2015 Au Pairs Christmas Party.

Enjoy the post which wrote by Au Pair from Brazil Aline. Thank you for sharing, Aline!Au Pair Christmas party 8
Last Saturday, December 12, 2015, we had our Christmas party and most of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia were together.2015 Au Pair party
We went to Au Pair Alejandra host family in Bucks County, PA. Thanks to the Kelly family for hosting out party! Thanks to Alejandra for decorating and preparing the party, assisting and entertaining us!Au Pair Christmas party 14
All the Au Pairs brought a traditional dish from their countries and they were delicious.Au Pair Christmas party 18 I can’t remember now which one I’m fell in love. There were 8 countries together and the same mission for everyone!Au Pair Christmas party 11
Our Local Area Representative Polina brought us some games, some funny questions about “would you prefer to be…” That was really funny!
Au Pair Christmas party 9
Secret Santa!!!! Yes, we had! We started to exchange our gifts and a lot of pics came after this!Au Pair Christmas party
Thanks cluster, for the amazing year, amazing party!!! Let’s get ready for next year and I wish a happy holiday for everyone!!! Merry Christmas!

Welcome Ericka from Ecuador!

Aline, the Au Pair from Brazil, kindly offered to be the buddy for Vanessa and also for another Au Pair from Ecuador Ericka. Thank you, Aline. Here is welcoming post from Aline.

I would like to welcome a new member of our cluster, Ericka. Ericka is 26 years old. She will be here in US on August 20 and will live in King of Prussia, PA. She will take care of one girl, 8 years old and she is very excited to arrive here.Au Pair from Ecuador 1

Ericka answered some questions regarding being an aupair. There it go:

Why would you like to be an au pair? “I want to do the Au pair program because I love babies and kids and in the future I want to have my own Kinder Garden in my country Ecuador also I want to improve my English skills and know more about USA culture.”Au Pair from Ecuador 2

What are your hobbies and interests? “These are my hobbies and interests:recycling, animal care (volunteering at an animal shelter), scuba diving, skiing, bungee jumping, painting, creative writing, dancing, fishing,swimming , watching movies, singing/composing music, birdwatching, photography ,reading, collecting dried flowers, yoga, exercising and body building, participating in marathons, martial arts, recipe creation,traveling and exploration .play with my dogs, volunteering, do social work, teach dance to kids, teach special kids, go to the cinema, watch movies and soap opera dramas from Asia but my really favorite hobbies are singing and dancing ballet or another kind of music I studied many years dance I am a professional dancer.”Au Pair from Ecuador 3

If you had one wish what would it be? “If I had one wish it would be to have my own kindergarten and also open a charity to help kids and babies.”

What three adjectives best describe you? “I think these are the three adjectives best describe me kind, humble and  hardworking.”Au Pair from Ecuador

Which places would you like to visit? “One place that I would like to visit is Disney World or something like that a big park with many people, kids, games, and happiness.”Au Pair from Ecuador 4

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend? “My favorite way to spend a Saturday is with my family in my house, listening to music, watching a good movie or soap opera , or studying online, cleaning my house, visiting friends, go to the mall, or cook for my family or dancing ballet or go to the zoo, all activities depend in the weather, season and mood.”

I guess everybody is very excited to meet you, Ericka. Have a safe flight and enjoy your family so far. See you soon!

Your buddy Aline and Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia.

Meet the Au Pair from Ukraine Aleksandra

Aleksandra joined the Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area after spending a few months in the Chicago area. Now she lives in NJ with her lovely host family and 5-year-old boy.
Aleksandra is 19 years old, and she is from Donetsk, Ukraine.  Her short name is Sasha. Sasha finished a vocational College and became a Cook/Baker. Sasha worked one summer in the children camp in Ukraine and cooked for kids.1958081_512809772169488_1856743925_n
Meet the Ukrainian Au Pair Aleksandra– three adjectives that describe Sasha are cheerful, purposeful and friendly.
Au Pair from Ukraine
Hi, My name is Alexandra, I want to be an Au Pair because I love children, I like to help them develop and learn new things.  I love an active way of life, I enjoy riding a bike and roller skating. I am interested in music, cinema and photography.Au Pair Ukraine
My greatest wish is to see the whole world, study the culture of the people, and learn various ancient architecture.
Au Pair Go Au Pair
What was the best event/happening during last month?
The best thing that happened to me last month was that I saw New York city. This was the first time I was visiting New York. It was unforgettable.
Au Pairs Go Au Pair volunteering
What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
My favorite place to go is the park when the weather is nice. If it’s a rainy weather, I prefer to sit with a cup of hot tea.

The Au Pair of the Year.

2013 was very rewarding  year, and I had a great experience working together with the Go Au Pair agency’s team, my host families and Au Pairs. Read more at citysearch.com

Many new families joined the Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area. We had an amazing time at a Family Day Conference at Grounds for Sculpture. We also enjoyed many interesting events with the Au Pairs and, especially, volunteered together at the Philadelphia Marathon.IMG_20131117_125431

The agency started the unique program called Au Pair Sis that supports Au Pairs. Go Au Pair agency also sent a special Christmas present with a greeting card to each Au Pair from the agency!

The Au Pair from Philadelphia, Phila Sozombile was chosen as a nominee for Go Au Pair 2013 Au Pair in Excellence Award.Au Pair Phila with her host child

I think that it has been a great experience for the host families because six families from twenty host families recently nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as an Au Pair!  Happy Au Pairs make happy Go Au Pairs’ families!

According to IAPA, “The Au Pair of the Year Award provides au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and enhances the public’s awareness of this wonderful cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it. This is one of many initiatives that fit IAPA’s mandate as the only global organisation designed to support the people and businesses involved in the industry.”

iapa logo

Congratulations to Au Pairs Adriana, Ophelia, Diana, and Hui from China, Sandra from Spain and Valeria from Germany.

Wishing you Best of Luck and Victory!

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