginner’s English every Sunday. I also love to volunteer with my Au Pairs friends as a team,  it is even more fun.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

On March 1, 2014, 11 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area had so much fun together! I can’t wait to share all of them with you.
Au pairs in the PhiladelphiaFlowe Show

In the afternoon, all the Au Pairs got into the Convention Center, this is a huge and beautiful place. We had an Au Pair meeting first. We welcomed three new Au Pairs and each Au Pair shared their own experience.Au Pairs Go Au Pair volunteering

It was so nice meeting so many Au Pair friends here.Au Pair from  Philadelphia Karla

Our Local Area Representative Polina brought sweets for us. It was so delicious. Thank you so much Polina. Also, Polina helped us took a lot photos.Go Au Pair team volunteered Philadelphia Flowe Show

We always have so much fun during the Au Pair meetings. This time all Au Pairs were wearing lovely Go Au Pair T-shirts.

 Au Pairs volunteers

After this meeting, we went to Make and Take room to volunteer.

Make and take room

This volunteering experience was even greater! Stay tuned for my next entry- Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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Go Au Pair 2013 Photo Contest!

GAPWinterDear Reader,
Happy New Year and thank you for voting on Go Au Pair 2013 Photo Contest. It is a fun contest dedicated to New Year and showcasing the special moments the Au Pairs from Philadelphia and close NJ have spent with other Au Pairs in 2013. 

Please help us find the FINALISTS! Vote for your favorite photo!

Help Us Choose the Winners and Vote for the Best Photo!

Thank you!

All votes must be submitted by December 30, 2013 at midnight. The top 3 winners will receive a $25, $15, and $10 Gift Cards.

If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to announce it on facebook, twitter, email your friends and family and get your friends to vote for you!  Good Luck!

Things An Au Pair Can’t Live Without

New host families often ask me what they may provide to their Au Pairs in addition to board and stipend. They want to know if there is anything else they may offer to their Au Pair as an appreciation for her/his hard work.

Some host families may choose to provide to the Au Pair a computer and Internet access, a cell phone and use of a car for her/his spare time.  Some families may consider providing a personal computer  and TV in the Au Pair room, a membership to a sport club and a chance to travel with the family for free. It depends on the family’s resources and on what the Au Pair is interested in.

Here are 20 things Americans can’t live without 🙂

I asked Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster from the Philadelphia and NJ area to  name material things they can’t live without (doesn’t include family, friends, etc.)

Dear Au Pair,  What’s on your list?

What are you glad you have in your life or you really need to have as an Au Pair? I believe your host family will be glad to know that. Here is a long list of “an Au Pairs life necessities” I wrote collectively with Au Pairs from my cluster.

Please take your time and vote.

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