An Au Pair in Excellence from Philadelphia.

What is the best proof that parents are happy with the quality of their kid’s childcare? I think that the best proof of great child care is the families desire to recognize their Au Pairs by spending time writing very special words about them.

Au pair volunteering at the Philadelphia Flower Show

“Ophelia has been a precious addition to our family”, wrote Ophelia’s host mom in her nomination essay. ” Between her devotion to Theo, her delicious dumplings, her boundless optimism and positivity, and her simple dependability, Ophelia has enriched our lives and enabled us to pursue our dream of having a family during graduate school. Just as Theo is growing up with Ophelia, Ophelia has grown to be an indispensable part of our lives. We cannot express how grateful we are to have her with us”.Au Pair from China with her host child

 The Mintz family, a host family from Philadelphia, nominated their Au Pair Ophelia from China for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014.

Thei Ist bday

Many Au Pairs from Philadelphia cluster have brought true richness to their family’s daily lives, went above-and-beyond in their roles, and made a significant difference in the lives of the children for whom they care.  Four Au Pairs from China out of five Chinese Au Pairs from our cluster were awarded this year: the Au Pairs  Ophelia,  Adriana,  Hui and Diana.

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Ophelia is very mature and responsible.  She built very good relationships with her host family and the extended family as well.  She likes to spend time caring for her host child Theo. Recently Theo turned one and  Ophelia dedicated a video to Theo.

Ophelia is very active, she has participated in many Au Pair’s activities, volunteering, and teaching English to seniors.

An Au Pair volunteering

Ophelia has had so many good memories together with her host family, many of which have been memorialized  in Ophelia diary.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

Go Au Pair agency believes that Ophelia and other Au Pairs are truly excellent, and their hard work deserve to be recognized. The agency recognized six Au Pairs from our cluster out of 22 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.psb-26

Huge congratulations on being nominated for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award and being recognized as an Au Pair in Excellence, Ophelia! Good Luck with you life journey!

Diana, an Au Pair in Excellence from NJ

There are many outstanding Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJFour Au Pairs from China out of five Chinese Au Pairs from our cluster were awarded this year. Please read about the Au Pairs  Ophelia,  Adriana,  Hui and Diana bellow – 2014 Au Pair in Excellence Nominees.

Au Pair from China

Today I would like to post about the Au Pair from China, Diana Zhu, who was nominated by her Host Family for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014. 

Au pair party

Diana Zhu is a second year Au Pair with Go Au Pair. Diana lives in NJ with a wonderful host family with two adorable boys. Diana  has really become part of the family. Diana’s family always told me that they truly love having Diana around. Diana often joined her host family for pizza night, Sunday spaghetti, headed down to the shore on weekends, and attended many her extended host family’s events. Also, Diana has taken many classes at Raritan Valley Community College and improved her English. Au Pair contest 6

She is always first to volunteer or help. She has a beautiful smile and a loving personality. Diana’s photo got the second prize in an Au Pair photo contest this year. 

Diana is cheerful, calm, and good with kids.”Her calming personality makes any situation easy to handle, but what is more comforting is we know Diana feels at home with us.”, said Diana’s host mom.

Reading Diana’s host family nomination essay made me tear up. “There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for Diana.  She has endured a lot with our family. We have helped her navigate home late in the evening from school, spent time with her on homework, comforted her during Duke’s destruction, and helped her discipline the boys.  And she has kindly spoken about Chinese culture, home and her life and family across the globe.  It seems strange that we would call Diana anything other than family.


She has volunteered at the Philadelphia marathon, celebrated a very special twenty-third birthday, shared Christmas and a  happy New Year.  We look forward to future milestones like celebrating the Chinese New Year and a family vacation to Aruba.  Although Diana is our first Au Pair, I can confidently say she is the best.  She has a special soul and a light inside her that shines brightly.  This soft-spoken Au Pair from China that will forever be a part of the Migliaro Family has made a mark so bold that we owe her more than the words on this paper”.

Go Au Pair agency recognized six Au Pairs from our cluster out of 45 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair who went above and beyond their job as Au Pairs. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.

Congratulations, Diana and other nominees.

English Class Presentation “Go Au Pair – a Cultural Child Care Experience”

Ophelia’s Diary.

For my English class at International House of Philadelphia, every student prepared a presentation as a final summary for this class.

Ophelia's class

My presentation was about  an Au Pair. Please read Ophelia’s Presentation “Go Au Pair -A Cultural Child Care Experience

In my presentation, I introduced the Au Pair program in four parts. The first part was about “who is Au Pair”.  The Au Pairs are a group of young,  fun people who love children, enjoy meeting new people, like traveling and want to improve English or study in the US.

Ophelia class

The second part was about young people who are doing Au Pair jobs in China. Since 2010, we began to have Au pairs in Qingdao, China. In the third part, I introduced Chinese Au Pairs’ life in America.The last part was about my Au Pair Diary.
Ophelia  English class

For some of my classmates, this was their first time hearing about an Au Pair. I am glad to have this chance to introduce the Au Pair program to my class. The Au Pair program was very interesting to them.

I am happy to share my Au Pair experience with everyone. Please read more stories from my Diary.

Welcome to a Family Day Conference

Every year Host Families,  Au Pairs and a Local Area Representative from Go Au Pair agency meet for a Family Day Conference. Families get the opportunity to meet other Host Families and Au Pairs in the area. Host Parents share their experiences and get to know the Local Area Representative better.R faire
The Family Day Conference gives parents and children the chance to meet and interact with Au Pairs from other countries. Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries. Right now there are Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairsEcuadorian Au PairsPanamanian Au PairsSouth African Au Pairs, Cameroonian Au Pairs in my cluster.  In addition, Au Pairs get the opportunity to meet other Host Families, learn more about life in the US and make friends.Picnic,jpg
During the Family Day Conference we explore many interesting places- festivals, historical landmarks, and parks. In the past, several host families with children and Au Pairs volunteered for Pearl S. Bucks International -a historical landmark and adoption place.
Go Au Pair Bucks county_-4
The Family Day Conference is required by the Department of State and Host Families are obligated to attend at least one while hosting an Au Pair.  Attendance is a condition of program participation and failure to attend will be grounds for possible termination of continued or future program participation.Having Fun with boyfriends
Attending the Family Day Conference is valuable and  fun experience. Host Families and Au Pairs leave the event with unforgettable memories. Please join us for the Family Day Conference,  at Grounds for Sculpture, 18 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619, on October 13, 2013.
The prospective Host Families are welcome to join. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair and their friends, Au Pairs from other agencies are welcome too! Please check our activities.
Grounds For sculpture 048

Host families consider Chinese Au Pairs for their infants and toddlers.

The new Au Pair Diana from China just joined the Philadelphia and NJ cluster of Go Au Pair agency this week. Her host family from NJ has two month old and two year old sons and had considered a Chinese Au Pair.Au Pair from China

Families, who have Chinese Au Pairs, say that they are calm and patient and it is a good childcare choice for infants and toddles. Many host families choose Au Pairs from China for their infants because Chinese Au Pairs are mature and have experience working with babies. Almost all Chinese Au Pairs (93%) of Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs are over the age of 21.

Most of Chinese Au Pairs are infant qualified and have experience in working with the group of babies.  They are specially doing great with infants because  it is a very common in China to work in daycare or orphanage before becoming an Au Pair. Chinese Au Pairs are usually cautious and heath oriented, they can help with establishing routine naps, meals, and bedtime and keeping safe and healthy home environment for the baby.


An infant qualified Au Pair provides quality child care that includes preparing and feeding bottles, washing bottles and cleaning up after meals.  The Au Pair also does laundry for the kids, changes diapers, bathes and dresses babies, plays, talks, and sings to the baby.

Tai Au Pair

In addition to being  great nannies for small kids, Chinese Au Pairs are willing to help with house chores and to cook a delicious and healthy meals. Read the top ten reasons to consider an Au Pair from China

The host families who matched with Chinese Au Pairs have said that Chinese Au Pairs are family oriented, love playing with kids, are well mannered and respectful of host parents and elders.


In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from China in April Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.

The Au Pair program and cultural diversity.

Every time the Au Pairs from my cluster and I get together, I enjoy cultural diversity and learn a lot from my Au Pairs.  Cultural diversity enriches our lives in many ways. Hearing the stories, exploring different kinds of foods, music and cultures are educational and fun. Thank to the Au Pair program,  Host Families and Au Pairs benefit from cultural exchange and long friendship.


Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries, which is why I get to experience a huge cultural diversity around me, which I really enjoy.  Right now there are Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairsEcuadorian Au PairsPanamanian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au Pairs, Cameroonian Au Pair  in my cluster.

Au Pairs speak different languages, have differently colored skin and heritage, and practice different cultures and religions. Even though, there are  many differences,  Au Pairs have a lot in common: they participate in the  Au Pair program and have the Form DS-2019 and the J-1 Visa, have childcare experience and love kids,  have the same desire to work as an Au Pair in America, common interests and needs.

Au Pair.Lala

The Au Pairs program teaches to accept the differences.  Acceptance is important to friendship because friendship requires it along with honesty and commitment.  Friendship comes when you care about who the other person really is. If you can learn to truly accept the differences that other Au Pairs bring into your life,  you will make many special friends, because friendship is an acceptance of another, not an altering.

Friendship has wings

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