Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show

Ophelia’s Diary.

After the Au Pair meeting, our Go Au Pair team volunteered at Make and Take Room together.

Au Pair in Philadelphia

We helped people make beautiful flower hats and other fun headbands.Aupair's work at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Everyone in the Make and Take Room was so happy.Go Au Pair team is volunteering in Philadelphia Show

I helped a lot people with their projects.

Au Pair Philadelphia

First, I helped a very kind couple, we talked a lot. I also shared my Au Pair stories with them.

Au Pair Philadelphia

Then I helped several ladies.When I heard they called out, “ Ophelia, come here! I need your help! “ I felt so warm inside. Needed by others is the best feeling forever. I would like to try my best help others. I also made friends with two ladies. They were so kind to me. Please watch the movie.

At the end of volunteering, I decided to make a hat for myself. These two ladies helped my with my hat.

Au Pair Philadelphia

I made some headbands for my host mom as well.I made for Sophie

After I got home, I showed Theo my beautiful hat, he really liked it.

Au pairs in the Philadelphia Flowe Show

 Stay tuned for my next entry – Exploring the Flower Show with my Au Pair Friend.

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Helping the community with my Au Pairs friends.

Ophelia’s Diary.

My Au Pairs friends and I love to volunteer and help the community. In China, I didn’t have many opportunities to volunteer. As an Au Pair in America, I enjoy the opportunities to help others. My friend Adriana and I are volunteering in Chinese Gospel Church and helping to teach beginner’s English every Sunday. I also love to volunteer with my Au Pairs friends as a team,  it is even more fun.

Go Au Pair team volunteered in Philadelphia

On March 1, 2014, 11 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show. The Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area had so much fun together! I can’t wait to share all of them with you.
Au pairs in the PhiladelphiaFlowe Show

In the afternoon, all the Au Pairs got into the Convention Center, this is a huge and beautiful place. We had an Au Pair meeting first. We welcomed three new Au Pairs and each Au Pair shared their own experience.Au Pairs Go Au Pair volunteering

It was so nice meeting so many Au Pair friends here.Au Pair from  Philadelphia Karla

Our Local Area Representative Polina brought sweets for us. It was so delicious. Thank you so much Polina. Also, Polina helped us took a lot photos.Go Au Pair team volunteered Philadelphia Flowe Show

We always have so much fun during the Au Pair meetings. This time all Au Pairs were wearing lovely Go Au Pair T-shirts.

 Au Pairs volunteers

After this meeting, we went to Make and Take room to volunteer.

Make and take room

This volunteering experience was even greater! Stay tuned for my next entry- Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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Go Au Pair team is going to volunteer again.

 All Au Pairs should try volunteering- it is an amazing experience!

Volunteering is very common in the US. Many Au Pairs told me that they have never volunteered in their countries.

Volunteering together with other Au Pairs and Americans is a rich cultural exchange experience.  Au Pairs get a chance to receive  new experiences and immerse in American culture.  

Volunteer.Philadelphia Go Au pair

Twelve Au Pairs are going to volunteer at the Philadelphia Flower Show  at 1 pm on March 1, 2014. We will work as the Go Au Pair team and wear our lovely Go Au Pair t-shirts. Our team will help make floral headbands, pins, bracelets, and other fun accessories for the guests to wear at the Show. Volunteering with friends is one of the special moments that Au Pairs will remember for a long time.The Philadelphia Flower ShowThe Au Pairs will help the community and meet new people, while receiving free admission and being able to explore the spectacular show. They will have a lot of fun working with others Au Pairs from Go Au Pair the Philadelphia and NJ cluster and making new friends.


The Philadelphia Flower Show is a famous event in Philly- the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show, attracting more than 260,000 people annually. This amazing Show will start on Saturday, 03.01.2014, and it’s expected to attract a big crowd on the opening day.Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

If you would like to come out to the Show with your friends, we will be there to assist you:-)  I hope to see you there.

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