What is an Au Pair’s role in the family?

Au Pairs provide live-in child care for their Host Family in exchange for room, board and a small weekly stipend. Au Pairs are responsible for all the children in their Host Family. There is not a limit to the number of children an Au Pair may be responsible for.

Since the foundation of the Au Pair program is cultural exchange, Au Pairs are meant to become part of the family and be a big brother or sister.

Au Pairs are not maids and cannot perform any tasks not directly related to the care of the children, even if they are paid more to do so.

 Au Pairs can care for children 3 months to 18 years of age.

Child care responsibilities can include, but are not limited to:

  • General supervision
  • Driving
  • Homework help
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping related to the children

Light housekeeping related to the children means Au Pairs cannot be responsible for the overall housework or cleaning for any of the adults in the home, other than themselves. Light housekeeping includes tasks such as the children’s laundry and general tidying up in the children’s areas.

Watch the movie about how to work with Au Pair

Feel The Love.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and everyone woke up really excited.

Joey got dressed and before he ate his sereal he wished me “Happy Valentine’s Day”-So cute!

My host mother, Allison, was eager to start her day and was in a great mood, as usual. She’s the best.

Olivia has been difficult in the past week – terrible twos – but today she behaved a lot better.

I was happy to be celebrating this special day in U.S for the first time and texted my friends in Brazil, sending them a video of the song “Friends”, by Band of Skulls.

When Allison came home from work she surprised me by giving me a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolate, with the condition that I keep the candy away from her. 😀

Joey’s day at school was really good, too. He came home with a bag full of candy his friends gave him. He did his homework, played on his computer and went out with his parents for chinese food – his favorite.

Livy stayed home with me and she Party Rocked a lot. “Party Rock” is her favorite song, but she also likes “Moves like Jagger”.

I’m blessed and so happy for the opportunity of working as a au pair and experiencing so much, getting to know amazing people and making a difference in their lives.

This was my V-Day… And today’s my day off, so I guess I’ll Just check on those chocolates now.

See you soon!!!!

My Au Pair Journey, my new home at Langhorne, Bucks County, PA

Hi, my name is Juliana and…Wow!
That’s pretty much the best word to describe these 2 weeks since I got to Langhorne at Bucks county, PA.
After almost 12 hours flying from Sao Paulo, Brazil to New York, Washington and – finally- Pennsylvania I arrived at my house for the next year, The Zacconis residence.
Now I am an Au Pair from Go Au Pair  and here my journey began.

I was welcomed by my host mother (and new shopping partner) Allison, my host father Shawn and their wonderful family.

I spend most of the time with Olivia, who is two and is a cutie.
Joey, her brother, is six years old. He is my evening buddy.
We usually spend some time at the basement and playing Wii (I’m not very good at that), baseball (I try) and soccer (Hey, I’m from Brazil) and we have lots of fun.
I wasn’t just welcomed by the humans in the family, though…their dog, Diesel, connected to me immediately. I wake up everyday with him lying by my feet. His love came in a perfect time once I left my 11 year-old dog Coco at home.
Unfortunately, Coco passed away last Saturday. Diesel is helping me cope…

Stay tuned for my next entry: A trip to Philly

Host Family handbook for an Au Pair

A well-written Family Handbook should avoid many problems and questions. This notebook will be especially critical for Au Pair success in the beginning of her year and will become her “au pair bible”.

When an Au Pair comes to live with a host family, she will be new to living in the United States.  Many host parents like to write down Family Handbook, where they set limits and rules from the start and in writing.

That gives the Au Pair a reference that she initially reads to understand host family’s  rules and important information. This is also a reference she can use when she has forgotten something that parents have told her.

Some parents prefer that Au Pair reads Family Handbook and asks questions prior to matching. They believe that if an Au Pair read the Family Handbook prior to matching, that she knows the rules and will be very good at following them.

During the searches many parents email it to candidates. During the interview process, it helps cover many of the topics (particularly guest & vacation policies) to minimize misunderstandings. Parents and Au Pair can ask each other questions and discuss the details before the match.

A handbook may contain ‘absolute rules’, ‘expectations’ and ‘guidelines’. Every family does things differently and the following goAUPAIR Family Handbook (1) is for guidance only.

Go Au Pair at the FRUA picnic

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster from Philadelphia, Bucks County and close NJ recently volunteered for adoptive families at the FRUA picnic, at Limerick Community Park,  PA. 

The adopted children of FRUA‘s families come from all former Soviet bloc countries and republics, including Russia, Ukraine and many more.  FRUA believes that every child deserves a forever family and celebrates the rich heritage of our children’s birth countries.

Several Au Pairs were from Russia and Ukraine. Au Pairs  entertained the children, played games, taught them words in Russian, made crafts and had fun together.  We brought Russian toys and a lot of Russian food. Everyone asked questions about Russian culture and heritage. Although many children forgot their native Russian language, they were thrill to learn several words again,  like “Thank you” – “Spasibo”, or “See you later “- ” Poka”.

Go Au Pair helped make this picnic very special. The agency sent Au Pairs very  pretty T-shirts with their logo. All the Au Pairs were thrilled to wear this  fancy T-shirt and they looked amazing in it. The Agency also gave a huge $1000 discount off  the program fees for any family who had attended this picnic.

Volunteering is a great way to help the community around us. It also has many positive benefits for Au Pairs! They got a chance to meet new people, made friends and got to know American life better through volunteering.

This picnic was a great success, Au Pairs made many children and parents very happy at FRUA picnic!  The FRUA families were so glad to have us. They said to us again and again:” Thank you very much for coming,  you made this day very special. Please, come again, we are looking forward to seeing you at our Christmas party!”

“Thank you.”  “See you later”.  


Top Pages and Posts of Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery Counties and NJ blog

Hi readers,

I have noticed some people making an index of the blog from time to time. I think that it is especially beneficial for new readers and host families.  Here are the pages that have received over 40 hits during my first six months blogging on Go Au Pair blog. These are not 100% accurate since some people read everything from the home page, but I hope you find this interesting.

Nomination 1,992
Home page 1,775
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Events 147
About 142
Photo Contest 130
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go AU PAIR in Philadelphia and close NJ. Welcome to our world! 113
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New Au Pair Event 55
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Au Pairs from Philadelphia and NJ from goAUPAIR blog. Please vote! 45
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The Best Au Pairs! 40
Classes 40

I would like to find more interesting topics for my blog and find out what people are most interested in reading. I would appreciate it if you would leave comments with suggestions about what you want me to write about in the future.

The Place I Call Home Is My Host Family!

“Where are you from?”

There are homes you run from, and homes you run to.
– Law Ra Cunning Ham

We were sitting with my Au Pairs in a restaurant. The waiter was extremely polite and patient with the big group of young people. Happy and excited, with our different appearance and accents, we were obviously tourists to him. He no doubt wondered where we came from: “Where are you from?”

We smiled and one of the Au Pairs said “From here.”
He could not conceal his astonishment, “ Really?”
“Yes, we are!” We read a question in his eyes.
“At least for now,” smiled one of the girls.

“We are the Au Pairs, international nannies, we  live as part of an American family, earn money,  travel,  further our education, and make friends. Our Agency, goAUPAIR,  has Au Pairs from over 40 different countries around the world,” explained one Au Pair.

“We came from everywhere, with the names of our countries you could easily create a world map!” smiled another.

It was the first time the waiter had heard about the Au Pair program, “Do you like being an Au Pair?“

“Yes, I am enjoying every minute of it. Living in the USA is truly an adventure and I am building lifelong connections here. I have made new friends and formed a special bond with my host family, and I feel like it is my second family” said one girl.

“My family treats me so well, I love them so much.  I became a family member and feel that I belong here,” stated another Au Pair.

“I love my host family’s kids, they are so nice and sweet, and they are the best children ever.  My Host Parents made me feel at home immediately when I came here.  The place I call home became my Host Family” said another.

So with the new places my Au Pairs call homes,  it is really hard for them to answer “Where are you from?”

Many Au Pairs and  families develop long-term friendships and become an extended family through the Au Pair program.

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