Weekend Au Pairs classes

According the Department of State requirement, standard Au Pairs must complete 6 credit hours and EduCare Au Pairs must complete 12 credits.  6 credit hours equate to 72 classroom hours. Au Pairs must take classes in the classroom, not online.

You can also choose the weekend classes now. The Department of State is now accepting weekend courses as long as they are at accredited institutions. Here are a few options.


One weekend course is worth 3 credits and costs from $300 to $ 350, depending on if you are communiting there every day (Friday afternoon through Sunday) or staying there over night.

Courses offered at CW Post:

  • American Culture
    Take any two of the following courses and receive a certificate in American Culture.

    • Women, Gender and Power
    • The Role of Government  in American Society
    • Cultural Dynamics
    • Exploring the American States
    • Music that Made America
    • Fashion through the Decades
    • Celebration of Holidays
    • Organized Sports in America
    • Growing up in America

    Business Marketing
    Take any two of the following courses and receive a certificate in Business Marketing.

    • Enhancing your Digital Lifestyle
    • Marketing and Social Media
    • Business in America {Coming soon}

    English Study
    Take any two of the following courses and receive a certificate in English Study.

    • TOEFL/English Preparation
    • Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
    • Critical Reading and Expository Writing

    Child Development
    Take the following courses and receive a certificate in Child Development.

    • Physical, Cognitive & Psychosocial Development
    • An In-depth Look at Diverse Learners


Silver Bay Au Pair Courses, LLC

Each weekend  Silver Bay offers different programs. Au pairs decide on the evening of their arrival at the Silver Bay Campus, which sessions they will attend during the weekend. The fee is $ 275 for one weekend and 3 credits.

Class offered:
  • History of Albany: America’s Oldest Chartered City
  • Personal Financial Responsibility and Basic Business Principles
  • Are Leaders Born or Made? A study of leaders and leadership through time
  • American Holidays: Comparison of Cultural Traditions and Customs
  • Media Literacy in Film
  • Digital Photography: Basic Techniques and Creative Ideas
  • Fostering Developmental Exercises for Adolescents
  • Write On! Proper Writing Skills and Technique
  • Breaking Down Social Barriers for Children through Active Enrichment
  • American Slang
  • Nutrition and Exercise: How to Maintain Physical and Mental Fitness
  • Fostering Community Involvement
  • American Politics
  • What You Do Now Impacts Your Future Career
  • Lake George
  • American Social Life
  • Fort Ticonderoga
  • Problem Solving
  • Deconstructing Personalities and Understanding Networking Styles
  • What Should I Eat?
  • Eating Healthy in a Busy World
  • Living Life Stress-Free
  • The Development of Social Media Networks
  • Spontaneous Melodrama: American Culture Through Dramatics and Theatre
  • Traveling the USA
  • How Twitter Toppled a Government

Au Pairs need to complete 6 or 12 credits in order to complete the au pair program successfully. If you plan to stay a 2nd year you need to finish your credits by the end of your 10th month.

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