Home is where Family is.

Priscila, Au Pair from Brazil, joined Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia in May, 2019. For a few months, Priscila accomplished a lot: she is studying in Penn State university, volunteering in History of Science museum, and exploring many new places -last week Priscila returned from her trip to Canada.

Priscila made a lot of friends and found a new family far away from home where she feels like at home now. Thank you, Priscila, for sharing your story.

It’s hard to choose a moment to write. Feeling that I belong here is a process that evolves each day. It’s building trust and showing that you care in multiple ways. It’s more than just words, it is also the way that we act. Since I was in Brazil, 3 months ago, I feel like Stephanie and the girls would be part of my family the same way that I would be part of theirs.

As time goes by, we moved to a comfortable place of jokes and plays. Every day I walk outside my room and Penelope runs to me waving and saying a cheerful “Hi!”. She hugs my legs and looks at me like she’s feeling safe with me around. Her sister is always behind her smiling and saying good morning in her cheerful way as well. It’s such a good way to start my days.

I admire Stephanie so much. She is a strong and confident woman and she built a house full of color and laughing by herself, the type of house that I wish I’ll able to offer to my own kids once I have them someday.

But searching among those happy moments to describe it here, I could definitely point our first trip together.

We went to Margate at the 4th of July, and we stayed at Stephanie’s dad beach house. Both him and his wife Lynn, Stephanie’s stepmom, treated me so well, making me feel welcome and dear. We went to see the fireworks, and everything was amazing. One day we were walking to the beach, was a beautiful sunny day, just as they’re supposed to be in July, and I called Stephanie and Eden to take a picture. Between all the bags and stuff, we manage to get close to each other and smile. As soon as we took the picture I said: first family trip!

Eden turned to her mom, a question popping at her head and showing all over her face (she is a very expressive kid) and asked: but mom, I’m pretty sure we’ve been here before…

Her mom smiled and answered: but, sweetie, that’s Priscila’s first time here, remember?

Eden turned to me and said, again showing so much her emotions, and as she smiled, she said to me: Oh, right! Because you are family too, now.

I never said that, thinking that she might answer me that way and being honest, it fills me with joy that she did. That was the moment that I realized that no matter what, I would be okay and safe with them.

It’s not always easy, especially at the very beginning when the girls still didn’t trust me. Seems a lifetime ago, now. Today Eden yelled at the kitchen while I was making her some pie: “I love you, Priscila.” I stopped for a little and said back: “I’m glad that you do, because I love you too.”

Although it’s funny to think about that… Finding a family when you’re so far from home. But my mom always said to me: home is where family is. Indeed she was right, feels like home now.

We are delighted to welcome Au Pair Mary from China to the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster.

We are very delighted to welcome new Au Pair Mary from China as a new member of the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster with Go Au Pair. Mary joined us just two weeks ago. The second year Au Pair from China Jasmine will help Mary to adjust to her new life in the US quickly. Thank you, Jasmine, for your kind offer.

Mary decided to be an Au Pair because she loves kids, wants to experience American culture and improve her English.

Mary likes making crafts, dancing, listening to music and reading the books. We asked Mary a few questions: What three adjectives best describe you? Determined, patient and responsible.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? On Saturdays I like to read books, listen music and shopping.

What are two things that you consider yourself to be very good at? I’m very good at craft and handmade.

Mary already attended her first meeting and met many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster. She had fun experience of watching a Glass Blowing Demo in Jim Loewer’s studio and got a unique piece of glass art. This gift will remind Mary about her first Au Pair meeting and that unique experience for a long time.

Welcome to the cluster, Mary!

Welcoming a South African Au Pair.

Happy New 2016 Year!

new-year 2016.jpg

A New Year will bring a lot of new Au Pairs to Go Au Pair cluster in Bucks County and Philadelphia and  many new host families!  Many Au Pairs are coming in January!  Please join me in welcoming new Au Pair from S. Africa Alea.

South african Au PairAlea is 23, she will live in Bryn Mawr, PA with a new host family. A special thank goes out to Lisa, an Au Pair from S. Africa, for being Alea’s buddy.

Alea loves playing board games, completing word search puzzles, watching comedy movies and volunteering at orphanage centers! She said that three adjectives that best describe her are simple, playful and warm.

Alea’s one wish would be to play a game of cards while listening to jazz with my father – who is late. We asked Alea what her favorite way to spend a Saturday was and she said, ” Spending my Saturday with great company, good food and the works is priceless!”

Alea said that she is good at problem-solving tasks and I’m a good listener too. Best compliment has to be when I was told that I’m gentle and good-hearted and shouldn’t change.

“I have always dreamt of visiting New York and it looks like my dream came sooner than I had anticipated. I cannot wait!”Au Pair Ophelia New York

Welcome Alea, we are looking forward to meeting you very soon. Your dream of  visiting NY comes true very soon!

Welcoming new Au Pair from Colombia Carolina.

We are looking forward to meeting the newest member of Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area Carolina. Carolina is 25-year-old Au Pair from Colombia. She will live with a loving host family with two little boys at Spring House, PA near Philadelphia.carol_1393808521355_n

Carolina has two brothers and two sisters and this is her first time leaving far away from her family. Carolina always dreams to travel. She said, ” I would like visit all special places in Philadelphia, taste typical American dishes and learn a lot about American culture.” 



Carolina loves kids and she is working on her Master degree in educational psychology. Carolina said, “My greatest desire is to be a professional in education and I dream to have a house myself.”
IMG_2238 (1)Carolina likes sport, running, bowling, go to the movies. She likes ice cream 🙂

Welcome, Carolina! We’re all looking forward to eating ice cream together and getting to know you better!

Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration

Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration can be a new cluster tradition. Au Pair friends

We have many traditions in our cluster that are passing from former Au Pairs to newcomers, and create a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster.

There are many great traditions already. One of them is welcoming a new Au Pairs on facebook, which is very important to a new Au Pair. We greeting a new Au Pair when she is still in her country and make her feel as a part of the cluster even before she comes to the USA.

Other ritual is interviewing a new Au Pair and posting about her on this blog.  That is a first meeting with a new Au Pair online and help her make more friends. Every Au Pair has a chance to answer a few questions.  This is Cosima’s project, and she calls it “Au Pair Mission.” Au Pair internatioanl

Another tradition is a buddy support. We started Au Pairs buddy program for new Au Pairs who joined the Philadelphia and  NJ Go Au Pair cluster a few months ago. We had a great experience since that. Many Au Pairs become great buddies and helped new Au Pairs a lot.

Au Pair friends
Here is the list of our lucky Au Pairs and their buddies
new Au Pair Rikie from S. Africa and her buddy Cosima from Germany
new Au Pair Jenny from Germany and her buddy Carmen from S. Africa
new Au Pair Nicole from Germany and buddy Cherry from S. Africa
new Au Pair Natalia from Colombia and her buddy Karla from El Salvador.
new Au Pair Nita from S. Africa and her buddy Cosima  from Germany
new Au Pair Ling from China and her buddy Hui from Chinathank you buddy

Traditions are an important way to create  a positive cluster culture. I think  that celebrating a Buddy Day will be a great new tradition and create pleasant memories.

Thank you for being great buddies, girls! 

Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County.

 Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia and Bucks County has many host families who are very happy with their Au Pairs and the Au Pair childcare. The  families bond with their Au Pairs and develop long-term friendships through the Au Pair program. Many families who were looking for quality and flexible childcare  found a trustworthy childcare and lifelong friends.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

I would like you to meet a few outstanding Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area Go Au Pair cluster and learn firsthand about this wonderful program.

Meet Au Pair from Colombia MonicaAu Pairs birthday

Meet Au Pair from Germany Cosima.Au Pair from Germany2

Meet Au Pair from Ukraine AleksandraAu Pair UkraineMeet a new Au Pair from South Africa Rikie. Au Pair from Bucks County3

To learn more about the program, please read Au Pair Mom Diary and learn from a life-changing experience of the family who was looking for quality and flexible childcare.



Go Au Pair team will walk to change the future of the kids with Autism.

I would like to invite you to join the Go Au Pair cluster Philadelphia & NJ on November 2, 2014 at  Citizens Bank Park of Philly. That day the Go Au Pair team will walk  to change the future for all who struggle with autism. Please join us and “Walk Now for Autism Speaks

suport kids
Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disorder in the U.S.- 1 in 68 children is diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD)prevlance autism

“Behind each of these numbers is a person living with autism,” said Autism Speaks President Liz Feld. autism kidsAutism prevalence raises along race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic lines and access to care continue to be an issue. “Autism knows no racial, ethnic, or socio-economic boundaries,” Ms. Feld

walk for autism

We will walk as the Go Au Pair team to raise funds for the Autism care.  We also will walk to raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of autism and the need for increased research funding to combat this complex disorder. We will share the Autism Speaks message and spread the world.

Please walk with us to change the future of the kids with Autism.  The Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster organized a committee to create the team and raise money. autism Move one step closer to changing the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorder. Every step counts!  

Please pair with the Go Au Pair team!

Meet Monica, Colombian Au Pair from Philadelphia.

There are  many excellent Au Pairs in the Philadelphia and NJ Go Au Pair cluster. They work hard and are very active and enjoy being in the U.S. The Au pairs explore the country, volunteer, and try new things.Run or Dye.

I would like to introduce the outstanding Colombian Au Pair Monica. Last weekend Monica and another Au Pair from Mexico Annie became Color Runners and completed 5K the race with  “Run or Dye”.  Au Pairs Phily Run or Dye.There was an unforgettable festival with music, dancing and massive color throws. “Run or Dye” is known as a color-blasted celebration of life, friendship, health, and happiness.

Au Paiirs goaupair

Meet Monica. Monica is very active and has participated in many Au Pair’s activities. Monica likes to try new things and enjoy novel experiences.

Au Pairs travel“I am in”, is her usual answer if we are talking about trying something new.

au pairs in TempleMonica said that her favorite Au Pair meeting was volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon with her Au Pairs friends. She and her friend Annie were the last people to leave the event!

IMG_20131117_132533She likes interacting with Au Pair Sis  on facebook and sharing photos, videos and stories about her experience. Monica even took a photography class because she enjoys taking photos and has hundreds of them.

Au Pairs birthday

She likes to create unforgettable moments for her friends. For example, Monica threw a birthday party for the Au Pair from China Ophelia. Monica has many friends and is always busy doing something with them. She  loves to engage and share her experiences with her Au Pairs friends.


Meet the Au Pair from Germany Cosima.

Cosima joined our Go Au Pair cluster recently. She is very mature for being 19 and adjusted to the Au Pair life in America very fast. Cosima started driving next day after her arriving and already made many friends. Cosima is very active, she explored many places in Bucks County where she lives, Cosima even enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia with other Au Pairs.


Cosima will be a Buddy for a new Au Pair from South Africa – Rikie.  They are both 19 years old, love sport and live in Doylestown. Cosima is very excited to be Buddies with Rikie.

Au Pair from Germany 5

Meet the German Au Pair Cosima. Here are three adjectives that best describe her:  strong-minded, reliable, and calm.Au Pair from Germany 1

I’m Cosi from Germany, 19 years old, living in a lovely German-American Family with 3 kids in Doylestown.Au Pair from Bucks County

I came to the US to work with kids and to explore the country and culture.I love to play soccer and tennis or go to the gym.

Au Pair from Germany2

Besides sports, I like to be with friends and family.

Aupair from Bucks CountyHere in the US I would like to meet other people, especially during the weekend, to join me in visiting some events or other cities like NY or Washington D.C.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

or just to have fun together.

Au Pair from Germany3

What was the best event/happening during last month?
It was my arrival at the Philadelphia airport, where my whole host family picked me up with some sheets of paper the kids made for me.

Thank you for offering help to Rikie!

Meet a new Au Pair from South Africa, Rikie.

A new South African Au Pair, Rikie will join the Go Au Pair cluster in Bucks County in a few days. She will live in Doylestown. Ricky describes herself as a very friendly, loving and a people’s person. ” I love to make new friends everywhere I can and keep them for as long as I can.” Rickie also said that she is an outgoing person and loves adrenalin.”I love doing extreme sports.”

Rikie has a Buddy – the Au Pair from Germany, Cosima. They both are 19 years old, love sport and live in Doylestown. Cosima is very excited for the opportunity to be a Buddy and help Rikie.

South african Au Pair

Meet a new Au Pair from South Africa, Rikie. She picked up three adjectives that describe her – caring, trustworthy and ambitious.Au Pair from Bucks County 2

Hello, my name is Rickie, I’m 19 years old and I’m from South Africa. I was born in Pretoria the capital city of Gauteng.

Au Pair from Bucks County 1

I want to be an au pair in the US because its a new experience for me its something that will help me to become more independent and a grownup. The most important reason of all is because I have a huge love for kids and just feel like I can do a great job in the US.Au Pair from Bucks County 4

If you had one wish what would it be?
I think my best wish is the same as most people, its just to be successful in my life and happy and then to travel the world. 

Au Pair from Bucks County5

What place would you like to visit the most?

What place would I like to visit the most, now that’s a difficult one. I really don’t think that I can choose because I want to go everywhere and see everything all the different types of landmarks and historical grounds and just see everything, and I think Pennsylvania  is a very good place to start of with.Au Pair from Bucks County3 Welcome , Rikie. We are looking forward to meeting you in person.


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