The Au Pair meeting in-person!

Summer is almost here and we expect to be able to safely do many of the activities we’ve missed out on over the past year. We used to have Zoom meetings with cluster Au Pairs for a long time, since March 2020. It was such a special event to get together in-person!

On Sunday, 5.23.2021, Au Pairs from Philadelphia and Bucks County had a great Au Pairs meeting at the Independence National Historical park in the center city of Philadelphia. Our international Au Pair team sat on the grass with the flags and enjoyed the historical Landmark, great company, and a warm weather.

The Independent Hall is known as the birthplace of the United States. It was a great place for a historic quiz and games and we learned a lot about the US and Philadelphia history.

We had a lot of fun sharing the experience, taking many photos and creating new memories. After many virtual meetings, we’ve enjoyed the meeting in-person very much.

Go Au Pair requires all Au Pairs to attend at least 4 meetings for each 12-month Au Pair program year. The Au Pair meetings give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet other Au Pairs from around the world and form friendships and also give Au Pair a chance to talk to a Local Area Representative.

Next meeting will be at Bryn Athyn Cathedral with a tour at Glencairn museum in June, 2021.

How to file 2020 Au Pair’s income tax?

Au Pairs are required to file U.S. individual tax returns and pay taxes.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers Au Pairs to be an “employee” of the Host Family, even though they are in the United States on a “cultural exchange” visa.  For more information regarding how the IRS classifies Au Pairs and taxes click here

Welcome to use Tax Forms and Instructions to fill the Au Pair’s Tax return.

Au Pairs need to calculate their earnings from January 1 through December 31, 2020 (do not include any earnings from 2019 or 2021) . Using your Au Pair Log or other record of your earnings, add all the weekly stipend amounts that you received from your host family during the calendar year 2020. The standard Au Pair earns a weekly stipend of $195.75. Au Pairs can multiply the number of weeks they have been an Au Pair in the US during 2020 by their weekly stipend.

Then, Au Pairs can use a tax table to find amount they own, pay the taxes by phone, by check or money order, online, or using IRS2GoApp, and mail it to IRS or submit electronically. The due date for filing is APRIL 15, 2021.

Remember that employees of Go Au Pair are not tax professionals and are not able to give advice on filing taxes. If you have any questions on filing your tax return, please read Instructions for Form 1040-NR (2020) which is available in different languages.

Au Pair taxes can be confusing. Go Au Pair has partnered with H&R Block, they are a tax preparation company that can help Au Pairs file your taxes. If the Au Pairs use H&R Block tax filing services they will need to pay a fee to them for this.  For more information on how to use H&R Block’s help click Au Pair Taxes H&R Block

You can use these websites for tax filing purposes you may need to pay a fee.

Turbo Tax

Tax Act

Good luck with your tax return!

Options for Fulfilling Au Pair Education Requirement, spring semester 2021

The Spring semester is only a few weeks away and more students than ever before are turning to blended and online programs to meet their educational needs. During the Au Pair year Au Pairs should complete six semester hours or the equivalent 72 hours (12 credits or 144 hours for Educare program.) The Department of State temporarily accepts the classes from approved Colleges online. Please contact Go Au Pair at for written approval of this exception.

Many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Philadelphia cluster complete the Au Pair program education requirement by taking classes online. Coursera offers more than 3,800 courses from Yale, Google, Duke, AWS, and more, some classes are free! Also many Au Pairs take classes with EDX.

This year the Spring semester courses are mostly remote & online, and some designated hands-on classes will take place on campus with safety protocols. Check them.

Popular Weekend Classes

Rutgers in New Jersey

SilverBay at College of St. Rose 

Long Island University 

Au Pair Weekend

Cultural Hi-Ways offers the classes at Peirce College 

Learning Across America with tours to many locations  

Auditing Courses

Princeton University

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College

Continuing Education

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College Au Pair  Classes 

Community College of Philadelphia 

Delaware County Community College in Media

Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell

Regular classes, temporarily a mixed online and in-person format .

Cairn University, Community English Language program

Moore College of Art and Design

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Rosemont College

Temple University

Please don’t forget to contact Go Au Pair at for written approval.

2020 Love My Au Pair Contest

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanksgiving is a special American holiday where we eat turkey and give thanks.

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings and express a special greeting of Thanksgiving to the people we sincerely appreciate. There is so much to be thankful for: big things, small things…and all those things in between.

This is my favorite times of the year because it’s a time to get together with the people I love, give back and focus on all the wonderful things we’re thankful for and the people who really bless us everyday. Today all the thanks are going to our amazing Au Pairs who just celebrated the first International Au Pair Day!

There are many reasons to give thanks to Au Pairs for what they have given to host families

…for cooking delicious dishes from their countries and sharing with us the secrets
…for willingness to help when we were too timid to ask you
…for capturing the treasured memories and pictures of our families
…for unforgettable cultural experience they brought into our home

Here is a special opportunity to thank and recognize the Au Pairs for all the wonderful things the Au Pairs do for the host families. Please submit the nomination for the 2020 #LoveMyAuPair Contest with Go Au Pair.

Time to say thank you to your Au Pair for being outstanding an Au Pair and nominate your Au Pair

The Au Pair International Day is a day to celebrate cultural exchange!

The International Au Pair Day, November 24, 2019, marks the beginning of a yearly celebration of Au Pairs. Celebrating the International Au Pair Day can be a unique opportunity to facilitate cultural exchange between host families and Au Pairs. 

Through the Au Pair program, Au Pairs and host families take part in a mutually rewarding, cultural exchange experience. Au Pairs get firsthand experience living in American family and explore American culture, they also make international friends and learn from a huge cultural diversity around them.  

The host family can expose to another culture without ever having to leave home! The host kids get a cultural childcare with kindness and respect for different cultures. The Au Pair Program helps a new generation better understand the people around the world, be tolerant to others and make the world a more welcoming, understanding, and open place. 

The celebration of this Day with the host family is very important!   International Au Pair Association (IAPA) recommends host families:

  • Surprise your au pair with a thank you note or video
  • Organise a surprise celebration for him/her
  • Take your au pair somewhere nice
  • Show your appreciation with a small gift
  • Give him/her a day off to have a fun day with other au pairs

Go Au Pair recommends the Au Pairs

  • Surprise their Host Families with a thank you note.
  • Create a video or photo album of their favorite Au Pair moments.
  • Invite their Host Families to a fun activity, like ice skating or a hay ride

Celebrating the International Au Pair Day can be a great opportunity to spread the word about the Au Pair program and the power of cultural exchange. 

My first Au Pair Meeting!

Hey, hello! How is it going?

August 18th was a special day. I went to my first meeting with other Au Pairs. I was so excited to meet new people and spend time with them. It also was a great opportunity for me to find new friends.

However, it was not just a meeting to say “hi” to each other. Our amazing coordinator, Polina, invited us to a Glass Blowing Demo in Jim Loewer’s studio.

For those who don’t have an idea what a Glass Blowing is, I am providing a simple explanation here. A Glass Blowing is the art of shaping a mass of glass that has been softened by heat by blowing air into it through a tube.

We had a chance to experience the process of a glass blowing and that was exciting. Even though the glass blowing is a kind of dangerous art, some of us were lucky to help the artist Jim in squeezing red-hot glass.

Jim has been doing the glass blowing for 15 years. Isn’t it amazing? He truly loves his job. In case you want to know more about Jim and what he does, go and check out his website.

Thank Jim, Polina and Go Au Pair for unforgettable experience!

Amazing opportunities for cultural childcare!

The Au Pair Program offers amazing opportunities for cultural childcare.  Au Pairs enhance the public’s awareness of this cultural exchange program and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it.

We have many outstanding Au Pairs who deserve the recognition and credit. Every year Go Au Pair chooses three Au Pairs for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to IAPA’s Conference and other awards. Go Au Pair Au Pairs been internationally recognized by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) many times. The agency had the IAPA winners and finalists many times.

This year five Host Families from the Bucks County, Philadelphia and NJ area nominated their outstanding Au Pairs! Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Belous and her Host Family- the Gerzon family became the runner up of 2018 Love My Au Pair contest with Go Au Pair!

Maria au pair from Ukraine

Mariia, Au Pair from Ukraine, is a local Au Pair who lives in Bucks County.  She came to the US two years ago and became a part of the Gerzon family Mariia’s host mom said “Mariia has made our lives richer, easier and more fun and this is why she deserves to get the best au pair award!”

“Mariia also keeps my kids entertained without depending on the TV for entertainment. Some of the things she does to entertain the kids are dance parties, karaoke concerts, and dress up games! She will make up imaginary games and stories. She also does arts and crafts with them, and makes sure they create artwork to give as gifts to me and our relatives. She has organized playdates with local kids and visited a local police station to meet a policeman!”

Au Pair from Ukraine

Congratulations, Mariia, on being nominated for Love my Au Pair contest for the second time and becoming a runner up of Love My Au Pair contest  this year! 

love my Au Pairs contest
Mariia just finished her second year of the Au Pair program. We wish Mariia the every success in her new journey.
The Au Pair Program is a great option not only for childcare needs, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and languages and make lifetime friends.


Go Au Pair Christmas party at Peddlers Village, Bucks County, PA!

On 17 th of December, 2017 our cluster had very fun Christmas party for the au pairs. ❤️We were in very cute place of Bucks County, PA – the Peddlers village! Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 3It felt like I was in a real fairy tale because  everything looked, smelt and sounded like Christmas outside!

Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 2 I like the Cock ‘n Bull restaurant and very special banquet room where we spent three hours of fun.Au Pair Christmas Bucks County lunchenoonWe had lovely time with a lot of fun games, karaoke, making crafts, exchanging the gifts, enjoying yummy food, friendly atmosphere and Christmas music. Au Pair ChristmasEveryone was happy, smiley and had fun!Au Pair ChristmasAnother Au Pair cluster from NJ joined our group and Au Pair from Spain Maria came even from NYC!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County in 2017It was very nice time!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 12.2017I had my first American Christmas here with these lovely people from all around the world!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County PVI loved all the gifts I received from my friends and Go Au Pair! After party we went to explore more of the area! OMG!Au Pair Christmas Bucks CountyIt was awesome, the village was pretty decorated,  Christmas lights were everywhere, and we were taking a lot of nice pictures and laughing!Au Pair Christmas Bucks County 5I am thankful everyone for being there and create that Christmas mood. 😍💋🎁💃🏼🎀 I hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all my heart!

Your Ukrainian au pair Mariia Bilous 💋

Vacation in Mexico with my host family!

Hi Everyone, It is Maria, Au Pair from Ukraine, who lives in Bucks County PA with the awesome host family. You may read about my Au Pair year before. One of my favorite thing is, of course, a vacation! Recently my host mom sent me a message on Facebook and said, ” Maria, can I please have your passport info because we are off for a week and going to Mexico!”Au Pair Bucks County PA 2
I was super exiting! I am crazy about traveling and Mexico was always one of the places  I always wanted to visit! So I contacted Go Au Pair agency and sent them the DS 2019 form to stamp for my trip.  The agency sent me the form back very quickly and I was ready to travel.  Who knew that I will spend one week in a real paradise? Even the name of that resort is Paradisus❤️Au Pair Bucks County PA 1Food, beach, sun, shows, people whom you love around! My host family and I were having so much fun! It was a super cool vacation! We were swimming with dolphins, kids had a lot of fun with kids club, we met a lot of nice people! Mexico will always be in my heart! Our family loved Mexican vacation very much!Au Pair Bucks County PA
Of course, we had a lot of funny situations.  For example, I lost my passport in the airport in Mac Donald’s 😂But thanks, God, the Philadelphia’s personal in the airport were very kind and they found me and gave my passport back right next to the plane!
Then, our kids love cabin crew,  so we are always having lovely conversation with the team! Be honest,  if I were a film producer, I would record the movie about our vacation in Mexico! It was very cool, joyful and fun!Au Pair Bucks County PA
Thank you, my dear Alla Gerzon, who is my host mom, who is my best friend, who is my sister, who is an example how to be a Superwomen, Wonder-women and just a Supermom for a such opportunity to explore not only many special places in the States, but also such a lovely country as Mexico!P.S. The Gerzon family is the best!!!
Xoxo. Ukrainian au pair Mariia Bilous ❤️

Visiting New York -my dream came true!

Hi everyone! Its your Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Bilous. It was a big transition moving from my lovely small town Cherkassy to the US. However, I live now also in a small town Jamison at Bucks County, PA with my awesome host family. Visiting New York has always been my dream.Au Pair from Bucks County 3

As an Au Pair I can travel a lot and I already had the chance to visit this incredible city.  NY is a city of contrasts.Au Pair from Bucks County

What comes to mind when I think of New York? definitely Time square!  This must be the busiest street in America. You can see so many different nationalities, so many different types of people, starting from tourists and ending with celebrities and business people. Au Pair from Bucks County 2

In my eyes, this city is different from any other. All the buildings are so different. Most of them are huge and the styles are so varied. You can see very old buildings with amazing architecture and very modern buildings on just on opposite side of the street.Au Pair from Bucks County 5

You can read the full story New York by the eyes of Ukrainian Au Pair.Au Pair from Bucks County 1

I like New York and  I’m looking forward to seeing this amazing city again! New York it’s definitely the place every one has to visit!




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