Happy Mother’s Day!

Ophelia’s Diary.

As now I am an Au Pair in America, this is the first Mother’s Day I can’t spend together with my mom in China. I miss my mom so much during this special time and I am sure she misses me a lot too.

Au Pair happy mother's day

Even though I am far away from her still I wish my dear mom have a great Mother’s Day. To make my mom happy, I made her some cute pictures. I keep updating my Au Pair stories to mom every week. She knows I have a great Au Pair life here and she is very happy for me.

photo 4

I am far from my mom but I am not alone at all. I still have host mom, host grandmothers here. They are all my family. My host child Theo is only less than one and a half years old, but he knows Mother’s Day! He is picking up a flower for his mom!

Au Pair host kid

During this special time, I want to give thanks and hugs to my LAR Polina too. She is more like a mom for us. She cares everything about us, just like caring about her own daughters. Thank you Polina. We love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.48.09 PM

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Happy Easter 2014!

Ophelia’s Diary.

Even though I have been an Au Pair in Philadelphia almost 10 months, there are still a lot new things there waiting for me to explore. I just had my first Easter as an Au Pair!Au Pair Easter

Easter is a new holiday for my host child Theo as well. Theo and I had a good Friday together.Au Pair Easter

I prepared a little basket for him, he likes it a lot!Au Pair Easter

I attended an Easter party with Au Pair Adriana’s host family.Au Pair Easter

People performed the stories about Jesus there. After the performance, children started looking for the Easter eggs.

Au Pair Easter

The host prepared two thousands eggs totally!Au Pair Easter

This was such a big festival!Au Pair Easter

On Easter Sunday, we song in the choir of the Chinese Gospel Church. This was my first time to attend a choir. In China, only people who can sing really very well have the chance to sing in the choir.

Au Pair Easter

America is really a great place where people have enough freedom to enjoy their life best.Au Pair Easter

I love being an Au Pair in America!

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A great letter from grandma to her dearest Theo.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Here is a very lovely letter from grandma to Theo, my sweetest host child.  Grandma is from Alaska, she just came to visit us for one week. We had a great time with her.I love Grandma

Theo loves grandma so much, now we continue to talk with her via Skype almost every day.  Also, we are looking forward to meeting her soon in Alaska!

Dearest Theo,

Au pair kid Theo

I had such a wonderful time  with you, just as always, on my most recent visit to you!  You are one of the great joys in my life.  Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other!  That being said, I will make every effort to see you as often as possible and am looking forward to you coming to Alaska, and our trip to Hawaii after that.  Joy of joys, we will have about two weeks together!!

Theo and Grandma

Let me tell you some of the things I most love about you.  Of course, it is not possible to list them all – there are so many!  But here are a few of them:

I love your beautiful smile and how it lights up a room.

I love how you have learned how to click your tongue.

I love seeing you explore the world and with such thoughtful, intense interest.

I love how much you enjoy eating.  And how it shows all over your body!!

I love hearing you talk.  And growing in my understanding of what you are saying.

Actually, when I think about it, I have to say that I love everything about you!



PS  Looking forward to continuing to Skype with you almost every day!

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With my host child Theo- never feel alone.

Ophelia’s Diary.

The happiest part of being an Au Pair is having a lovely host child accompany me all the time. With Theo’s accompany, I will never feel alone.

Au pair Ophelia with Theo

Grandma even said that I am Theo’s first girlfriend. It was so nice of her said like that. Now as Theo’s ‘girlfriend’, I would like to share some interesting stories about him with you and you can even watch a movie about my lovely Theo.

Even though Theo is less than 9 months old, he can eat three meals by himself everyday.

Most of the time he was quite happy on his high chair.

Host child 9 month old

We love to see Theo eating his meals. And that’s really quite cute and messy.

 Host child

In China, parents feed their children all the time. Even when the children are 2 or 3 years old, they still don’t know how to eat by themselves. I think teaching children how to eat by themselves at an early age is very important and smart.

 Host child Theo eating

Do you want to know more interesting stories about Theo? Come here and join us next time!

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