300 posts on my blog.

Another blogging milestone today!  A 300 post old blog!  Sounds old to me  🙂

My very first entry was posted 3 years ago,  at some point, I thought that I had posted about everything  that I could.  But every time a new topic come up.

Also, about 25 % of the posts are contributions from my guests. Au Pairs and Host Families from Philadelphia and NJ cluster from Go Au Pair, and other guest bloggers. Thank you for posting with me!

300 blogg posts

Last year, 2012, I posted 100 entries; this year we will surpass that since Ophelia, the Au Pair from China, is on board. You can read her Diary on this blog, enjoy many photos and watch a lot of movies.Aupair at the concert (2)

You can find  the most readable posts on my new page – Popular posts.

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Those were some of my more popular blogs, check them out if you get a chance.blogging

My blog has been read in 125 countries and has been visited over 56 thousand times, with 820 comments.  Keep the comments coming, I love reading them!

I hope that my blog is helpful and Host Families, Au Pairs and my readers will find a lot of useful information here. This blog helped many families to get to know Go Au Pair cluster in Philly and NJ better and make the decision to join us as a host family.

Thanks so much for stopping at my blog, the place where I share news about Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area and a great experience working as a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair

Au Pairs from Brazil

Brazil is Go Au Pair’s featured country this month. That’s why I would like to write  a post about Brazilian Au Pairs.

map_of_brazil (2)

A Brazilian Au Pair is very popular choice among the host families.  I usually have several Au Pairs from Brazil in the Philadelphia and NJ cluster.  Brazilian Au Pairs are very experienced childcare  givers since they often come from big families,  have younger siblings, many nieces and nephews and they almost always help care for them.

It is common that Brazilian Au Pairs gain child care experience through daycare, babysitting and volunteer work. The Au Pairs from Brazil tend to be very active and their favorite activities are soccer and volleyball.

From my experience working as a Local Area Representative, I can say that Brazilian Au Pairs are open-minded, social, and make friends fast. Brazilian Au Pairs have an easy time adjusting to the life in the United States.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Read more about the Brazilian Au Pair Jessica who was an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency and lived in NJ with a  lovely Host Family with four boys. Jessica said, “I cannot be more thankful to my parents and my host parents for giving me this opportunity.”

In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from Brazil in May Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.

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