Au Pairs fundraising in Bucks County.

Last week the Au Pairs from the Bucks County and Philadelphia cluster hosted a big fundraising event to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Many Au Pairs, and Host families got together at Core Creek Park in Bucks County for BBQ, fun and fundraising.

There were a lot of kids and many Au Pairs to take care of them, so parents could relax and have fun as well.Au Pairs in Bucks County

The goal of that event was to have fun and to fundraise. We succeeded in both. The Core Creek park was the a perfect location, the weather was excellent, and the most important – there was an excitement in the air. Maybe it’s because the Au Pairs and Host families made the event special.  Au Pairs  Bucks County Fundraisng

Many families brought tasty food and we had a BBQ.  There were many games for the kids and adults. We had so much fun together, played many games with the coins that went to fundraising after that. We raised a lot of money, more than a previous time. Every penny was counted.

There was a lot of excitement at the event. Everyone had a lot of fun, earned prizes and great memories. Special thanks to  Au Pairs Monica,  Cosima and Nita who led the games.

Au Pairs Bucks County Fundraisng

We are going to fundraise one more time before the“Walk Now for Autism Speaks” in Philadelphia on November 2, 2014. Au Pairs are going to be fundraising at the Rice’s market in Bucks County in September.autism bear

Please also join Go Au Pair team on November, 2 2014 at that annual Autism Walk and check out and join the facebook page for Au Pairs volunteering in the USA.

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