Go Au Pair Team Project- helping kids with Autism

Fundraising for Autism Speaks is a special project that Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ are working on now.  After the Go Au Pair Team is done fundraising they are going to participate in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks on November 2, 2014.

So far, 14 Au Pairs signed up to volunteer on September 20th, 2014 at 9:00 am at Rice’s Market.  Many host families donated items to support our team. All the money we raise during this event will help to change the future of the kids who struggle with Autism.


We will wear lovely Go Au Pair T-shirts and divide into small international groups.Au Pairs from Go Au Pair 7

The first group of Au Pairs will sell the donated items and collect donations in the special jars.IMG_20140629_215409

The second group will  be occupied with face painting for kids.face paintings with Au Pair
The third group will teach kids to make origami.origami with Go Au Pair

The fourth group of Au Pairs will make ribbon Hershey kiss roses.

The last group will make fork painting crafts with the kids.art-projects-with-kitchen-tools

Please, join Go Au Pair Team and support our fundraising venture. more information visit the  Au Pairs volunteering in the USA  page on facebook .craft

You are invited at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.

Next Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and NJ area cluster meeting is at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia and you are invited to visit this National Landmark and “a secret place” with us. The Masonic Temple is the headquarters for the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Mason of Pennsylvania, and also serves as the meeting place for twenty-eight Philadelphia lodges. We are going to visit this special place on Saturday, July 13 at 11.40 am.

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, across from Phila...

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, across from Philadelphia City Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Wikipedia, “The Masonic Temple is a historic Masonic building in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania. Located at 1 North Broad Street, directly across from Philadelphia City Hall, it serves as the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Free and Accepted Masons. The Temple receives thousands of visitors every year to view the ornate structure, which includes seven lodge rooms, where today a number of Philadelphia lodges and the Grand Lodge conduct their meetings.”

English: Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (Masonic ...

English: Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (Masonic Temple), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. (Photo x

The Temple is one of the more magnificent buildings in Philadelphia. I took the Masonic Temple tour many times and we took this tour last year with a big group of Au Pairs and they really liked the tour. It was  a great cultural experience.

masonic temple

The interior architecture of the building is amazing.  The tour started from the library/museum and we were led into the huge hall.  Then we explored many different rooms. These rooms are all based on different styles all with different architecture. philadelphia_masonic_temple

The grand staircases are lined with stately paintings of former Masonic Grand Masters and the hallways are lined with many painted wood sculptures by William Rush, who is considered the father of American sculpture. Learning about the history and Freemasonry was also really interesting. Freemasonry is the oldest continuously existing fraternal organization in the world.MasonicTemple with Au Pairs

The Masonic Temple is a one of a kind architectural wonder in the heart of modern Philadelphia. I like that we have an opportunity to explore this place from the inside. When I step inside this building, I feel that I find myself in another time and place. It is really a wonder … You need to experience it yourself.

Come join us.

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