Never give up on your dreams!

On November 24, 2019 we celebrated the International Au Pair Day for the first time in history. We are about to celebrate the International Au Pair Day this year again! There are many reasons to celebrate all our Au Pairs and what they bring to our lives each day, their hard work and dedication to their host families.

Many Au Pairs pursued their dreams and joined the Au Pair program with Go Au Pair. This year and the pandemic brought even more reasons to celebrate the Au Pairs. We are thankful to our Au Pairs for stepping up during the pandemic. Many Au Pairs have followed their dreams during the challenging time and have persevered through the struggles COVID-19 has brought on to Au Pairs and their Host Families.

Following their dreams was not an easy experience for many Au Pairs recently. However, along the way Au Pairs provided loving and devoted child care, shared their passion and culture, made memories and friends, immersed in new families and way of life, in a new country, language, and culture, learned new things and never gave up on their dreams!

Cultural exchange activities for Au Pairs in Bucks County, PA

I invite you to learn more about  Go Au Pair Program and the Philadelphia and NJ area Go Au Pair’s cluster!  We had a very successful 2013 year and many happy families and Au Pairs. “We were also fortunate to have the kind support of our Local Area Representative, who is great with organizing the Au Pairs in her cluster“, commented a host father from Bucks County, PA

The Philadelphia and NJ cluster has doubled, and also six families from this cluster nominated their Au Pairs for the “Au Pair of the Year Award 2013″.aupair excellence

There are many unique programs that support Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs- Au Pair Sis,  Au Pairs Buddy program, etc. The agency believes that happy Au Pairs are the driving force behind happy kids and families.Au Pair Sis

As a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and NJ area, I feel that it is very important to offer to the Au Pairs rich cultural exchange activities.  “I really like Japanese festival at Fairmount park. So far, I attended all the Au Pair activities and I like all of them!”, commented Au Pair Ophelia.

Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

We started 2014 with learning about Chinese Culture and celebrating Chinese New Year. In March, Au Pairs  from the Philadelphia and NJ area volunteered at the Philadelphia Flower Show Au Pairs  Philadelphia Karla and Joana

Volunteering is part of American culture, and many Au Pairs have never volunteered before. In addition to a spirit of volunteerism and helping a community, volunteering with Au Pairs friends provided Au Pairs with an opportunity of learning cultures of other countries and have fun with friends. We even motivated Go Au Pair in Providence  to volunteer –Go Au Pair Providence Wants to Volunteer!

 Au Pair friends

Recently, group of Au Pairs learned about Japanese culture at Cherry Blossom Festival. We enjoyed Japanese songs and dances, and a Fashion Show.welcome day with Go Au pair Bucks County

Next cultural exchange activity for Au Pairs is volunteering for the Newtown local community.  Au Pairs are looking forward to this event – 12 Au Pairs signed up to volunteer!hands_community  

The Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ area will volunteer on May 4, 2014, at the Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown PA.

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