Go Au Pair Volunteered for Newtown Community.

Go Au Pair agency offers Au Pairs many cultural exchange opportunities. Volunteering  became a  favorite meeting for the Philadelphia and NJ cluster. A group of Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered on May 4, 2014, at Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown of Bucks County, PA

Sunday morning we started with making homemade pancakes,au pair hot cackesthan ate healthy and yummyAu Pair Breakfast breakfast with friendsbefore volunteering

Then we met other volunteers from Go Au Pair team in Newtown.

Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers 5

Au Pairs in Newtown Welcome Day helped blow up balloons

Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers1

and delivered them to the vendors.Au Pairs Bucks County volunteersAu Pairs helped distribute bags and flyersAu Pairs Bucks County volunteers 6

and answered the questions.
Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown PAAlso, Au Pairs had a lot of fun at Newtown Welcome Day festival!

Au pair at NewtownThey relaxed with friends,

Au pair at Newtown 1enjoyed  free fun opportunities,Au Pairs friendsexplored the festival,

volunteering Aupairs

enjoyed many different performance and music,
 Go Au Pair in Newtown Day Festand took photos with friends.
Au Pairs in Newtown PA

After the festival, the Au Pair volunteers had dinner, played games and had more fun.

Au Pair dinner

Many Au Pairs did not want to go home, so we went to the park to share a special time with friends.Au pair at Newtown 2

It was such a long fun dayAu Pairs fun

and a wonderful day to remember!

Read through the eyes of the Chinese Au Pair.

By Chinese Au Pair Plum Yang .

The Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency, Plum  has been leaving in Newtown, Bucks County,  PA for 10 months and she is taking care of three kids ages 21 months, and 3 and 5 years old.Au Pair from China

Chinese people are very polite. In China, we all answer carefully the questions because we are not willing to break one’s heart or disappointed him.  Indirect speaking attitude is our purpose.

In China, we need to help our parents as they raised us and helped us before. We don’t have a good welfare system for older people.  Even now, when it is a little better, parents think that their kids are only hope for the rest of their life.china

China is very popular for looking for a boyfriends and girlfriend on the TV show.

The important requirements for Chinese girl, who seek her ideal man, mostly are have a stable income, a house, a car, and a good look! Some girls were going extremely said that they would rather crying in the BMW car than smiling on the bicycle.China Show

Many Chinese girls are very traditional. Their marriage just depends on what their parents desire. Their parents recommended them some guys that they like, then the girl need to choose one even even she does not like him very much. Otherwise parents will get very angry with their daughter.

Go Au Pair supports troops with an army of “care givers”

“Go Au Pair supports troops with an army of “care givers“, says  Andrea Kakuk at local voices of Bucks County, PA  at patch.com  in Newtown.

“In honor of the brave service men and women that fight to keep the United States safe, November has been dubbed Military Family Appreciation Month.  We recognize that behind brave men and women, are family members and loved ones who share in their sacrifice and provide unending support. Throughout the month, military families serving around the world are honored through a variety of observances and recognized for their commitment and the many contributions they make every day in support of our nation.

Go Au Pair, are doing their part to honor selfless military families by offering a $250 discount on child care services.  When a military family member deploys, it can be a rough transition for a partner/spouse and his/her young one(s).  Having an Au Pair helps make the transition to a “new” normal routine easier. Au Pairs provide up to 45 hours of childcare, food preparation and domestic assistance to host families.  He or she quickly becomes an extra set of “helping hands” which is priceless in situations that require flexibility and adaptability.

Au Pairs provide extraordinary cultural experiences in addition to affordable and customized child care.  When working with military families, I take extra consideration into providing them with an Au Pair who fits their unique circumstance. 

At any moment, mom or dad could be deployed or the family could be relocated.  It is essential that a child care provider be flexible and able to keep the family connected through activities such as video conferencing or Skype in addition to traditional child care.”    

 The Press Release written by Andrea Kakuk.

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