My first Christmas in the US with Ice and Snow!

Ophelia’s Diary.

It was  my first Au Pair‘s Christmas being far away from my family in China, and I had  my first Christmas in a world of ice and snow -in Alaska. My host family is originally from Alaska, so we came there together before the holiday.

I got a lot of gifts from my host family. Especially, from a grandma, she gave me a lot of scarves, bags and chocolates. Also, I got a kindle from her, this will help me improve my reading and writing abilities a lot.opening Christams gifts

After Christmas dinner, we built gingerbread house together. I was in a group with Sam. We built very pretty house. Our house won the second.

Au pair made a gingerbread houseMy host parents won the first! Their house showed how lovely this family is. I am glad I can live with this No.1 parents's house

Another interesting story in Alaska was I made a good friend whose name is Maggie. She is grandma’s dog.
Au pair with a dog Maggie

Maggie is so sweet, every time when I saw her, I couldn’t help giving her a big hug. I had a two hours long walk with grandma and Maggie. We all enjoyed the pretty view of this snow world.

au pair 2014 a5

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My Au Pair experience in 2013.

Ophelia’s Diary.

 2013 year was a great and harvest year for me. I am so thankful that I can be an Au Pair. I love being an Au Pair and would like to share my Au Pair experience with you.

Au Pair US

In January, 2013 I finished all the Au Pair application documents. The next step was matching with family. During this time, I did an internship job at Chinese Au Pair center and tutored American kids mandarin. This experience helped speed up my matching process. On March 3, I got an offer from the family I like. I accepted it happily.

Ophelia NYC

On July 8, I arrived New York! This was the first flight in my life. A 20 hours long international flight. I had a great time with Au Pair Sis and a lot Au Pairs during New York Workshop.

New York workshop

After the workshop, my wonderful Au Pair life started in Philadelphia.

keepsake Go Au Pair

With my host child Theo, I never feel alone. Love is everywhere in my host family’s home. 

Au Pair Go Au pair OpheliaIf you don’t experience by yourself, you can never imagine how amazing Au Pair’s life could be.

Au Pairs photo contest 3

I had a great time at Peddler’s Village with my best friend Adriana’s host family.

Peddler's villlage with Adriana's host

 I went to Harvest America Music Concert and Atlantic city with Adriana.

Au Pairs NJ

I had classic Italian desserts cooking class as my first American birthday gift and my birthday celebration with Au Pairs friends.

Ophelia birthday

I had awesome English class at International house.

Au Pairs class

Also, I went bowling and volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon with many Au Pairs.

au pairs contest photo 2I just came back from a wonderful Houston Thanksgiving trip, now I am going to Alaska and Hawaii with my host.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 2

If not the Au Pair program, how could all my dreams come true?

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Language exchange with my American friend Mike

Ophelia’s Diary.

I have been an Au Pair in the Untied States almost four months. Now I have some nice friends from Philadelphia area. They help me improve my language and get used to the life in here. One of them is Mike.

Au Pair Ophelia with Mike at museum

Mike is training to be an ESL teacher. I am one of his students. Also, Mike likes Chinese culture. We are language exchange now. I tutor him Chinese, and he helps me with my English.

 Au Pair Ophelia at museum

Sometimes we have history class at National Constitution Center. Last week we saw a Pulitzer Prize photographs exhibition there. Typically published on the front pages of American newspapers, these photographs helped me to understand the meaning of ” We the People” a lot.aupair in museum

Learning and exploring the cultural difference is always my favorite part.

Au Pair Ophelia at museum

I am glad to have this chance to learn America’s history.

Au Pair friend

Thanks my teacher and friend Mike a lot.

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The positive impact of Au Pairs volunteering for causes in the US.

On Sunday, 11.17.2013, twenty Au Pairs from Go Au Pair are going to volunteer at the Philadelphia Marathon and help the American Cancer Society. It is our first time of participating in such a Marathon. I didn’t expect that almost all Au Pairs in the area would like to join the team, but they did. There will be a huge cultural diversity Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au Pairs, German  Au Pairs, Panamanian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au Pairs, French Au Pairs, Spain Au Pairs, and Cameroonian Au Pairs.Go Au Pair 11

I feel passionate about the positive impact of volunteering at the marathon. Volunteering  will bring a lot of benefits to the community and make a difference.

Volunteer.Philadelphia Go Au pair

In addition, it will be useful to the young adults from around the world who choose to volunteer in the US.  It can be a first-hand experience for the Au Pairs and also, a life changing event. The Au Pairs will return back home, share with others and spread their experience all over the globe.

Volunteer AuPair Philadelphia

Volunteering for a cause is not common in some countries, and Au Pairs may feel like ambassadors. Many Au Pairs are very enthusiastic and motivated to change the word for the better. To start changing the world, we may need only to directly impact the lives of a few people. Smal steps… but here is a start – volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon! See you there!

volunteering to the Philadelphia Marathon

Going Bowling for Fernanda’s Farewell Party

Ophelia’s Diary.

The best moment is having new Au Pairs  join us, the saddest moment is having close Au Pairs leaving us. On September 29th, Sunday afternoon, eight Au Pairs came to Fernanda’s Farewell Party. Fernanda is an Au Pair from Brazil, and she is going home next week.


We created a special T-shirt for Fernanda, that was a sweet moment for all of us. We are Au Pairs from different countries -Spain, El Salvador, Ecuador, China and Germany.

We wrote blessing words for Fernanda in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian and English.IMG_20130929_165135

Then we went bowling together. For me and some other Au Pairs this was our first time bowling. Au Pair program gives us a lot of chances to explore variety new interesting things. We appreciate it a lot. Even thought this was my first time bowling, I knocked down all ten pins! I was so excited about it.

Everyone had a great time at Fernanda’s farewell party. We will miss her so much. Good luck Fernanda, we love you forever!  Also, wish new Au Pair Sandra has a great time in here with us!

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What does the Au Pair program teach the kids?

The Au Pair  program promotes cultural exchange and make a difference in the lives of children. Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries. Right now there are Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairsEcuadorian Au PairsPanamanian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au Pairs, Cameroonian Au Pair  in the Philadelphia , NJ cluster.


The Au Pair offers an opportunity to learn a new language, culture and make friends all over the world.  Here are even  more benefits that the Au Pair program gives to the kids.

The Au Pairs program teaches kids to respect cultural diversity. Many Au Pairs follow a different set of norms and behaviors.  Kids learn to respect their differences,  welcome them and be flexible.

The Au Pairs program teaches kids to accept the differences. Au Pairs help them to learn about  different  customs and traditions and appreciate those differences.


The Au Pair program teaches kids the tolerance and mutual understanding. Kids will be more likely to embrace differences and see the value in others.

 The Au Pairs program teaches the kids many things that help their personal growth and becoming a responsible citizen of the world.


Read through the eyes of the Chinese Au Pair.

By Chinese Au Pair Plum Yang .

The Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency, Plum  has been leaving in Newtown, Bucks County,  PA for 10 months and she is taking care of three kids ages 21 months, and 3 and 5 years old.Au Pair from China

Chinese people are very polite. In China, we all answer carefully the questions because we are not willing to break one’s heart or disappointed him.  Indirect speaking attitude is our purpose.

In China, we need to help our parents as they raised us and helped us before. We don’t have a good welfare system for older people.  Even now, when it is a little better, parents think that their kids are only hope for the rest of their life.china

China is very popular for looking for a boyfriends and girlfriend on the TV show.

The important requirements for Chinese girl, who seek her ideal man, mostly are have a stable income, a house, a car, and a good look! Some girls were going extremely said that they would rather crying in the BMW car than smiling on the bicycle.China Show

Many Chinese girls are very traditional. Their marriage just depends on what their parents desire. Their parents recommended them some guys that they like, then the girl need to choose one even even she does not like him very much. Otherwise parents will get very angry with their daughter.

My au pair life in the USA

This is the last part, read the first part A great match with a Chinese Au Pair , the second part Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival and the third A Chinese Au Pair story.

The Au Pair from China Hui continue her story.

by the Chinese Au Pair Hui

My sister visited us and spend Chinese new year with us. She is always welcome, kids like her!

Au Pair Hui  China 6

Amazing!We are watching the NBA game live Rockets vs Brooklyn! This is my host dad’s present for us for our birthday!Au Pair Hui China 4

At the beginning, Au pair has a lot of things to figure out, but don’t worry too much, you are not alone!Au Pair Hui China 5

For the new life, I need to figure out a lot of stuff, like open a bank account,  get a social security number, find my classes, get a driving license…my host family help me a lot. Right now I got my driver license. And I’m taking a fine arts classes and  English class. I really enjoy my classes and enjoy everything here. Thanks!

My last words:  The kids love Hui, Gregory gave Hui the offer to continue with the family for another year. Hui is always busy taking care of the kids, teaching them and having fun together. The kids love Hui, she became the big sister and the family member.

Also, Gregory and kids have become a great family for Hui, they help her to adjust to the life here, to improve her English, they include her in all activities. Gregory helped Hui to start driving in the USA.  An iPad 5, Gregory’s present Hui when she arrived in the US,  became one of her favorite things. Gregory and kids are always ready the help Hui and her twin sister.

A Chinese Au Pair story.

This is the third part, read the first part A great match with a Chinese Au Pair and the second part Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival.

The Au Pair from China Hui is sharing her story after being an Au Pair 7 months in the USA with a single father Gregory and his two kids.

By the Au Pair Hui.

Time goes by so fast, it is already half of the year since I came here. I still remember after Au Pair training, in New York,  my host dad drove me from New York home. We got home and waited kids from a school bus. That was my first time really see them.

They really look more cute and beautiful than on Skype : ) !Look, Nina almost as same tall as me.

Au Pair Hui

Awesome! This is my first time for Halloween!

Au Pair Hui China.

They were writing Chinese calligraphy. Every Sunday we go Chinese school together, and I also help the kids learn Chinese at home.Au Pair Hui China3

Do something funny. Ha, Ha, Ha!Au Pair Hui China7

They like dumping so much! We tried to make dumping by ourselves. We were successful! They look great and delicious,  right?Au Pair Hui China 8

My host dad always drives me to the station while I go to visit my sister. Every time he and kids wait for the train with me and until I get on the train.Au Pair Hui China2

Waiting for a Chinese Au Pair arrival.

This is the second part, read the first part A great match with a Chinese Au Pair.
In July 2012,  a single father with two kids, Gregory invited an Au Pair from China to join his family. The children stayed with his grandparents during the summer. Gregory was very busy preparing for a new life.  Several weeks later, by the time school started,  the new Au Pair Hui arrived to the US.


Chinese Au Pair with kids

I would say that Gregory’s family and Hui are a great match.  Hui has a very caring personality and she bonded with her host children quickly. As a Local Area Representative, I noticed right away that Hui is a great addition to Gregory’s family.

Chinese Au Pair life

The Au Pair  Hui has a lovely personality and a beautiful smile.  She has many talents, and is always ready to help without asking. She likes traveling and taking many great photos.  Hui has made a lot of friends.


Hui is very intelligent, attentive and caring person.  She is also a modest person, very nice to others and puts others before her.  Hui became a big sister, a caring family member and the kids will remember her forever.

Chinese Au Pair, children.

During our meeting, the eight year old Henry came close to me and shared that Hui is a very good Au Pair. I believe him.

Stay tuned for a new entry A Chinese Au Pair Hui story.

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