Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

I took the Washington DC Educational Trip class  for the Au Pairs which included three classes and a tour. The final project for the class was designing your own Monument and then we had the tour to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways. I just came back from a two days trip to Washington DC and look forward to sharing about the trip.

Au Pair Philadelphia

I met a lot Au Pairs from different countries, which was so awesome!Au Pair from Go Au pair

There are so many great things to seen DC, two days just too short for us. All my Au Pair friends love DC so much, we don’t want to come back at all.


On Saturday afternoon, we visited the World War ⅡMemorial, the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial.

Au Pair from Go Au pair

Also, we took a lot pictures at the Capitol Building and White House.aupairs

I always seeing these famous places in TV show.IMG_5268

I am so glad I could see them in person now.Au Pair from Go Au pair

My Au pairs friends and I were just so happy.

Au Pairs from Go Au pair

As we already learnt the history about DC in our class, it helped us enjoy this tour a lot.Au Pair from Go Au pair
On Sunday, we visit Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian Institution.Au Pairs from Go Au pair

I just can’t wait to share more details with you!

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Au Pairs can travel to Niagara Falls and earn educational credits.

Cultural Hi-Ways offers an educational tour (earning 45 class hours) to Niagara Falls for  the Au Pairs  who live close to Philadelphia. The  educational trip includes attending 3 classes at Villanova University, Philadelphia and a three-day trip to Niagara Falls.Au Pair in Canada

Niagara Falls are one of the most exciting places in the world.  During the trip au-pairs will  explore one of the most amazing wonders of the nature and learn the history, geography, landmarks, arts and customs of Niagara Falls as well.  The Au Pairs will learn about fascinating cultures and locales through classroom lectures, films, articles and discussions while improving their English comprehension skills. It is a great opportunity to explore one of the most amazing places in the US,  and also make new friends, take hundred of photos and build unforgettable memories.

Class Dates: – SUNDAY August 25, SATURDAY September 7, and SUNDAY September 22, 2013

Tour Dates: – Friday September 27 to Sunday September 29, 2013aupairs niagara trip

After Au Pairs complete the three-day class sessions, they will participate in a weekend tour to Niagara Falls. The cost is $419 (includes classroom sessions + tour + travel to and hotel in Niagara Falls). Au Pairs who completed the course (including the tour) will obtain a CERTIFICATE stating they have earned 45 class hours.

Au Pair Niagara

Enjoy your trip to a beautiful Niagara Falls and complete your education!

How the Au Pair Can Enlighten a Family About Culture Exchanges

Today I host the blog guest, freelance writer Sara, who will share with us her thought about culture exchanges.Sara

As an Au Pair, you are in a prime position to encourage growth on an intellectual level without putting much effort into the experience. Diversity and tolerance for other cultures begins with knowledge and learning. By influencing your hosts with your own culture, you can help open the world to possibilities for the children and the parents alike. Although you don’t want to push your own beliefs and methods onto your host, you should schedule moments where you can introduce your temporary family to your part of the world.

1. Edibles from Your Country – When it comes to cultural diversity, no other topic is more embraced than that of food. Periodically, you can introduce your host family to the delicacies of your homeland. In order to further the experience, you could add a bit of history to each dish so that the children can learn why it is important to your culture. Too many people in the United States consume various foods oblivious to why they are important or why they came to be.

2. The Holidays – Celebrating holidays of your homeland is another way to allow your Au Pair family to experience a cultural exchange. In fact, there are many holidays that have been adapted by other cultures that originated elsewhere. Without sounding like a teacher or arts professor, engage the children in an exchange of holidays and enlighten them about where these holidays originated and why they’re important. While some of these days are wrapped around religious beliefs, it could be quite a sticky situation if you get caught in a religious war in the home. It is best to tread lightly by not offending the family. However, you can have open room for sharing knowledge of belief systems as long as either party is open to discussion and not looking for a chance to belittle another person’s belief structure.Go Au Pair at the picnic

3. The Clothing – Clothing can be another form of cultural experience, although many clothing types are the same today. However, it may be fun to play dress-up with the children or something similar for the family using articles from your country of origin. Perhaps a brief explanation to why the garment is important and what it may signify in your culture could help the family understand further. Although jeans and other particular styles are quite common, every culture has a garment that was originally worn prior to the expansion of capitalism and trend.

4. Sharing Knowledge – As your host family may be willing to learn more of your culture, you should be open to learning as well. Although it may be easier for you to learn life in the new location as you are submitted to it, allow the family to partake in sharing the information with you. This could be bond forming and could greatly improve relationships between yourself and those who have accepted you into their home.hands_community

Exchanging cultural differences can improve the way of life for many people. It is the misunderstanding of these differences that can cause so many ripples within the world. If people were to take time and share information about themselves and why their people do things a certain way, more tolerance can be derived from the experience. Although we may not agree with the way each culture handles itself, at least we’ll have understanding as to why the do these things.

Author Bio

Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of  Learn more about Sara .

Au Pairs traveling and studying


Cultural Hi-Ways gives Au Pairs an opportunity to study and travel. 99% of Cultural Hi-Ways’ guests are Au Pairs. Au Pairs can sign up to join any of the weekend tours and have a great time.

Cultural Hi-Ways is a partner with the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), it means that Au Pairs can add an educational element to their weekend tours.  Au Pairs can earn educational credit in a fun, creative environment. They can study in the classroom then learn from personal experience by visiting the destination you have studied! 

Included in the tuition price:

  • 2 or 3 classroom sessions (depending on the course you choose to sign up for) held at Villanova University, in the Philadelphia area
  • A weekend tour to the destination studied – provided by Cultural Hi-Ways
  • Upon successful completion of the classroom sessions, homework assignments and the tour, a certificate of completion will be awarded for either 3.5 CEU’s (35 hours) or 4.5 CEU’s (45 hours).  The number of hours/CEU’s earned will depend on the course you sign up for

If Au Pairs need to earn educational credit, they can select course listings at BMCC website , (under Personal Development select Learning Across America) and sign up for one of the Learning Across America courses offered in Philadelphia. If they don’t need to earn education but would like a fun weekend away with a great group of au pairs, they can sign up for just the tour on the Cultural Hi-Ways website

Upcoming courses/tours available to Philadelphia Au Pairs:

Montreal, Canada

May 9-12, 2013
Tuition Price paid to BMCC (tour is included): $469
First class begins Sunday, March 17
Tour only price if you don’t need education (sign up on the Cultural Hi-Ways website) $329

Niagara Falls

June 14-16, 2013
First class begins Sunday, April 28

Tuition Price paid to BMCC (tour is included): $419
Tour only price if you don’t need education (sign up on the Cultural Hi-Ways website): $279

Au Pair’s trip to Washington DC

Cultural Hi-Ways offers educational tour( earning 35 class hours) to Washington DC for Au Pairs that includes attending 2 classes in Philadelphia and the trip to Washington DC.

Class Dates:Sunday, February 24 & Sunday, March 3, 2013 in Villanova University. The aupairs will learn about American culture through classroom lectures, films, articles and discussions while improving their English comprehension skills.

After Au Pairs complete  two day class session, they will join a weekend tour to Washington, DC

Tour days: March 23-24, 2013 During the trip au-pairs will learn the history, landmarks, arts and customs of Washington, DC , make new friends, take hundred of photos and explore new places. In the journey Au Pairs will visit the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial and World War II Memorial, stop to see the Capitol Building and White House and many other interesting places.
The cost is $319 (includes classes & the tour)white-house-lg

Au Pairs who completed the course (including the tour) will obtain a CERTIFICATE stating they have earned 35 class hours.

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