The Au Pair program – a life changing experience!

The Smolarski family has been with Go Au Pair for 15 years and has a great experience with 10 Au Pairs! It’s really a joy to see how the Smolarski family bonds with their Au Pairs and develops long-term friendships through this program. You may think that there are a lot of responsibilities to take care for many kids and the little triplets and it is hard to find an Au Pair.  Not really- many Au Pairs extended with the Smolarsky family for the second year and said that it was a life changing experience!

“Not even in my best expectations for this program I could possibly imagine how much love could be involved between me and these three kids”,- says Nadia, the second year Au Pair with the Smolarski family.


Au Pair Brazil

“I’m already suffering just for thinking about the day I’ll say for the last time as their Au Pair, “good morning guys”, “Julia, you’re my bruxa”, “Ellie girl, you’re my peanut”, “Drew, you’re Nádia’s boy”, “I’ll be your friend forever guys”… And I mean it if they let me, I’ll be there to be anything they need me to, forever!

I know I have a second family for life and it’s good to know that I’ll be welcome to visit my host family in the future. I’ll always be grateful because I’m a better human because of what I’m living here and because of these little human being!”

Thank you to Smolarski family and many host families for welcoming Au Pairs to your home and making them part of your family.


Au Pair memories

Blogging about Au Pairs experience is another Philadelphia and  NJ cluster tradition. Sharing with others about great experience became a part of our cluster’s life. If some Au Pairs couldn’t attend the meeting, they can read about the Au Pair meeting on the blog.


There are also many posts, journals and diaries from former Au Pairs on this blog.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

Au Pair Cosima from Germany started her writing project Au Pair Mission recently. Cosima interviewed many Au Pairs already and made a lot of friends. She is working with many prospective Au Pairs on their interviews. Cosima is also a buddy to new Au Pair Nita who lives in New Hope, Bucks County and Au Pair Rikie who lives in NJ.Au Pair Ophelia life

Please read  Ophelia Diary about Chinese Au Pair experience of living as an Au Pair in Philadelphia. Ophelia recently extended with the host family and moved to Las Vegas to a new experience.

Au Pair Journal  is the memories that Brazilian Au Pair Juliana left. She was an Au Pair in Bucks County.

Juliana's buddy

South African Au Pair Lala shared with us her Au Pair Diary. She was an Au Pair in Philadelphia.
AuPair Lala

Those Au Pairs chose to share their experience with Au Pairs from the cluster and others. It may help new Au Pairs learn from Au Pairs that are currently in the program or that have completed the Au Pair Program.

This tradition of writing on the blog is also important because help create writing memories that may last much longer this way. In fact, the memories never go pairs in Temple

Welcome to Brazil! “Meu Brasil, Brasileiro!!”

By  the Au Pair from Brazil, Fernanda F.

It is really a pleasure for me to talk about Brazil, where I was born, where I learned a lot of things and where it is full of joy. My name is Fernanda, I am 20 years old and I have been here in Philadelphia for 8 months as an Au Pair with Go Au Pair agency. I will tell a little bit more about my country.
Brazilian Au Pair 1I will start talking about the Brazilian food, because it is of the things that I miss more in Brazil. The food in Brazil is very different from American Food. In Brazil, we have several kinds of foods and “FEIJOADA” is a very typical dish in Brazil. The basic ingredients of feijoada are beans with fresh pork or beef and we also make some rice, cabbage, toasted manioc (Farofa in Portuguese) to go with the black beans. It is really a delicious dish that everyone should try. Usually in Brazil the restaurants make Feijoada every single Wednesday and Saturday.
Brazilian Au Pair 2Besides that one of the different things between Brazil and America is the weather, mainly in the winter time when you see that the temperature here in America is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We have a lot of beautiful beaches in Brazil and you can see the picture below of a famous beach in Brazil, located in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil:
Brazilian Au Pair 3

Another amazing place in Brazil is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 3rd largest statue of Jesus in the world. It is 30 metres (98 ft) tall, not including its 8 metres (26 ft) pedestal, and its arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide. It weighs 635 tonnes (625 long, 700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city. A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, and was constructed between 1926 and 1931.

Brazilian Au Pair 4

Of course Brazil has a lot of wonderful place, and everybody is always waiting for new people to go there and explore this great country. You will be lucky if you have a chance to visit this country. Welcome to Brazil!!!!


What does the Au Pair program teach the kids?

The Au Pair  program promotes cultural exchange and make a difference in the lives of children. Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries. Right now there are Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairsEcuadorian Au PairsPanamanian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au Pairs, Cameroonian Au Pair  in the Philadelphia , NJ cluster.


The Au Pair offers an opportunity to learn a new language, culture and make friends all over the world.  Here are even  more benefits that the Au Pair program gives to the kids.

The Au Pairs program teaches kids to respect cultural diversity. Many Au Pairs follow a different set of norms and behaviors.  Kids learn to respect their differences,  welcome them and be flexible.

The Au Pairs program teaches kids to accept the differences. Au Pairs help them to learn about  different  customs and traditions and appreciate those differences.


The Au Pair program teaches kids the tolerance and mutual understanding. Kids will be more likely to embrace differences and see the value in others.

 The Au Pairs program teaches the kids many things that help their personal growth and becoming a responsible citizen of the world.


My last 20 days with my Host Family and Go Au Pair!

It’s so crazy how fast time flies! It has been already one year since I got here and joined my lovely Host Family with four boys in NJ as an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency.  One year having fun, getting crazy, getting home sick and learning so much!!!!! 
Being an Au Pair is definitively the most rich experience I could have ever had! Being an Au Pair is not just coming to USA to get to know the country and take care of kids. Being an Au Pair is way more than working and studying outside your country. It is growing up as a person, getting responsibility, seeing the world with a new grown eyes.
I cannot be more thankful to my parents and my host parents for giving me this opportunity.
Well, this year is over, but my new life has just begin.

I don’t have words to explain how much I’m gonna miss my host family… how much I’m gonna miss my cluster and of course, my LAR.
Thank you so much Go Au Pair for being the agency which care SO much for your Au Pairs!!! It has been an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G year thanks to you guys!!!!!

Gonna miss you all.

by Jessica Anelli.

A Brazilian Festival in Philadelphia. Com certeza!

Com certeza! (koh-oong seh-teh-zah; Literally: With certainty!) translates to Of course! or Definitely!

If someone asks you Vai para a festa? (vah-ee pah-dah ah fehs-tah; Are you going to the party?), you can answer Com certeza!

WOW, only one week  till a Brazilian Festival in Newtown,  Bucks county, near Philadelphia with my friends Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Philadelphia.

 Vai para a festa?  Com certeza!

Definitely!!!  We are going to have a lot of fun-a costume party, a Brazilian food cooking class, a costume competition, games, Brazilian music and dance. Brazilian Au Pairs and I am very busy with the preparations.

Now I will tell you a little more about  my lindo maravilhosa (marvelous) Brazil.

We are also known for our most important party, one that bring people together in the states of Bahia (Northeast), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Southeast): Carnival.

People get together in the streets or in arenas like Sapucaí (in Rio) and Sambódromo (in Sao Paulo) and watch the parade of floats and dancers present sambas about different themes related to our culture.

Every state and city offer something special, but Brazil’s most important ones are:

Sao Paulo: The Picture shows Paulista Ave.

Rio de Janeiro: Cristo Redentor.

Brazil’s music is also known worldwide. From Bossa Nova and Tropicalia to Axé and Rock.

From artists like Gilberto Gil

and Tom Jobin to Cazuza and  Ivete Sangalo.

Our most famous Music Festival has traveled around the world and came back to Brazil in 2011.

We’re also big on fashion. With fashion designers like: Alexandre Herchcovitch: (Stop drooling, ladies!)

And brands like:  Rosa Chá (Yep, that’s Naomi Campbell)

And Colcci:

And, well…Some of us are present in America’s runways and imagination:

My au-pairs friends, come join us!

My beautiful Brazil, Lindo maravilhosa!

Lindo maravilhoso  (leen-doh mah-dah-veel-yoh-zoo) is a Brazilian saying that literally translates to Beautiful, Marvelous!

Hello All,

As you may know, I am from Brazil and we have three more Au Pairs from Brazil in Philadelphia cluster of  Go Au Pair agency. Jessica, another Au Pair from Brazil, suggested switching  an aupair meeting to a Brazilian Festival. Sounds like a great idea, a Brazilian Festival, here  in Bucks county, near Philadelphia.


Our Brazilian party is coming and here’s a few things you should know about Brazil.

Our flag is composed by four colors:

Green representing our forests;

Yellow representing our gold;

Blue representing our Sky and

White representing peace.

The stars represent the Brazilian states and “ORDEM E PROGRESSO” means “Order and Progress”.

Brazil is located in South America, here’s a map


Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, was elected in October 31, 2010. She’s the 36th president.

The President’s official residence is located in Brazil’s capital, Brasília.

Brazil is famous for its success in Soccer World Cups (we are 5-time champions), for our famous soccer players Pelé, Ronaldo and Kaká, for instance.

You will be hearing from me soon,  the next part is coming.

South African takes the world with help from GO AU PAIR

My name is Phila Sozombile from South Africa, I’m an Au Pair from Go Au Pair in Philadelphia.
At one stage I thought I would never survive the feeling of being thousands of miles away from home. For 21years I have lived with my close knit family and the thought of being away from them scared the death out of me. But being passionate about travelling, meeting new people and learning other cultures made me see the world in a whole different perspective.
I always thought that the only family I have are those related to me, people at home. Until I realized that I am a child of the universe, therefore the world is my home. I have been to places that I never thought I would be. In all of those places I’ve met wonderful people, people that make me feel at home.
Today I went to celebrate Chinese new year in China town Philadelphia with my friends (Au pairs) from China, Brazil, oGermany, France, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and of course “ME” from South Africa. There is still more, we’re like the Rainbow Nation.
If I had to count them all it would take me hours. We had lots of fun, as we always do when we are together.
Here we are learning a Chinese New Year Song.
The point is, being away from your relatives doesn’t mean you are away from home/family. It is always home when there’s love. We are all sisters and our LAR Polina is like a mother to us. She has the best interest in our comfort and happiness.
We are family. We are living young, wild and free!!!
Now you tell me, what could possibly top that??? #wink#

Teaching Portuguese to Host Children.

So, for the past week or two I found myself home with a two year-old and a restless six year-old, Who was home because of the teachers strike. What to do now???

Joey and Olivia had been very excited a few weeks before while I was skyping with my mom in Brazil (she’s trying to learn, but for now “Hi” and “Hello” is all she’s got), so I thought why not?

I started teaching them a few words in Portuguese. It was a little difficult in the beginning, but ended up having fun.

I’m sure my friends aupairs from Go Au Pair can do the same with their host kids and they’ll have a blast.

Well, since it’s never too late to learn, here are a few expressions in Portuguese from Brazil:

Oi means Hi.

Tudo bem? means How are you doing?

Obrigada means Thank You.

Por Favor means Please.

Tchau (ciao – like in italian) means Bye.

Whenever we’re reading, I teach Livy some animals names in Portuguese, too. It’s a work in progress, maybe someday I can teach you. 😉

An amazing Christmas and New Year with my Host Family!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Oh, how I love Christmas… too bad it goes by so fast and we’re left only with the memories, the presents, the pictures and-unfortunately-the dozens of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes to clean.

But it is a magical time and I had an amazing Christmas with my Host Family. We sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus and to Allison’s father, I ate a gingerbread house for the first time and waited for Santa in my snowmen pajama.

On the morning of the 25th, we were all up early to see what Mr. Claus had brought us for being good and, oh boy, we must have done a pretty good job ‘cause the kids are still opening some of the gifts.

We’re all truly blessed.

Then came New Year’s Eve and I heard some of my friends from Go Au Pair celebrated with Lady Gaga at Times Square. Awesome! I wanna know everything.

My celebration was a bit modest. I started the year doing what I do best: eating, watching a Big Bang Theory Marathon and reading my beloved books and I loved it all.

Joey was off school, so we took a trip to the Pocono Mountains and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoors water park.

We all had an incredible time and I felt like a kid again, playing basketball with Joey and frolicking around with Olivia.

Looks like the beginning of a great year…

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