Why does the Au Pair stay in Au Pair’s room all the time ?

Sometimes Host Parents notice that their Au Pair spends most of her free time in Au Pair’s room. What is the reason? There can be many. Guess why?

Not sure? Simply ask her. The Au Pair  may try to figure out how to balance being a family member and being an employee. She may feel that she needs to give the host family space to be a “family” and steps back to Aupair Room.

Most host families want their Au Pair to be a new member of the family, not just an employee. “...I found hard to live with… a girl who disappeared into her room the second her shift was over, and never came out on weekends, even when she was home”.

How to make the Au Pair more a part of the family? Speak with her and let her know that you like her to be around and be a family member. Encourage your Au Pair to spend quality time together, sharing news and watching movies at night.

Invite the Au Pair to movies, games, parties and some events that she might want to attend on weekend.  Ask her in advance if she wants to go on a trip or to a park and the sea-shore together with your family.

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