Former Au Pairs and host kids choose the Au Pair Program for their families.

The concept of the Au Pair originated in Europe after World War II. The Au Pair Program, according to Wikipedia,  started in the United States in 1989, it means 30 years ago. Many American parents today know about the Au Pair program because they had been an Au Pair in France, Germany, China and other foreign countries and/or their parents hosted the Au Pair.

Interest in an Au Pair Program in the US began when two agencies applied to the United States Information Agency (USIA) to conduct a program. Then, in 1989, the program was expanded to include six additional government designated companies. Go Au Pair is one of the originally designated Au Pair Agencies and has been administering the program for 30 years.

The Au Pair Program has been very successful and there are 16 Au Pair agencies and approximately 18,000 Au Pairs in the United States today. It means that many host kids had the opportunity of having cultural exchange experience firsthand.

The former Au Pairs and host kids become great host parents. There are three former Au Pairs who are now host moms in the Philadelphia cluster: Tatiana K., Natalie R., and Andreea A. The host families love the program so much from their personal experience, that they have considered using Au Pair childcare for their children. 

The Go Au Pair agency always asks the potential host families, in their applications, the reason for joining the Au Pair program. I was pleased to read that a new host mom keeps great memories of the time with her Au Pair,  “My mom and dad had an Au Pair when I was first born and I would love to provide the same experience for my family now.”

The host moms know from their personal experience that the Au Pairs will provide meaningful loving childcare and a culturally enriching experience for the whole family.

The Au Pair program builds global families by bringing together international visitors with American host families and the connections. between them become priceless.  Au Pairs seem increasingly common in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. In addition to cultural exchange, families name benefits such as flexible scheduling, and more one-on-one attention for their children.

Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration

Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration can be a new cluster tradition. Au Pair friends

We have many traditions in our cluster that are passing from former Au Pairs to newcomers, and create a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster.

There are many great traditions already. One of them is welcoming a new Au Pairs on facebook, which is very important to a new Au Pair. We greeting a new Au Pair when she is still in her country and make her feel as a part of the cluster even before she comes to the USA.

Other ritual is interviewing a new Au Pair and posting about her on this blog.  That is a first meeting with a new Au Pair online and help her make more friends. Every Au Pair has a chance to answer a few questions.  This is Cosima’s project, and she calls it “Au Pair Mission.” Au Pair internatioanl

Another tradition is a buddy support. We started Au Pairs buddy program for new Au Pairs who joined the Philadelphia and  NJ Go Au Pair cluster a few months ago. We had a great experience since that. Many Au Pairs become great buddies and helped new Au Pairs a lot.

Au Pair friends
Here is the list of our lucky Au Pairs and their buddies
new Au Pair Rikie from S. Africa and her buddy Cosima from Germany
new Au Pair Jenny from Germany and her buddy Carmen from S. Africa
new Au Pair Nicole from Germany and buddy Cherry from S. Africa
new Au Pair Natalia from Colombia and her buddy Karla from El Salvador.
new Au Pair Nita from S. Africa and her buddy Cosima  from Germany
new Au Pair Ling from China and her buddy Hui from Chinathank you buddy

Traditions are an important way to create  a positive cluster culture. I think  that celebrating a Buddy Day will be a great new tradition and create pleasant memories.

Thank you for being great buddies, girls! 

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