The Au Pair meeting in the Masonic Temple, Philadelphia

Enjoy reading the post of Au Pair Christine from am Christine from China. To be honest, I am so blessed for being an Au Pair with Go Au Pair agency and my host family. Not only I can experience American and various cultures, but also I can learn how to be independent and mature. I think everyone has their own thoughts about being an aupair, in spite of that, this tremendous experience won’t let us down.go-au-pair-philadelphiaWhen it comes the fancy activities which held each month for Au Pairs from Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area, it is another experience and adventure.masonic-templeLast Saturday we went to the Masonic Temple together with Aupair folks. The building is fantastic and was built 150 years ago. I couldn’t remember the names of prestigious architects and designers and history of the amazing artworks inside the building, but I do clearly remember every Au Pair I met on that day.masonic-temple-2I am sort of bad at remembering people’s name. However, I can speak up the name of most of my new Au Pairs friends after last meeting. I met Au Pairs from Argentina, S. Africa, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Germany, Ukraine and, of course, from China.masonic-temple-3What also made me impressed was Au Pair Dani from Colombia who just arrived in Philadelphia a few days ago, perhaps she was still having a jet-lag problem, but she came to the meeting with us showing her enthusiasm!au-pair-philadelphia

In a few words, I  learned something new from the meeting and  made many international friends as well. That is why I never miss out the meeting. It also why I am looking forward to meeting you guys next time on March 19, 2017 at Brunswick Zone XL!

Au Pairs from Brazil

Brazil is Go Au Pair’s featured country this month. That’s why I would like to write  a post about Brazilian Au Pairs.

map_of_brazil (2)

A Brazilian Au Pair is very popular choice among the host families.  I usually have several Au Pairs from Brazil in the Philadelphia and NJ cluster.  Brazilian Au Pairs are very experienced childcare  givers since they often come from big families,  have younger siblings, many nieces and nephews and they almost always help care for them.

It is common that Brazilian Au Pairs gain child care experience through daycare, babysitting and volunteer work. The Au Pairs from Brazil tend to be very active and their favorite activities are soccer and volleyball.

From my experience working as a Local Area Representative, I can say that Brazilian Au Pairs are open-minded, social, and make friends fast. Brazilian Au Pairs have an easy time adjusting to the life in the United States.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Read more about the Brazilian Au Pair Jessica who was an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency and lived in NJ with a  lovely Host Family with four boys. Jessica said, “I cannot be more thankful to my parents and my host parents for giving me this opportunity.”

In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from Brazil in May Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.

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