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The Au Pair Sis program becomes very popular among the Au Pair community and Host Families. The Au Pair Sis has hundreds of friends and thousands” likes” on facebook.

Janine, the Local Area Representative for the New Jersey Au Pairs, became Au Pair Sister to many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency as well.  She created an interactive and fun community for Au Pairs and provides ongoing support and advice.


Janine has very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website. The Au Pair Sis constantly answers questions that Au Pairs have. She also helps with the tips that improve their experience with Host Families and gives some advice on how to adjust to a new culture.

welcome to Go Au PaThe Au Pair Sis recorded tons of movies that are very helpful for Au Pairs and Host Families. I personally love to watch the videos about cultural differences. Please watch this interesting video Gifts from Beijing about meaningful gifts that the Au Pair Ophelia from China brought to her host family from Philadelphia.

The Au Pair Sis program enhances the quality of the child care Au Pairs provide for host families. Please check the exclusive Interview with Au Pair Sis on

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