My first Au Pair Meeting!

Hey, hello! How is it going?

August 18th was a special day. I went to my first meeting with other Au Pairs. I was so excited to meet new people and spend time with them. It also was a great opportunity for me to find new friends.

However, it was not just a meeting to say “hi” to each other. Our amazing coordinator, Polina, invited us to a Glass Blowing Demo in Jim Loewer’s studio.

For those who don’t have an idea what a Glass Blowing is, I am providing a simple explanation here. A Glass Blowing is the art of shaping a mass of glass that has been softened by heat by blowing air into it through a tube.

We had a chance to experience the process of a glass blowing and that was exciting. Even though the glass blowing is a kind of dangerous art, some of us were lucky to help the artist Jim in squeezing red-hot glass.

Jim has been doing the glass blowing for 15 years. Isn’t it amazing? He truly loves his job. In case you want to know more about Jim and what he does, go and check out his website.

Thank Jim, Polina and Go Au Pair for unforgettable experience!

Welcome Lucy!

Another warm welcome to Botle Mpiti (Lucy). She is 20 years old and from South Africa. Lucy arrived a few weeks ago after rematching and is currently living in Oreland, Philadelphia. I will be Lucy’s buddy.

“I wanted to be an au pair because I love working with children as I would love to pursue my teaching career. I find children so inspiring.”
Lucy generally loves singing, swimming, reading, painting, and shopping. She is also open to learning new things and developing a wide range of interests and hobbies.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lucy at the flower show and I second that the three adjectives that describe her best is upbeat, dramatic and she is definitely an extrovert.
Lucy would like to visit Las Vegas and California. She is also a good listener and cares a lot for family and friends. Those are very good qualities to have, especially for an au pair.
What is the best thing about being an au pair in Philly?
“Best thing a about being an aupair in Philly is that the cluster is huge as to the number of au pairs…meeting my country girls is just so great, knowing other girls from different sides of this world is just too good wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in this world.”
We hope that you will have an awesome year with our cluster. I am looking forward to getting to know you better and exploring Philly with you!

A Family Day Conference.

Please enjoy the post written by an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, from the Philadelphia cluster, Adriana Zhang. Thank you for sharing with us, Adriana.

Hi everyone. I’m Adriana, and I came from China. This is my first time to write on the blog about my au pair life. I think this is my fourth au pairs meeting. But this time it was really different than others. Because this time host families joined us. So I met other au pairs’ host families.Adriana au pair from China

Their kids were so cute. They played together, and had fun. We are really a big group. And also we have 6 au pairs from China. And we were happy to meet each other. We talked about our work, our school, and also we took pictures together. We wanted to keep the memory for this special time.IMG_20131013_133550

We met each other at Rat’s restaurant of Grounds for Sculpture Park. Our Local Area Representative—Polina was really nice, she prepared some gifts for everyone. Thank her so much.chinese Au Pairs

That’s really a beautiful park. There were so many different sculptures, and we took pictures. Also, the park had a special music event and had some people who wore special clothes and sang in the park. That song was beautiful.

au pairs in NJ

And then we had the lunch together. I had fun with au pairs’ family. They are really nice and enthusiastic. It is an opportunity to share the experience and get to know each other better, gain cultural and social experience and make new friends from a different culture. And I also met some new friends.


On November 17, 2013  many Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ area and I are going to volunteer for the Philadelphia Marathon for  the American Cancer Society and raise funds to create a world with more birthdays and less cancer!

Philadelphia Marathon

I hope to see them again at November’s Marathon. Come join us. See you there.

My Au Pair Year – More Than Words.

By the Au Pair from China Hui Jung.

I can’t believe that my first Au Pair year will end in two weeks. I still feel that I just came to the USA a couple of days ago. I’m very glad that I have the opportunity to come to the USA as an Au Pair for Go Au Pair.  It’s absolutely a fabulous and remarkable experience in my life.

Luckily I’m staying with a very happy and nice host family near Philadelphia, PA. I really appreciate that my host parents truly care about me, which makes me feel I’m a part of the family.  No doubt I’m busy with 5 kids; they are 14, 12, 10 and 6 years old twins. The girl, Brooke is very independent and respectful and 4 boys are very active and joyful. I feel I’m a big sister to them.

I do have some hard times once in a while. For example, it’s not easy to get the twins ready for school. However, most of the times we are super happy and kids always make me laugh a lot. The happiest moments are holding both of the twins and having a movie night, or when I ‘m reading for them before they go to bed and both of them putting their heads on my shoulder.

 I don’t feel lonely even I’m far away from home because I have some awesome friends here. We always having fun and traveling together in our free time.

Thanks to my representative Polina, who is caring, responsible and willing to help. I appreciate that she hosts our group meeting every month which helps us to meet other girls and make more friends.

I’m sad that I’m leaving soon. I will miss all of you. And I’m also excited that I’m going to extend my second year with a new family in California. I think the east coast and west coast will be very different. But that’s what life is for, always learning new things, experiencing different life & accepting new challenges.

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