Activities you can do with your host children

Fall has officially started and we have to be ready for the cold weather! Fall is the season that most of the leaves change their colors and then fall, this is the season prior to see the snow! you can make a leaf pile and play with your host children outside. Lets see some activities you can in this incredible season!!!

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Nature walk

Nature walk can be done at any park with a lot of trees, so you can go with your children and have fun collecting leaves of different colors and sizes, at the same time you can explore new places with them! Its recommended to do it in the middle of fall, either at the end of October or at the beginning of November.That sounds good!

Draw in the side walk chalk


Since the weather is getting cooler and cooler draw in the sidewalk is a good idea to spend time with your host kids! lets try it, that would be awesome!

Take them to story time to your local library!

There are many libraries that in fall schedule story time for children, so you can go with them and the librarian reads books and they also do some crafts! I am completely sure your kids will be happy attending to the story time with you!

Write letters to their love ones (walk to the post office)

Most of the kids have cousins and they love to write letters, so it is also a great idea to help them write some letters and walk to the post office with them to send the letters!!

As you can see in fall you can do many activities with your host kids!!






Long Island University

For those of you who wants to experience a little bit of college life while earning credits… this is the place for you.

LIU Logo_new

In December Cherry and I did a Child Development course at Long Island University, New York. We had class the Friday night, whole Saturday and Sunday morning. At first I was bummed out that we had to have class the Friday night, but our teacher was awesome and made it worth our while. Nicole (the teacher) is very talkative and through the whole course she told us stories about her career and the children that she has worked with. After this course I am totally willing to admit that I definitely have the most normal host family, which I’m blessed to have.


The course also mainly focuses on children that either have behavioral/mental issues, or disabilities. So if there’s any au pairs out there that feel like they need a break or even just advice on how to handle your host children, take this course.


Aside from the course, we had fun staring a dorm with 8 different girls, each taking their own course. Cherry and I had one tiny room with a bunk-bed. It was pretty hilarious trying to sleep on a tiny mattress with typical college bedding. Even though we mostly spent our nights hanging out in different places. You can go out on Saturday night if you have your own car or if you are willing to pay for a cab to go search for a party somewhere.


You receive 3 credits for this course and my personal opinion is that they could have given us more credits for the amount of hours we’ve spent in class. Overall, it is a fun course. If anyone wants to know anything about the course or about LIU, feel free to ask.

Summer Pool Barbecue Party and a Farewell Au Pair party

Ophelia’s Diary.

We just had a very nice Pool Party at the Au pair Adrina’s host family’s house.Thank you to our Au Pairs.

A lot Au pairs and other friends came to the party. Actually this is also a Farewell Party as many of us will leave this summer.

Au Pair friends

Adriana’s host family hosted us. We had a barbecue together. We played Taboo game. For most of us it’s a good opportunity to practice English as well. Guess what? The host children here are so smart, they did even better than us!

Au Pair friends

This was really a super special day for Adriana’s host family. They got all the three Au Pairs back at the same time. three Au Pairs from host family from Bucks CountyThey said this Au Pair program saved them. They are so happy to have all these Au Pairs.

Au Pairs

Then we talked about our life in the future. We will miss each other so much. But we will come back to visit our friends and host family one day!

Au Pair child

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New Life — Las Vegas

Ophelia’s Diary.

Today I just got my flight ticket to my new host family from Go Au Pair. Only one and a half months left, then I will flight to Las Vegas! I am so excited about this.

Au Pair new life - Las Vegas

My new host family is very lovely. They have three wonderful children. All of them are super cute.

Au Pair host children

Most of the time I will take care of the angel baby and the cute little toddler girl.

Au Pair host kids

Next week I am going to visit Las Vegas again. I will go to visit my new host family, meet the lovely host children in person. Maybe going to visit an Au Pair who lives there too. She is a Chinese Au Pair from Go Au Pair. We have been talked for quite a while. Now we are very good friends.

Au Pair Ophelia love

So glad I already have some good friends  in Las Vegas before I move there. For sure my second Au Pair year will be even more wonderful!

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Today is Thank You Day.

January 11, 2012 is the most polite date of the year- International Thank You Day. The words”thank you” spoken in all languages ​​of the world and are critical to the culture of any nation.


Dear Au Pairs, Please teach the host children the appreciation and gratitude. The best way to teach kids is by modeling the behavior themselves.  Show your gratitude to others, to the older and youngest, to the host family members and friends. 

We all recognize the importance of good manners, their necessity in everyday life.  Most “thank you’s” we say without thinking of their meaning.

Gratitude possesses a magical power – with its help people show affection and positive emotions – something without which our lives would be sparse and bleak.

International Thank You Day is the ideal opportunity to recognize and demonstrate the extent of your gratefulness to the people who make your days what they are. The power words “thank you” can uplift the everyone around you.

Make a grateful attitude feel like a powerful rule to live by. By the way, Thank You for reading Go Au Pair Philadelphia blog.


An Au Pair went to Disney World with her Host Family -a dream came true.

Ying, an Au Pair from China had a great trip to Disney World with her amazing host family from Philadelphia. Ying’s dream to visit Disney World with her host family came true.

Ying had a fantastic time with her three host children. She wants to share her experience and photos and thank her family for a special time and memories.

“I am excited to go Disney World with my host family for Christmas. I’m very appreciative for my host family to take me to this trip. We had a wonderful time there.

We went to Disney Epcot and Hollywood Studio. As Disney said, ” Let’s make dream come true.”  This is my dream to have fun in Disney world with my host family. Also this trip is to celebrate one of my host children Tasha’s birthday. She is happy to have her birthday party in Disney.

We came to Disney Brown Derby for dinner and had delicious food there. We all glad to meet every Disney character and I felt like get back to my childhood.

When we get into Disney World, it is really like let’s the memories begin. I enjoy this trip in Orlando especially there is no disney in my hometown.

It was a great experience for me to visit the biggest Disney World in the US with my host family.  Thank you very much!”

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